OneOdio FM1 USB Condenser Desktop Microphone Review–Is It Worth Your Money?

OneOdio FM1

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In today’s review, we’re going to be taking a look at the brand spanking new FM1 condenser microphone from OneOdio.

If you are unfamiliar with the OneOdio brand, we’ll forgive you seeing as they have only been around since 2017, but this is huge! The FM1 is the first USB condenser desktop microphone to be released by the China-based audio manufacturer.

Until now, OneOdio has primarily focused on audio playback via headphones, earbuds, and gaming headsets, but it’s apparent they don’t intend on stopping there. First, they came out with the Lavalier lapel microphone–a small wireless microphone that clips onto your shirt.

Then, OneOdio released a dynamic microphone called ON55 targeted at vocalists and stage work. And now, they have released the OneOdio FM1 USB condenser desktop microphone.

It’s packed with all kinds of nifty features, but the main question is–Can you get professional audio quality at an affordable price? Let’s find out.

Build Quality & Design

OneOdio FM1

We would like to start off by saying how freaking cool this thing looks! The FM1 is a rather large microphone not unlike the Blue Yeti. It’s a large cylindrical capsule suspended by an adjustable yoke and stand the microphone body and grille are made of matte black plastic.

On the top is OneOdio’s logo surrounded by cool-looking vinyl record-like grooves. The grille’s design is equally fascinating. It looks like a mix of a spiderweb and what we would imagine sound waves look like. While this has nothing to do with performance, it looks kick-ass, great choice OneOdio.

On the front of the microphone, you’ll find all the controls. Starting at the top there is the gain knob for controlling the sensitivity. Next is a mute button with an LED-lit microphone. When it glows green the microphone is active and red means it’s been set to mute.

OneOdio FM1

Under that is a passthrough button with a little pair of headphones. When active, it will glow green and allow you to hear your voice through your headphones, if you use the 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom.

This is a great feature for you gamers and streamers, it’ll let you hear your voice through your headphones so you know if you need to adjust any settings to ensure your teammates or audience can hear you clearly. When the passthrough mode is off, the button will simply cease to glow.

Taking a look at the bottom, you’ll see a few ports. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack to take advantage of the passthrough feature and a USB-C port used to connect to your device.

OneOdio FM1

The OneOdio FM1 is Plug-n-Play meaning it requires no additional software or external power. Besides that, it is compatible across practically every platform! Plug it directly into your PS5/4, Windows PC, MAC, Linux, and more. If your device is compatible with USB media devices, the FM1 will work seamlessly. 

As we mentioned before, the microphone is suspended by an adjustable yoke. Just loosen the thumb screws and you can tilt the FM1’s capsule over 180° forward and back, giving this desktop microphone a decent amount of articulation. And it all rests on top of a wide circular base providing adequate support for an otherwise top-heavy microphone.

Features & Audio Quality

An appreciated feature OneOdio included with their FM1 desktop microphone is a detachable pop filter. These work wonders for eliminating plosives and pops as well as wind from speaking. It too is made out of black plastic and matches the overall aesthetic.

OneOdio FM1

The OneOdio FM1 utilizes a cardioid pickup pattern and ditches all the additional patterns that you see in other microphones. This not only allowed OneOdio to concentrate on fine-tuning the one pattern, but it also cut down on the cost for consumers.

A cardioid pickup pattern focuses the direction the microphone picks up sounds directly in front of the capsule. All the while attempting to reject sounds from outside that cone of influence. To further enhance the effect, OneOdio implemented off-axis suppression.

This is an excellent feature for desktop microphones such as the FM1 because it will help eliminate the sounds of tapping on the keyboard or a nearby computer fan spoiling your otherwise perfect audio.

The audio quality is pretty good for the price. The OneOdio FM1 uses a high-quality professionally audio chipset so rest assured that your voice will be captured with a warmth and clarity that rivals most other studio microphones even though this is a desktop mic meant for gamers, streamers, and online conferencing.

Thanks to the cardioid pickup pattern and the off-axis suppression feature, this microphone does an excellent job isolating your voice from the background while retaining the natural-sounding tones and vocals you would expect out of a professional microphone.

Is The OneOdio FM1 Worth It?

Whatsmore is that the OneOdio FM1 will be much easier on the wallet. This microphone right now on Aliexpress is on sale for $33.61 (nearly 60% off!) as a promotional offer. After the sale ends on July 1, 2022, the OneOdio FM1 will still be very affordable at only $81.98.

Which when compared to other microphones such as the HyperX QuadCast or Blue Yeti, is still priced very competitively. So if you want to catch a phenomenal deal, make sure not to wait and get your OneOdio FM1 desktop microphone today!

OneOdio covers their products with a gracious 24-month warranty which begins at the date of purchase. If you are not satisfied with your product due to any damage or malfunction, simply contact OneOdio through their website and they will send you a free replacement.


All-in-all we are very impressed with the OneOdio FM1 microphone and believe it’s worth every penny. It looks awesome, sounds good, and has a suite of built-in features that make it super simple to just plug in and use on all your favorite devices. We are happy to see OneOdio thriving in the oversaturated audio market.

They have been improving and innovating their designs and every time they get better and better. And the FM1 desktop microphone is an example of that. Don’t forget to take advantage of the early bird sale ending on July 1st or you will have to pay full price!

OneOdio FM1 USB Microphone

33.61 USD (60% OFF)

Build Quality


Audio Quality









  • Very Affordable
  • Plug-n-Play
  • Highly Compatible
  • Good Audio Quality
  • Lots of Features


  • No Additional Pickup Patterns
  • Mostly Plastic Construction
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