OneOdio A70 Headphones Review – Solid Headphones You Can Actually Afford

OneOdio A70

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This is an in-depth review of the OneOdio A70 wired/wireless headphones.

A couple of weeks ago, OneOdio sent me a pair of their A70 headphones. I’ve spent some time since using them throughout my everyday routine, and I got a pretty good feel for them.

So today, we are going to run through what I liked, and a couple of things I didn’t, and go over whether these are going to be worth your money.

Box & Contents

OneOdio A70 Box

My first impressions from the box weren’t as exciting as the OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones we reviewed earlier (definitely check these out).

The box does a good job covering all of what’s in it and going over the basic specs, but there’s nothing that would really make me jump off the desk, and nothing about it makes me want to keep it around after I’ve opened it.

It’s mostly silver, but the front panel with the picture of the headphones is split diagonally into black and what, which makes it hard to make out detail and get a feel for what the headphones look like. There’s also an OneOdio “Power of Music” logo that they’ve kind of tried to make look like an award. I am not sure how I feel about that.

Overall, picking the box up off the shelf or pulling it out of the shipping container is going to give you the impression that these are a pair of budget headphones taking a shot at being “premium”. The design isn’t very exciting, but it sets a reasonable expectation of what your experience with them is going to be.

Inside the box, you get three cables: a 3.5mm audio cable with a built-in microphone, a dual-purpose 3.5mm/6.5mm cable, and a micro-USB charging cable. The micro-USB cable is too short to allow you to use the headphones during charging, but they seem to draw most of their power through the audio cables when they’re plugged into a computer or sound system, so it still works out.

The dual-purpose will let you plug the 6.5mm connector into a speaker system or electronic instrument while the 3.5mm connector is in the headphone, or switch around and plug into a 3.5mm jack while the 6.5mm jack is on the headphone side. The cable is nice and long and has some spring to it, so you can avoid jerking the headphones off your head or damaging something if you’ve forgotten that you’re wired in.

The 3.5mm cable with a built-in mic is also sturdy, but I am not a fan of how this appears to be the only microphone on the headset.

All OneOdio headphones come with a rubberized faux-leather carrying bag, which feels durable and does a good job protecting the headphones in transit or while they’re not in use. It’s a nice touch and makes unboxing a bit more fun.

OneOdio A70 Unboxed

On paper, the OneOdio A70s have some pretty decent specs. It’s powered by a 40mm driver giving you a bit more power than other headphones you might find in this price range. In addition, it’s got a 32-ohm impedance and a sensitivity of 110 dB.

That’s not really studio quality, but if you’re not a purist, they still sound pretty nice. The frequency response ranges from 2400MHz to 2480GHz, which is also decent.

What I really appreciate is how well these live up to the claims of battery life. OneOdio advertises a 72-hour battery life, and I really have to give them that one.

On top of that, in the wireless mode you get a pretty decent range, OneOdio claims 10 meters and I have no reason to quibble with that. I was able to leave the phone next to my computer while I ran to get a snack or drink from the kitchen and didn’t experience any loss in connection strength or quality.

Audio quality

If you’re a true audiophile or work with audio professionally these might be a bit of a letdown. The bass isn’t as powerful or tuned in as it could be, and they’re not super strong in the treble range.

However, for casual use, I found them quite fun to listen to. They’re better than the earbuds I use for working out and a lot nicer than the speakers on my monitor or phone, so they’re a win in my book.

I found myself comparing them favorably to the OneOdio A11’s I also reviewed recently. Those had serious issues in the treble and bass range, so podcasts sounded hollow and water and music were only saved by how loud and overpowering the bass could be.

The A30s by comparison feel a lot more refined, even if they’re not perfect. You can make out all the layers in music you’re listening to, podcasts come through clear, and the dialogue and ambient noises in games feel clear and natural.

Like other OneOdio products I’ve reviewed, they can be very loud and I sometimes struggled to find the right balance between too loud and too quiet since the volume controls aren’t very precise at lower levels.

Quality & Comfort

Unfortunately, I have to be a bit mean here. I have a big head, and these just didn’t work for me. I wanted to like them, I kept coming back, trying to give them a fair shake, but I felt a palpable sense of relief over time I took them off.

Even with the padding across the top back, they dug in uncomfortably to the top of my head. The cups barely hooked over my ears and tugged uncomfortably at my earlobes the entire time I was using them.

The one nice thing I have to say about the fit is that the tension in the bar wasn’t super high so they didn’t clamp down on the head the way some headphones have done when they’re too small.

They didn’t seem like they isolated outside noise very well either. I realize they’re not noise-canceling headphones, but usually, over-the-ear headsets provide some isolation. This might have just been a matter of them being too small, but it seemed like an issue other reviewers were having as well.

When I was not wearing them, they seem nice enough. The padding on the ears and head bar looks durable and feels like it’s going to be adequate if you’ve got the cranial dimensions that they’ll fit.

The hinges and swivels are smooth and feel like they’ll hold up to sustained use. And, the adjusters for the bar slide out easily but are notched to hold them more securely in place.

If these fit you, I have every reason to believe you could have a long, happy life with them.

OneOdio A70


Since these are designed with both 3.5mm and 6.5mm cables in mind, there are two different ports on the headphones. It makes sense, but if you’re switching between cables it might make it less intuitive since you may have to check which ear is which each time you put them back on.

When in Bluetooth mode, you can use the 3.5mm port to allow someone else to connect their headphones to yours, making it easy to share music and movies with a friend or loved one in public.

I do want to circle back to the microphone issue for a second here. The only microphone available for these is the one built into the 3.5mm cable, so if you lose it or it breaks you’re completely without a microphone on these.

If you’re walking around with them on Bluetooth mode and need to take a call or hop on discord with friends, you’ll need to switch to the wired mode or turn off the headphones completely, which is a pain.


OneOdio lists these on their website for 70 USD, which is a bit steep even if they fit you. However, you’d have to REALLY try to pay that price for them.

On their site, they seem to always be marked down to 45 USD, and you can typically find them on Amazon or other online retailers for around the same price, which is actually a really good price for these.

At the beginning of my review, I said these looked like a budget-premium hybrid, and I stand by that. For around 40 USD, they represent a good value.

OneOdio A70


All in all, the OneOdio A70 Studio Headphones are a solid pair of headphones, but we would stay away if you have a larger skull. If you don’t however, the combination of audio, build quality, and the price is worth the money.

With that being said, for me personally, I’d give these 3 stars, I’m probably never going to wear them again. However, I need to recognize that’s mostly down to how they fit me personally. As long as you don’t have the same issue then they’re probably a solid 4 out of 5 stars, especially for the money.

If you want to give the A70s a shot, they are available both on Amazon and OneOdio’s website.

OneOdio A70













  • Competitive Pricing
  • Solid Audio Quality
  • Fantastic Battery Life
  • Stable Wireless Connection
  • Lightweight Design


  • Overpowered Bass
  • Poor Noise Isolation
  • Uncomfortable If You Have a Large Skull
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