12 Best Gaming Headsets for Glasses Wearers 2023 – For Every Budget!

Best Gaming Headsets For Glasses Wearers

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If you were to wager a guess toward how many adults wear glasses, what percentage would you throw up? 30%? 40%? Close, but not quite up to the whopping 64% of adults that regularly use glasses to augment eyesight.

As unignorable as half the living adult population is, they’re a target market for consideration: sunglasses, repair kits, goggles, and, of course, gaming headsets.

Your run-of-the-mill gaming headset isn’t necessarily designed with glasses in mind. You don’t want to be distracted by an uncomfortable fit in the middle of the match, you deserve to play in quality conditions.

For those looking for the best headset for their needs, we’re providing an intuitive list of the 12 best gaming headsets for glasses wearers in 2023, including both premium and budget-conscious options.

Best Gaming Headsets for Glasses Wearers 2023 Round-Up

The table below will give you a quick look at our selections for the best gaming headsets for glasses wearers currently available on the market. To read a full review, simply click on ‘review>>’ in the respective row.




1. Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless

''Best all-around gaming headset for glasses wearers''


2. Turtle Beach Recon Spark

''Best budget gaming headset for glasses wearers''


3. Beyerdynamic MMX 300

''Best premium gaming headset for glasses wearers''


4. LucidSound LS25BK

''Best budget headset runner-up''


5. SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless

''Dual wireless connectivity''


6. SteelSeries Arctis Pro

''Best sounding gaming headset for glasses wearers''


7. Razer Nari Wireless

''Most immersive gaming headset for glasses wearers''


8. Razer Kraken 7.1 V2

''Editor's pick''


9. HyperX Cloud II

''Most popular gaming headset''


10. Sennheiser GSP 500

''German quality'' 


11. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro

''Honorable mention #1'' 


12. Turtle Beach Stealth 700P

''Honorable mention #2'' 


1. Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless

Frequency Response: 12 – 28.000Hz | Driver Size: 50mm | Connection Type: 2.4 GHz wireless, Analog 2.5mm | Weight: 0.71 lbs | Battery Life: 24 hours

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless



  • Comfortable for glasses wearers
  • High-quality build
  • Great audio quality and surround sound
  • Great microphone
  • Wireless
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight


  • Primarily only for PC gamers
  • Higher price

Our Rating:   9.8/10

The Razer BlackShark Wireless V2 Pro offers maximum comfort for glasses wearers and overall scores high in almost every category. It may not be an audiophile dream like the Beyerdynamic MMX 300, but the 50mm drivers produce a well-balanced sound that will allow you to use it for a variety of activities, including playing games, watching movies, or listening to music.

The headset is comfortable with decent mic response, an improvement on the wired version of the headset, and doesn’t seem to suffer from the same reported wireless connection issues of the Arctis 9X Wireless. It also boasts a 24-hour battery life that will ensure you don’t need to charge it with every use.

When used on a PC, the Blackshark V2 Pro connects with the Razer Synapse software allowing you to customize the EQ of the headset as well as experience THX 7.1 Surround Sound with the included THX Spatial Audio app. It also features a protruding volume knob on the side of the left speaker, making it easy to adjust your game volume on the fly.

In addition to all of its audio perks, the Blackshark V2 Pro is very comfortable for glasses wearers. While the Blackshark V2 Pro is slightly heavier than its wired predecessor, users are not reporting any discomfort from this weight increase. It is still fairly lightweight at only 320 grams.

The use of memory foam on the headband and ear cushions helps alleviate the clamping force pressure on your glasses and ears, while Razer’s FlowKnit fabric ensures that your ears will stay cool for extended gameplay. It also has a slightly looser fit which contributes to the comfortable experience for glasses wearers.

However, there are a few drawbacks to the Blackshark V2 Pro. The looser fit, due to the hinge build, which is great for glasses wearers, also means that the noise isolation is not as good as other headsets on this list. Depending on your personal environment, this may or may not be an issue.

Another source of concern is that when the headset is fully extended, the wired connection between the earphone and the headband is extremely tight. It would not be surprising if this could cause an issue with the longevity of the device. If you have a smaller head, then this likely won’t be a concern for you.

It should also be noted that the V2 Pro is almost exclusively intended for PC gamers. Due to its required USB wireless dongle and apps, integration with all major consoles is essentially non-existent. If you are primarily a console gamer, then you may want to look into other options on this list.

Overall, The Blackshark V2 Pro has a lot to offer. It features great audio quality, surround sound for competitive gaming, great comfort for glasses wearers, and a wireless connection. The only drawbacks are the lack of support for console gamers and its higher price.

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2. Turtle Beach Recon Spark

Frequency Response: 20 – 20.000Hz | Driver Size: 40mm with Neodymium magnets | Connection Type: 3.5mm or PC Splitter Cable


Turtle Beach Recon Spark Universal



  • Superb value for the money
  • Nice aesthetics
  • Comfortable for glasses wearers
  • Decent audio quality
  • Multi-platform
  • Flip-up-to-mute microphone


  • Poor microphone
  • Definitely not for audiophiles
  • Not the best if you have more money to spend

Our Rating:   9.7/10

You don’t need to break open your piggy bank just for a decent headset. You don’t need it to be wireless or made out of titanium or packed with all the bells and whistles it can fit. The first and foremost things that a headset needs to deliver are the fundamentals: audio and comfort.

The Turtle Beach Recon Spark is not the most expensive headset you’ll find, but the price is deceiving. Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s superior. However, while it’s a top-tier budget device, “budget” remains the optimum phrase. It’s not perfect, but it manages to deliver a high-quality performance regardless.

For starters, the Recon Spark bears delightful aesthetics. Colored with a gentle white and lavender paint job, it’s a product that’s primarily geared toward women, though it is a strong fit for anyone who appreciates soft colors. Beyond color scheme, it doesn’t bring much in the way of unique designed features, rather staying the course as a standard gaming headset.

And of course, for glasses wearers, it comes equipped with ProSpecs comfort-driven design, included specifically to alleviate pressure on your glasses’ earpieces. As thoughtful as that might be, however, it doesn’t do much help if the headset itself is too tight.

While that’s largely not the case with the Recon Spark, there’s a chance you might get unlucky and find that it’s a bad fit for your skull.

Of note, however, are the ear cushions. Made from synthetic leather around memory foam, the ear cushions will to stay comfortable for long periods of time. However, it isn’t perfect, and users with bigger ears might experience some issues.

Granted, it works well in the immediate time, but if you’re in sessions that last for hours on end, then you may need to take a break at one point. There’s a chance that with some breaking and allowing the product to properly conform to your head that it works perfectly, but that’s a case-by-case issue.

While mainly composed of sturdy plastic, the Recon Spark includes a durable metal-reinforced headband for long-term use. After all, if the band snapped, it’d lose all worth, functional internals or not.

The Recon Spark speaks to its own longevity, certain to last you for years of gaming from the moment you take it out of the box. Though, be wary, the top cushion of the headset is a little small.

The Recon Spark isn’t wireless, and while that’s not for everyone, it does mean that you don’t have to deal with connection issues. It also makes it far easier for its multiplatform compatibility to function, allowing you to easily transfer the Recon Spark between your devices as needed.

Unfortunately, the mic itself is a bit of a letdown. While it’s a fully functional microphone for the most part, it’s pretty darn short compared to most mics you may come across. This design means there may be audio bleeding, and sometimes the mic doesn’t function as well as you’d hope it would.

Thankfully, the mic does mute itself when flipped up, which is handy for easy muting during the middle of a game.

While it’s not the perfect design, the Recon Spark does make for an excellent budget choice in regards to audio quality, comfort with glasses, functionality, and versatility. With its pleasant aesthetics, it makes for a great addition to a design-coordinated rig and makes for a stable go-to headset for male and female gamers alike.

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3. Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2nd generation)

Frequency Response: 5 – 35.000Hz | Drivers: Dynamic drivers with Neodymium magnets | Connection Type: 3.5mm + 6.35mm adapter | Weight: 0.74 lbs


Beyerdynamic MMX 300



  • Fantastic audio quality
  • Excellent microphone
  • Comfortable for glasses wearers
  • High-quality build
  • Comes with a hard case


  • Poor quality cable
  • Premium price

Our Rating:   9.6/10

Originally designed for the private aviation community, the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2nd generation) is one of the most highly rated and best-sounding gaming headsets available.

As discussed with other headsets on this list, gaming headsets often compromise on different aspects of audio quality to deliver a competitive gaming advantage, but this is not the case with the MMX 300. Delivering superb audio quality and a realistic soundstage, the MMX 300 won’t disappoint. As this is one of the most expensive “gaming” headsets on the market, we would hope to see the performance match the price point.

Fitted with soft velour cushions, the MMX 300 will provide a comfortable experience for glasses wearers without pinching your ears or head. The cushions breathe well, so there is little chance of that annoying ear sweat while wearing glasses.

As with the LucidSound LS25BK, the build is slightly smaller, so gamers with large heads or ears may find the headset to squeeze more tightly than comfortable for extended use.

If you plan to stream or play online, the MMX 300 features one of the best mics out there. You don’t get the typical tinny and low-fidelity sound that many headsets, especially wireless headsets, produce. The mic delivers clear voice reproduction with depth and little to no distortion.

We also noticed that it picks up minimal external noise, such as fans, keyboards, or mice. The headset also has an integrated wired remote control, making it easy to adjust your sound or take calls. The MMX 300 is one of the highest-rated gaming headsets for a reason.

While the MMX 300 features glowing reviews all across the board, there is a common thread of complaints for users, and that is the cable quality. After extended use, many users reported constant hissing or random popping and static in the audio.

This is truly unfortunate, as the headset has phenomenal performance in every other category. However, it does appear that, at the time of this review, Beyerdynamic is providing easy replacement of the cables if you face any issues.

Another thing we recommend is to use an amplifier for a full audio experience. The headset isn’t super loud on its own, but this is likely due to a lack of an amp. Headsets of this quality always perform better when properly powered.

The amp will certainly add on additional costs to an already expensive headset, so bear that in mind if you choose to go with the MMX 300. That being said, the headset is perfectly fine on its own, and you shouldn’t be concerned about this too much.

All in all, the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 seems to live up to the hype. If you are looking for an audiophile experience with great comfort for wearing glasses, then this may be the headset for you. With soft velour cushions, clear mic quality, and audiophile-level drivers, this is arguably the best premium gaming headset for glasses wearers in 2023.

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4. LucidSound LS25BK

Frequency Response: 20 – 20.000Hz | Driver Size: 50mm | Connection Type: 3.5mm | Weight: 0.70 lbs


LucidSound LS25BK


  • Great for competitive players
  • Comfortable for glasses wearers
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Convenient on-ear controls
  • Dual mic system


  • Not ideal for listening to music
  • Average mic quality

Our Rating:   9.5/10

Our more budget-conscious gamers may want to look into the LucidSound LS25BK. This headset provides competitive-level sound without burning your paycheck. Featuring 50mm drivers, a dual-mic system, ear cup volume controls, and memory foam ear cushions, this LucidSound headset has many of the features you would expect to find in higher-priced headsets.

The LucidSound LS25BK is specifically catered to competitive gamers as the EQ is tuned for competitive gaming. If you have any history with headsets, this kind of langue often means that the bass response will be minimal. This is a great feature for competitive gaming as it allows you to more clearly hear other players’ actions over other in-game audio.

If someone is crawling in the grass toward you, you’d prefer to hear them over a bass-heavy explosion that muddies your audio. While this is a strength for competitive gaming, it is a weakness for music. The headset produces clear audio in the mid to high ranges, but you will find that the bass is lackluster. If you are looking for a headset that is also good for music, this might not be the best option for you.

Another interesting feature of the LS25BK headset is the dual-mic system. While the audio quality isn’t the highest, we’ll get into that in a second; the convenience of a removable boom mic is great for mobile gaming and taking calls. When the boom mic is removed, the secondary mic activates, allowing convenience away from your console or PC.

Despite its bulky build, the headset is actually pretty comfortable for average users. The memory foam ear cushions and headband are thick yet highly breathable. Because of this, most glasses wearers should find the headset comfortable without pinching their glasses.

As the LS25BK is a “budget” headset, you will find some compromises in the build quality. A few users reported that the headset is not easily adjustable and that the earmuffs were too small. If you have a large head and/or large ears, you may want to look at other headsets on this list.

The other drawback to this headset is the mic audio quality. LucidSound boasts of its crystal clear technology, but the LS25BK fails to deliver the same quality of other headsets on this list. While the audio isn’t terrible for low chat volume, the sound reproduction is weak and lacks depth.

If you are prone to yelling after being shot, then your team members may soon be begging you to get a new mic. The audio distortion is rather noticeable at high volumes. Consequently, it also won’t be the best headset for streaming.

Even with its flaws, the Lucid LS25BK offers an overall pleasant experience for casual gamers with tight budgets. The memory foam ear cushions and easy-to-use volume controls provide a comfortable experience for glasses wearers. And the best part? It comes with a fair price tag.

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5. SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless

Frequency Response: 20 – 20.000Hz | Driver Size: 40mm | Connection Type: 3.5mm, Xbox wireless, Bluetooth | Weight: 0.83 lbs | Battery Life: 20 hours

SteelSeries Arctis 9X


  • Great audio quality
  • Clear and crisp microphone
  • Highly comfortable 
  • Wireless
  • Battery life up to 20 hours
  • Dual wireless connection


  • Premium price
  • Has connectivity issues

Our Rating:   9.4/10

The SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless comes in at a higher price point than other headphones on this list, but with that price comes some excellent features.

The Arctis 9X Wireless delivers excellent frequency response, a 20-hour battery life, and high-comfort ear cushions. The Arctis 9X also features on-ear controls, allowing you to adjust the game and chat audio without having to pause your game.

Without a doubt, the greatest selling feature of the Arctis 9X Wireless is that the headset has dual connection capability. This will allow you to connect to your phone’s Bluetooth to listen to music and take calls while also being connected to Xbox Wireless. This is a feature that few other headsets offer.

The headset features an integrated Xbox Wireless connection, so you won’t need to mess with cables or dongles. You’ll also never miss a call while gaming again – unless you want to.

Let’s talk about comfort for glasses wearers. The Arctis 9x Wireless comes with AirWeave ear cushions that will keep you cool while gaming. It also makes use of a ski-goggle style headband to keep the pressure off of your head and glasses.

If the AirWeave cushions aren’t the right fit for you, then you can easily replace them with Arctis’ leather and velour options. They should provide a good fit, but they may not rank as highly as the Turtle Beach headsets for glasses-wearing comfort.

No headset is perfect, and the Arctis 9X Wireless isn’t exempt from this. Through our research, we found one complaint that resurfaced multiple times. While the majority of users seem to be extremely happy with this headset for the price point, it’s important to go in with both eyes wide open.

The main issue reported is that the wireless headset does not keep a solid connection when paired with the Xbox. Users reported varying levels of performance issues, from faint constant crackling to constant disconnects.

Some users would even have to power cycle the headset or leave the game to resync the headset with their Xbox. The primary complaints do seem to come from Xbox users; we are unsure if this issue also plagues the Bluetooth adapter.

If you have already bought the Arctis 9X Wireless and you are experiencing issues, it is possible that you are experiencing interference with your local WiFi network. If you are comfortable with it, it may be worth going into your router and changing the wireless frequency channel of your network, as interference between WiFi and wireless headsets is not uncommon. There are many guides on the internet that can help with this.

With that being said, the Arctis 9X Wireless should provide a great-sound experience with a decent soundstage and comfort level for glasses wearers. While they are not specifically designed for glasses wearers, such as the Turtle Beach headsets on this list, they should still provide a comfortable user experience with great sound quality and mic response.

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6. SteelSeries Arctis Pro

Frequency Response: 10 – 40.000Hz | Driver Size: 40mm | Connection Type: USB, 3.5mm | Weight: 0.94 lbs


SteelSeries Arctis Pro


  • Super comfortable even with glasses
  • The cooling gel does a great job of keeping your ears cool
  • OLED menu for full control over the sound
  • Rich, immersive audio
  • Retractable, clear microphone
  • High-quality construction
  • RGB illuminated


  • Premium price
  • The surround sound is worse than expected

Our Rating:   9.3/10

As one of the more expensive gaming headsets you’re set to find around, you’d hope that the SteelSeries Arctis Pro can fully and sufficiently deliver on its price. In regards to most categories that the Arctic Pro is judged under, it appears to come out swinging.

First things first, it doesn’t have any particular design characteristics that make it targeted at glasses-wearing users. However, while it lacks inlaid channels to relieve strain, it makes up for the lack of specified tech with large encompassing cooling ear pads. It provides plenty of space for your ears and earpieces, preventing undue strain and keeping you in the game longer.

As it comes out of the box, the overall comfort and compatibility between your head and the Arctis Pro is not guaranteed to be perfect. Given that it’s adjustable, however, that’s not too surprising. The suspended ski goggle pad design for the top frame helps maintain a snug fit that redistributes weight and pressure across your cranium. There’s not much else to say in that regard; it excels in comfort design, letting you play for hours on end.

Wired products, while lacking the free functionality that wireless options enjoy, at least don’t have to worry about connection issues. The cord itself is durable, doesn’t tangle, and overall provides you with a premium experience for long-term use.

You may have issues with volume. Results vary wildly, sometimes being too quiet, sometimes being too loud, and sometimes favoring one side of the headset over the other. The Arctis Pro comes with an OLED menu for full control over sound, balance, and equalization, but it lacks the stability that’s otherwise taken for granted with most gaming headsets.

Assuming your cord hasn’t had a massive malfunction, your audio will come through crystal clear, volume issues or not. In-game audio is accurate, immersive, and remains distortion-free for any volume. The speakers are a tad bit sensitive, meaning you’ll need to take care of the headset to preserve its optimal settings and performance, but besides that, it delivers top-tier audio quality.

Finally, the microphone works great. It easily picks up on voices while filtering out background noise (though admittedly, it could improve on the latter) while being positioned optimally without being obstructive. Plus, it’s retractable, capitalizing on its convenience and helping retain durability.

The nightmare of gambling on an expensive gaming headset is palpable, and no matter how many reviews you read, you may never be fully confident until you have the product in your own hands.

Overall, in terms of audio and microphone quality, design, form, durability, and function, the SteelSeries Arctis Pro scores incredibly well, making it an excellent choice for aspiring gamers in the professional circuit or just for casual, everyday use.

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7. Razer Nari Wireless

Frequency Response: 20 – 20.000Hz | Driver Size: 50mm with Neodymium magnets | Connection Type: Wireless / 3.5mm | Weight: 0.95 lbs


Razer Nari Wireless


  • Provides incredible comfort even with glasses
  • Good surround sound
  • Total immersion with vibrations
  • Wireless
  • A full charge will last you a full day of gaming
  • The cooling gel does a great job of keeping your ears cool


  • Mic could be better for the price
  • Premium price

Our Rating:   9.2/10

One of Razer’s famed calling cards is their dedication to attractive RGB. That, of course, is no stranger to the Razer Nari Wireless, meaning you’re pretty much destined for an aesthetically pleasing headset, but at this point, that’s essentially taken for granted with the Razer line of products. The better question is: how does it perform?

The selling point is immersion. Above all, that’s what the Nari is designed for. With THX Spatial Audio, it simulates sound within a 360-degree sphere, drawing you into the game, combined with a vibration that sets you in the very core of the gameplay.

It’s cool tech, and it’s what the Nari succeeds at best above all else it brings to the table. You might need to futz with the on-set audio controls to nail that perfect equilibrium, however.

For those wearing glasses, the Nari should work fine for you. It’s got cooling gel-filled foam cushions with leatherette to keep your ears comfy, but there are no specific designs to accommodate your glasses’ earpieces.

However, to compensate for that, the headband is auto-adjusting, which should help ensure there’s never too much pressure on your temples. Overall, your experience should be comfortable, with or without glasses.

 As a fully wireless headset, it needs to have strong battery life, which Razer claims can last up to 16 hours. Honestly, the safest bet would be in a ballpark between 8 and 16 hours. While the battery life is still pretty solid, certainly enough to last you throughout your sessions, you’ll need to keep up with its charge.

The Nari is a headset that’s best used for PC and PS4 gaming. In theory, it could work with more platforms, but venturing out that far will likely leave you frustrated and with a headache. It’s functional with the PS4, but it’s clear that the PC is where it shines.

The frames are sturdy, the wireless properties work fairly well, and the retractable mic works fine. The microphone could certainly be better, especially at this price. It won’t ruin your gameplay, but it doesn’t make the product any better. This headset has overall good performance, but while it boasts incredible features, it just doesn’t sell well on all of them.

In terms of immersion and sound quality, the Nari takes the cake, hands down. For gamers who’re looking to be as immersed as possible within the bounds of the game, this headset is a pristine choice to add to your rig. However, while it doesn’t flat-out fail in any other category, it doesn’t really deliver the premium performance that you’d expect from an expensive headset.

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8. Razer Kraken 7.1 V2

Frequency Response: 12 – 28.000Hz | Driver Size: 50mm with Neodymium magnets | Connection Type: USB Digital | Weight: 0.76 lbs


Razer Kraken 7.1 V2


  • Has dedicated channels for glasses
  • Comes in 3 color options
  • Highly comfortable
  • Excellent audio quality w/ noise canceling
  • Clear and crisp microphone
  • Quality construction


  • Poor quality cord – handle with care

Our Rating:   9.1/10

The best design of a gaming headset is a straightforward one. No superfluous, gimmicky accessories, just a straightforward, effective headset is all you could ask for. The Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 is a beautiful example of this style of gaming design, especially for those glasses-wearing gamers out there.

The secret to designing a headset that accounts for glasses is to make it feel like there’s essentially nothing there. The absence of an issue is felt more strongly than the presence of something stopping the problem. In this case, the Kraken has hidden indented eyewear channels, providing convenient areas slotted for your glasses to receive as little pressure as possible.

As for comfort, it depends mostly on your preferences. Plush leatherette keeps your ears and head protected all around, but the actual earpieces are circular, which may not be your cup of tea. For sheer comfort, however, it doesn’t fall short of its competition. You might sweat a little bit in the hotter months, though.

The audio quality, both for the speakers and the microphone, is nothing short of excellent. The microphone sounds clear and crisp, as well as is convenient for your communication needs. It’s retractable, and you can easily mute the mic by squeezing the tip.

As for speakers, it seems geared for war games with enhanced bass and surround sound, hyping the immersion and accuracy of your in-game surroundings, but definitely functions well regardless of your game of choice.

Don’t overlook, however, that the Kraken isn’t a multiplatform product. While it can function with the PS4, it’s very clearly geared as a PC-exclusive product. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it does kind of disappoint since you can’t use it for all of your electronics like other headsets can.

Unfortunately, the durability of this product is a bit of a double-edged sword. For build quality, it’s excellent, constructed out of high-grade aluminum. The frame itself is good to go and can take quite a bit of damage.

Its shortfall in design is in its cords and lifespan. The cord is, suffice it to say, not great. It has the tendency to tangle and break, ruining the rest of the headset and frequently resulting shorter lifespan of the headset.

Were it not for the cord quality and lifespan of this gaming headset, we’d rank number much higher on the list. Its sound quality is excellent, fits comfortably, and delivers stellar performance for glasses-wearers. PC gamers will find a tried and true companion with this, so long as they’re able to keep the cord from getting tangled and fried.

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9. HyperX Cloud II

Frequency Response: 15 – 25.000Hz | Driver Size: 53mm | Connection Type: 3.5mm | Weight: 0.7 lbs


HyperX Cloud II


  • Excellent audio quality
  • Great surround sound
  • Detachable, clear microphone
  • Highly comfortable
  • Quality build
  • Provides a good seal for more immersion
  • Fair price


  • Short cable

Our Rating:   9.0/10

The HyperX Cloud line of products has a good reputation in the gaming headset market. They’re attractively designed headsets that consistently deliver high-performance gameplay and functionality. The HyperX Cloud II, by extension, doesn’t disappoint.

Starting with audio quality, you can expect the Cloud II to be as immersive, if not more so, than any other gaming headset you’ll come across. Gunshots, footsteps, and other minute details sound clear as day, giving you an edge over your opponents. There’s simply not much to complain about here: the surround sound speakers function as well as they’re advertised, no more and no less.

The detachable microphone is always a nice feature to include, and for the most part, tends to function as intended. While you may stumble across the occasional issue, like minor buzzing or weird sensitivity, they tend not to rise to the degree that renders the microphone a defunct piece of technology. You should, in the end, be able to freely communicate over your platform of choice with little to no issues.

The Cloud II is exceedingly comfortable. The well-padded ear cups and headband absorb the shock of long gameplay hours, helping you stay as cozy and focused as possible in the game. The ear cups are made out of memory foam, and you also have easily swappable cushions to suit your preferences. Granted, there’s no particular design accommodating for glasses, but you should still find no issues affecting your earpieces at any point.

Now, this is a wired gaming headset, which usually speaks to more reliable sound coming through a direct connection. There’s no argument here against that, but the cord is one of the biggest issues the Cloud II has. It doesn’t suffer from any durability or compatibility issues, but it’s just… short.

Too short in fact, leaving it to hamper your range of movement while playing. Worse yet, it’s not detachable, which means you’re stuck with this wire for as long as you have the Cloud II.

At the very least, due to its combination of USB and 3.5mm connectors, the Cloud II enjoys versatility for a wide range of electronics. Whether you’re a console or a PC player, you’re set with a single headset. Keep in mind, however, that the surround sound features are only available with the PC. You’ll have to settle for stereo when playing on your consoles.

Shortcomings like cord length and mic quality notwithstanding, the HyperX Cloud II is the kind of headset you can get used to for years down the line. Its build quality is steady, and while its audio isn’t extraordinary by any means, you’ll find that it still provides the type of quality experience that keeps you competitively viable. It’s a great choice for budget-level gamers looking for a steady, long-term headset that prioritizes reliability and comfort above all else.

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10. Sennheiser GSP 500

Frequency Response: 10 – 30.000Hz | Driver Size: 40mm | Connection Type: 3.5mm | Weight: 0.79 lbs


Sennheiser GSP 500


  • Incredibly durable – will last for years
  • Excellent, clear microphone
  • Close to perfect audio quality
  • Highly versatile headset


  • Not as comfortable as others
  • Premium price

Our Rating:   8.8/10

German-engineered products have a reputation to uphold. Premium quality build, convenience, stellar audio, and optimal comfort are only a few of the categories that need to be met for a German product to truly shine. The question is: does the Sennheiser GSP 500 fulfill its own pre-disposed expectations?

While the GSP is a bit on the heavier side, it makes up for its weight with its ingrained durability. While it’s not made out of something metallic, like steel or aluminum, the plastic materials used are high-grade, lightening the load on an otherwise already hefty piece of hardware. Thankfully, the hinge connected to the speakers is metallic, helping to prevent a common structural weakness from being an issue.

Durability is great, but comfort could probably be worked on. The padding up along the headband, which is already a split design, is a little bit thin for some. Counteracting the padding, however, is an intuitive adjustable headband that doesn’t slip, which helps alleviate some of the discomfort you might otherwise feel. The entire build is ergonomic, even if the padding around the headband and ear cups could be a little bit better.

Speaking of ear cups, how does this function with glasses? There’s no built-in technology directly addressing glasses users with this one, but it otherwise functions well. The cups are ventilated, keeping your head cool, but you may have to be wary of some clamping.

The ear cups, in their pursuit of being perfectly ergonomic, seem to have some strange positioning when fitting to your head. It should be fine with glasses but not as conforming as other products.

Microphone quality is among the best on this list, suffering from the least amount of issues while delivering crisp communication. Granted, the noise-canceling aspects of the product aren’t top-notch, but there’s no crosstalk, static, or overt sensitivity that otherwise impacts your gameplay. As an added bonus, it includes the flip-to-mute feature that makes gaming headsets so convenient.

The sound quality, in addition to its microphone counterpart, is fantastic. This is one of the only gaming headsets on this list to feature an open-back acoustic design, enhancing the clarity and quality of your in-game audio. This sacrifices noise-cancellation, one of the poorer qualities of this product, but adjustable volume sliders on the ear cup helps leverage greater control while mid-game.

Its multiplatform capabilities give the GSP 500 a lot of positive marks. Rather than being exclusive to a couple of options or even PC only, this headset has the versatility to be used in every aspect of life, meaning you can get a lot more bang for your buck if you want to use it for more than just gaming.

Due to its versatility, the Sennheiser GSP 500 is a great fit for any gamer that’s looking for a multifaceted headset that’s as good for casual use as it is for gaming. However, those wearing glasses might be more interested in a different pair. Though the audio and microphone qualities are solid, its comfort and fit leave something to be desired in a gaming headset.

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11. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro

Frequency Response: 12 – 20.000Hz | Driver Size: 50mm | Connection Type: 3.5mm or PC Splitter Cable | Weight: 1.31 lbs


Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro


  • Excellent for glasses wearers
  • Balanced and clear sound
  • Highly comfortable
  • Multiplatform
  • Decent microphone


  • Quality issues
  • Pricey

Our Rating:   8.7/10

As always, Turtle Beach manages to excel when it comes to addressing the comfort of their products. Armed with the ProSpecs Glasses Relief System, in practice, the inlaid channel designed specifically to house your earpieces creates a comfortable, pressure-less space just for you. In execution, it lives up to its claims, thankfully.

The earpads as a whole are comfortable, but they also happen to be one of this product’s design flaws. After enough use, you may be unlucky enough to find that one of the pads will disconnect and fall off from the Elite Atlas Pro’s frame. It’s also not made out of the most breathable of materials, which may result in a little bit of extra heat around the ears.

The top section of the frame has a nifty suspended pad that readily adapts to any sized head for optimal comfort for long gaming sessions. All things considered, so long as the pads stay on, you can play for virtually as long as you want with this headset without worrying about pain or discomfort.

Unfortunately, the frame isn’t as durable as it feels. While at a glance, the build quality seems to be of a high standard, it’s not quite up to snuff compared to other headsets of similar build, design, and price. Be extra careful while using it, or else parts of it will break. Then again, what headsets are truly impervious to damage?

As per sound quality, you’ll find no complaints here. At the core of its core features, the sound quality must be of the highest rating, and the Elite Atlas Pro comfortably slides into premium territory on that front. 50mm nano speakers are designed with communication in mind, delivering crisp audio from your teammates and impactful environmental sound for top-tier gameplay.

Circling back to communication, the Truspeak technology that Turtle Beach promotes for this product is… decent. Certainly not bad by any means, but it is not the end-all-be-all of mic tech. It’s got noise canceling, which is great, and functions well, but combined with a sensitive mic makes communicating a tad annoying. Too close, and your teammates hear too much; too far, and they hear too little. If you find the ideal area, phenomenal, but it could be a little better.

Even though the microphone isn’t as superb as it could be, this is a phenomenal tool for team-based games that’s accessible across any platform. PC, Xbox, Playstation, your phone, anything that works with this corded headset. Though it’s not the most durable, it’s a great fit for those aspiring streamers and professional gamers looking for a set that prides itself on communication.

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12. Turtle Beach Stealth 700P

Frequency Response: 20 – 20.000Hz | Driver Size: 40mm | Connection Type: 100% Wireless | Weight: 0.6 lbs


Turtle Beach Stealth 700


  • Perfect for glasses wearers
  • Great audio quality
  • Decent microphone for communication
  • Quality build
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Wireless


  • Has power issues
  • Has connection issues
  • Expensive

Our Rating:   8.6/10

The best feeling around your noggin is a gaming headset that fits like a glove. High-quality material made with care and attention to the glasses-wearing populace is integral for the wearer’s comfort. The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 capitalizes on this feature, dedicating premium synthetic leather for the ear cushions, providing you with a form-fitting, durable, plush experience.

Furthermore, the Stealth 700P incorporates glasses-centric technology to account for your glasses. A product of lower quality picked off the shelves would apply pressure around your temples, affecting how well your glasses stay in place. Utilizing ProSpecs design, Turtle Beach addresses this issue and relieves any undue issues with your glasses while you game.

Then there’s the convenience of it all. While cables and wires have a sense of security associated with them, there’s nothing more freeing than a truly wireless headset. Though it comes included with a cable just in case you need it, the Stealth 700P operates as an independent item, able to connect to your Xbox One, PS4, or PC with ease.

It comes with a long-lasting internal rechargeable battery for long gaming sessions, and just in case it starts running low, you can plug it in mid-game, and it functions just as well. However, it should be noted that the Stealth 700P seems to fall victim to power issues, ending up powering off randomly and sometimes losing connection without a cable.

Connection issues, in particular, crop up with this particular brand. You may find that you have to sit pretty close to your console of choice for the wireless applications to function properly. Connecting with the Xbox One specifically tends to run afoul, so if you’re a Microsoft fella then you might want to be confident before you buy.

But sound quality? No worries there; the Stealth 700P delivers premium audio in spades. With deep, rich bass, a Superhuman Hearing function, and noise-canceling, you’re free to be enveloped in your own sphere. The tradeoff is that the microphone audio quality may not be quite as superb. It’ll work, but don’t get your hopes up for crystal-clear musings in the chatroom.

While there seems to be a little debate on the actual quality and durability of the headset’s material, general consensus is that it’ll last you. It’s not particularly extraordinary, and it won’t survive being hurled from the roof of a building, but so long as it’s treated with respect it will stick with you.

The most important thing to know, and one of the annoying things about the Stealth 700P, is the fact that you need to update it as soon as it’s out of the box. While it’s helpful that most of the issues listed here can be fixed with a firmware update right off the bat, the fact that you even need to do that with a brand-new product is a poor showing of it.

Frankly, as good as the Stealth 700P may be, it’s a little bit too uncertain to blow a big wad of money on. The price is too high for the issues it inherently comes with, and the worry that it’ll just start disconnecting bears weight.

However, it remains incredibly versatile and convenient, and if you’re a gamer who’s looking for a headset that can be easily and readily used with all your electronic devices, you’ve got a great option here.

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Final Words

There you have it; these are the top 12 best gaming headsets for glasses wearers you’ll be able to find on the market in 2023.

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Besides that, if you have any additional questions or are still not sure which headset is best for your needs, feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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  1. This is an awesome article! My son has #10 Turtle Beach and he’s about to get glasses, so now I’m sure I purchased the right ones. His birthday is around the corner so maybe I can get him an upgrade to the #1 Turtle Beach…hopefully they come in different colors because little boys and the color white may not go well together! 


    • This particular model comes only in white/purple, but I think it should not be a problem!


  2. I wear glasses and I was surprised with the percentage. Did not expect it to be so high.

    But I have felt the discomfort when gaming and wearing my glasses. I really liked HyperX Cloud II and I think I’ll choose them. No problem with the short cable. They look highly comfortable and that’s what I want the most.

  3. As a gamer girl that wears glasses this is such a helpful article. I’ve been looking for a new headset. I have an Onikuma headset now but I really love the Turtle Beach Recon Spark you had on your list. I love the colors mainly, but noticed you said it had poor audio quality. Maybe I will wait until I have more money to spend on a much nicer headset like some you talked about. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Sayan,
      Thanks for leaving your feedback, I do appreciate it. The 4th paragraph basically says that the headset may cause some comfort issues if you have a larger head, mainly because of the clamping force. Are you looking to purchase the MMX 300? If so, let me know if you have any other questions or concerns regarding the headset and I will happily answer them for you.

      Have a great day,

      • Thanks for your concern. Is MMX 300 good for long use gaming with a large head and glasses? I am an intermediate gamer and my favorite is Xbox.

        And yes, if it suites me I will buy MMX 300.

        • The headset is really comfortable, even for longer gaming sessions – I haven’t heard otherwise from anyone yet. It will feel a little tighter if you have a big head, but that should’t bother you too much.

          Let me know how you like it if you decide on it. And, if you need a hand with anything else, feel free to reach out to me!


  4. I’ve got the A10 Astro ones and after a couple hours it feels like my temples are on fire, really sad since I actually like the headset.. after reading this article I’m planning on buying the turtle beach recon spark someday (:

  5. As a glass wearer, I can confirm that the SteelSeries Arctis Pro is not comfortable. That said, I don’t know how credible this article is, as I am looking to change headset. Your first choice though seems to be spot on, as with other reviewers mention it is comfortable even with glasses.

    • Hey Matt,
      You’re right, the SS Pro is kind of a mixed bag. I personally tried it with glasses on and I didn’t feel any discomfort whatsoever (as many other users), but some users complained about the discomfort for glasses.

      The BlackShark from Razer is currently my daily driver and I can’t stress how comfortable it is. The cushion on the cups is a very soft memory foam and feels incredibly nice with or without glasses. I personally have no issues playing with it for hours on end and haven’t heard anyone complaining about it so far.

      Hope this clarified things for you, let me know if you have any other questions!


  6. The Elite Atlas Pro is awful if you wear glasses. I was gifted a pair and while they are very nice and high quality, the ear cushions are way too bulky and firm, so they squeeze the sides of my glasses. I wear plastic frames , and I’m certain they would bend metal frames over time.

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