12 Best White Gaming Headsets 2020 – For Every Budget!

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Pro gamers around the world are ditching the traditional darker colored headsets and upgrading to the best white gaming headsets they can get their hands on. The combination of sleek style and game changing performance is sure to carry the white gaming headset trend well into the future and become a must have for gamers across the globe.

While the beautiful white shade might be enough to attract attention, you’ll need much more than just good looks to take down the competition. Let’s take a peak at the best looking and best performing white gaming headsets on the market today and see who comes out on top.

Best White Gaming Headsets 2020 Round Up

The table below will give you a quick look at our selections for the best white gaming headsets currently available on the market. To read a full review, simply click on ‘review>>’ in respective row.




1. Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum


2. HyperX Cloud Alpha


3. SteelSeries Arctis 7


4. Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2


5. Alienware Gaming Headset AW510H


6. Steel Series Arctis Pro


7. ASTRO Gaming A40 TR


8. Corsair Gaming VOID RGB Elite


9. Razer Kraken Pro V2


10. Sennheiser GAME ZERO


11. Sennheiser GSP 301


12. SteelSeries Arctis 3


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1. Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum

Frequency Response: 20 – 20.000Hz | Impedance: 39 Ohms (passive), 5k Ohms (active) | Driver: 40mm | Battery Life: 8-12 hours | Connection Type: USB, Wireless, 3.5mm | Weight: 366g

gaming headphonesREASONS TO BUY

  • Excellent Sound
  • Attractive Aesthetics
  • Plenty of Connectivity
  • High Quality Build
  • Wireless
  • RGB Lighting


  • Steep Price

Our Rating:   9.7/10

In the fight for headset gaming supremacy, Logitech has put together a heavyweight contender that packs a whole lotta punch.

The Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum provides excellent sound, futuristic design and unparalleled versatility.  Thanks to a combination of a wireless USB receiver and a selection of wired connection options you can connect it to your PC, mobile device, or nearly any game system easily.

The earcups and headband are a gorgeous black plastic, with foam padding on the ears and under the headband. The earpads are rectangular, and the backs of the earcups are shaped like uneven pentagons to create an ultra-modern aesthetic.

The right earcup houses all of the controls and connections, including Mic Mute, Power, and three programmable G buttons, along with a volume wheel, a micro USB port, and a 3.5mm aux port. A high-quality flip down mic sits at the front edge of the left cup and sits perfectly against the side of the cup when not in use. The panels on the back of each earcup are magnetically attached and can be removed to display beautiful RGB lights that accentuate each panel’s translucent G logo.

The G933 features 7.1-channel Dolby and DTS surround sound, and the channels are individually adjustable through Logitech’s G app when the headset is connected to a PC. The amount of audio customization through the app is quite impressive and can be fine-tuned based on the game you’re playing.

Logitech’s G933 comes with a plethora of cables and adapters, giving it a world of connectivity options for both PCs and game consoles (though you can only adjust the customizable lighting with a PC). The wireless USB receiver can work with a PC or PS4 directly. There’s also a 3.5mm audio input designed for use with the RCA cable for accepting audio from the stereo RCA output of a Xbox 360, PlayStation 3.

The G933 gets high marks in each and every category, making it easily one of the best white gaming headsets on the market today.

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2. HyperX Cloud Alpha

Frequency Response: 13 – 27.000Hz | Impedance: 65 Ohms | Connection Type: 3.5mm (4 pole) | Driver: 50mm | Weight: 336g

Gaming HeadphonesREASONS TO BUY

  • Durable Design
  • Great Sound
  • Excellent Noise Isolation
  • Budget Friendly


  • No RGB
  • Basic Features Only

Our Rating:   9.6/10

The HyperX Cloud Alpha doubles down on its strengths and delivers almost unparalleled sound and performance. The solid and sturdy design make this an incredibly durable peripheral that’s built to withstand as many drops as you can throw at it.

The band and forks are made of metal, and each movable part of the headset is protected by solid joints, or thick padding. The earcups are made of a thick plastic encasing a metal backing, and they use a super thick and comfortable ear pad to seal to your head.

If you happen to damage the cables or microphone, both can be removed from the headset and replaced for a pittance instead of having to replace the whole headset. For those who have children or happen to throw whatever’s closest to them out of frustration, this is a godsend.

About half the way down the included cable is a remote that features a microphone mute switch, and a volume wheel. It’s convenient to be able to adjust the master volume without altering your computer’s settings when you move back and forth between programs.

The Cloud Alpha is incredible for isolating outside noise. That’s a huge positive, as it means you won’t have to worry about a busy household affecting your overall gaming experience.

With the exception of a slight dip at 4kHz, the frequency response of the product doesn’t alter the signal sent by your console or computer much at all, meaning the sound will be incredibly similar to how it was originally mixed. The upside of this kind of response is that details won’t get lost as often, and music will sound much clearer than you might be used to. Hence the reason why studio headphones will typically aim for this type of sound.

Considering the price, comfort and performance of The HyperX Cloud Alpha, it’s easy to call this one of the best white gaming headsets you can get your hands on. It’s not robust with features but it is very solid and budget friendly, making it a viable option for many casual and pro gamers.

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3. SteelSeries Arctis 7

Frequency Response: 20 – 20.000Hz | Impedance: 32 Ohms | Driver: 40mm | Battery Life: 24 hours+ | Connection Type: 3.5mm (4-pole) | Weight: 375g

Gaming HeadphonesREASONS TO BUY

  • Super Comfortable
  • Solid Build Quality
  • Excellent Sound
  • Wireless
  • Highly Customizable


  • Steep Price
  • No RGB
  • ‘Simple’ Design

Our Rating:   9.5/10

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 can be summed up in 2 words, “rock solid”.

From sound quality to versatility to comfortability, the Arctis 7 performs accordingly in just about every area you could want in a gaming headset.

The Arctis 7 is sleek and elegant, with a streamlined and somewhat minimalist appearance and a foolproof adjustable headband. You simply adjust two Velcro straps, and the incredibly comfortable headband will conform to your head shape.

With such an understated design, you can easily use this unit for day to day wear on the subway or at work. Like most gaming headsets, its larger than an average pair of headphones. But it can still be tossed on a backpack or gym bag for use outside of your gaming setup.

The right ear cup is home to the power button and chat volume slider. Additionally, there’s a regular volume slider on the left ear cup, along with a micro USB port for charging and a proprietary port that connects to a 3.5mm audio jack for mobile listening. Although the Arctis 7 requires power for wireless and surround-sound, you can utilize the audio jack with no power at all.

With both stereo and DTS 7.1 surround sound, as well as a plethora of equalization options, you can get a ton of different configurations from the headset. Fortunately, setting up game profiles is pretty simple, which gives you the ability to have unique audio settings for just about each and every game you play.

The Arctis 7 utilizes SteelSeries Engine 3 software, an intuitive program that keeps tabs on just about every modern SteelSeries peripheral. In addition to creating sound profiles, you can also adjust mic options. Otherwise, the program doesn’t offer too many bells and whistles for this particular peripheral as it doesn’t have RGB lighting.

You can hook up the Arctis 7 to a PS4 or Xbox One by simply plugging the audio jack into a controller (the PS4 also works wirelessly with the USB dongle). Although you won’t have the surround-sound options, the unit still provides solid audio, and the mic is excellent for competitive multiplayer matches.

Overall, the Arctis 7 leaves no stone unturned when it comes to quality and performance. Some may not appreciate the lack of RGB or the understated design, but to others this is a plus and allows the Arctic 7 to be used in common settings.

It’s a perfect choice for anyone looking for an eSports rated headset with simplistic appeal.

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4. Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

Frequency Response: 12 – 20.000Hz | Driver: 50mm | Connection Type: 3.5mm, Bluetooth, USB | Weight: 403g

Gaming HeadphonesREASONS TO BUY

  • Comfortable Fit
  • Attractive Aesthetics!
  • Excellent, Rich Sound
  • Above Average Mic


  • Higher Price

Our Rating:   9.4/10

When you think about gaming sound, one of the first names that comes to mind is Turtle Beach. The manufacturer has been giving the gaming community eSports rated headsets for many years. Well, Turtle Beach is back in the mix with it’s incredible comfortable and incredibly attractive Elite Pro 2.

Simply put, the Elite Pro 2 looks awesome. The physical design is very similar to the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas, the Elite Pro 2’s PC focused sibling. That means you get the same elastic/steel hybrid headband design combined with plush ear cups, removable speaker plates and plenty of notches to find the perfect fit. This unit also comes with a detachable boom mic, a detachable 3.5-millimeter audio cable and a mic mute button halfway down said cable.

Like many Turtle Beach headsets, comfort is clearly the driving factor. The over-the-ear cups are large and pliable, and the band is padded perfectly which means you’ll be able to keep this headset on for an entire day with no real urge to remove it.

The Elite Pro 2’s claim to fame is a circular amp that lets you control a game’s volume without having to feel around for a small dial or grab your remote control. To use the amp, you have to plug the headset into it, then connect the amp to your Xbox or PS4 with a long USB cord. The amp is a decent size, so it’s probably not going to go anywhere. But I couldn’t help but think that the long cord was a step backward.

You can use the Elite Pro 2 in either stereo or Windows Sonic surround-sound modes, and both deliver rich and nuanced sound. Voice work, dialogue and sound effects sound balanced; the directional sound in games like Halo and Fortnite will help you pinpoint where you enemies are.

All in all, the Elite Pro 2 is a very solid Gaming headset that looks just as good as it performs. The steep price tag and additional luggage created by the accompanying amp will be drawbacks to some. However, if you want a headset that will perform better than most, then this might be the pick for you.

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5. Alienware Gaming Headset AW510H

Frequency Response: 20 – 40.000Hz | Impedance: 32 Ohms | Driver: 50mm | Connection Type: 3.5mm, USB DAC | Weight: 372g


  • Distinctive, Futuristic Design
  • Top Notch Audio Quality
  • Excellent Noise Isolation
  • Quality Build
  • Fair Price


  • No RGB

Our Rating:   9.3/10

Our list wouldn’t be complete without an entry from the game tech giant known as Alienware. The AW510H does what Alienware does best, and that’s take cutting edge tech, and make it look good.

The AW510H employs a super simple color scheme and integrated head beam to make the headset more refined. Most of the headset case is made of ABS and works well. The headband has excellent flexibility and durability. It quickly and comfortably bends to fit just about any head shape with virtual ease.

The outer casing of the headset unit is also made strictly of ABS material. The surface curve is designed reasonably and feels textured. The Alienware logo is subtle yet compliments the design on the unit incredibly well. Alienware is well known for their distinctive design and the AW510H falls right in line.

The AW510H is a 7.1-channel surround sound unit and this is achieved through a built-in USB DAC. In order to enable 7.1 surround sound mode, you need to connect the headphone to a PC via USB and utilize the proprietary Alienware Command Center to unlock its full functionality.

It also features a detachable 3.5mm jack, which can be used to connect to just about any other sound source, such as an Xbox or PS4. However, you’ll lose 7.1 surround sound functionality and only get stereo audio.

The audio quality is what you’d expect from a pro-rated gaming headset. The highs, mids and lows are distinct and clear in most volume ranges.

The sound isolation may be the most impressive thing about the AW510H’s sound performance. The padding helps isolate sound better than a majority of the peripherals in its class. The mic is also quite impressive, when speaking regularly. It tends to get a bit of static when your voice raises above a typical speaking tone, but this is to be expected with most gaming mics.

All things considered, Alienware’s AW510H really is one of the best options on the market thanks to its ability to check just about every box a gamer would look for in a quality headset. The only department it really gets an A+ in is looks, but it’s a very solid performer in every other aspect.

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6. Steel Series Arctis Pro

Frequency Response: 10 – 40.000Hz | Impedance: 32 Ohms | Driver: 40mm | Battery Life: 20 hours | Connection Type: Wireless, USB, Optical, 3.5mm | Weight: 357g

Gaming HeadsetREASONS TO BUY

  • Perfect Audio Quality
  • Plenty of Connectivity Options
  • Super Comfortable
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Neat RGB Lighting
  • Excellent Mic


  • Premium Price
  • Pain to Set Up

Our Rating:   9.1/10

SteelSeries takes customization to a whole new level with its latest entry in the gaming headset arena. The Arctis Pro Wireless utilizes the sophisticated receiver from its Siberia 840 and seamlessly combines it with the Arctis line’s sleek design.

The Arctis Pro features a ton of audio options and easily one of the best mics available on any headset currently available. This means calling out enemy locations in first person shooters and the beautiful music that accompanies RPG’s will be crystal clear.

The plastic chassis is lightweight and very unassuming. With its matte finish and lack of extravagant physical features, the Arctis Pro Wireless can be worn while gaming or while out and about. The Large, plush ear cups sit over the ears and don’t apply too much pressure. The elastic headband adjusts itself to your head shape fairly easily. This means you won’t have to fiddle with frustrating notches to get the perfect fit.

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The Arctis Pro is designed specifically for PC and PS4 gaming but can be used on Xbox as well, but the sound quality is reduced. Thanks to its state-of-the-art transmitter, you can experience 7.1 surround sound on the PS4 and PC and adjust equalization options for Immersion (single-player games), Performance (multiplayer games), Music, and more.

The controls are on the headset itself and on the transmitter. The transmitter box houses the Arctis Pro Wireless’ most interesting features. Here, you can adjust the chat mix, change (or create) equalization profiles, toggle surround sound, manage sidetone, switch inputs, control volume and more.

The OLED screen on the transmitter is small and can be difficult to see from far away. The other issue is the somewhat difficult setup, thanks to the vast amount of cords it comes with. This can make moving the unit between PS4 and PC a tedious task.

The Arctis Pro boasts an impressive 10 hours of play time on a charge. The transmitter can conveniently charge a second battery, so you can, theoretically, swap between the two indefinitely. There’s also the option to charge via micro USB, so it’s incredibly easy to always have enough power to stay in the game. You also have the option to utilize the 3.5-mm audio jack, regardless of whether the device has any power.

Overall, the Arctis Pro is quite an impressive gaming headset in almost every regard. The crystal-clear microphone, 7.1 surround sound and plethora of customization options makes this an option for pro and casual gamers alike. The price is a bit steep and it’s not fun to move from place to place, but it makes up for its flaws with a long list of positives.

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7. ASTRO Gaming A40 TR

Frequency Response: 20 – 20.000Hz | Impedance: 48 Ohms | Driver: 40mm | Connection Type: 3.5mm | Weight: 369g

Gaming HeadsetREASONS TO BUY

  • Comfotable
  • Attractive Design
  • Top Audio Quality
  • Swappable Mic


  • Pricey
  • Poor Sound Isolation

Our Rating:   9.0/10

Astro continues to deliver high quality, tournament-worthy gaming headsets, and the A40 TR falls right in line. This headset is incredibly lightweight and comfortable, which means you can game for hours without your head or scalp feeling sore or heavy.

The A40 TR is similar to the previous A40’s design, but with enhanced colors and finishes. There’s a plastic matte black shell around the earcups and headband, with aluminum struts on the sides allowing for seamless vertical adjustment to find the ideal fit.

The over-ear earpads are high quality memory foam covered with soft, breathable black cloth. The underside of the headband holds a rectangular pad made of the same material as the earpads, which adds an extra layer of comfort for your head and scalp.

The back of the earcups are made of a glossy black plastic with silver accents. Astro calls these panels speaker tags. They leave a gap just above the earcups, giving the open-back 40mm drivers lots of space to breathe. This also causes some sound leakage so be mindful of the people around you at high volumes. The speaker tags and the top of the headband have a splash of color to indicate which system the headphones are optimized for (blue for PS4, red for Xbox One).

The boom mic is a lengthy, black rubber stick with a plastic capsule on the end that sports an aluminum grille. The mic is actually removable and attaches to the back of the left earcup. The boom arm is super flexible, and can pivot 360 degrees.

The A40 connects right to your device with an included 6.5-foot. It terminates in a four-pole 3.5mm plug, so you can use it with any modern game console, PC (PCs with separate headphone and microphone ports require a splitter, included with the standalone A40 but not with the A40 + MixAmp Pro TR), or smartphone with a headphone jack.

If you’re willing to fork over an extra $100 for the A40 + MixAmp Pro TR, however, you’ll probably plug that headset cable directly into the front of the MixAmp Pro TR itself, a headphone amp and mixer designed to work with your PC and either your PS4 or Xbox One.

If PC is your preferred method of play, you can customize your audio with the Astro Command Center software. This gives you the option to, customize the MixAmp’s four EQ presets with a five-band equalizer. You can also adjust the mic’s gain and sidetone levels, as well as set one of four gate settings to block out outside noise.

You even have the ability to set the levels of the audio that comes out of the 3.5mm stream port, mixing the game audio, voice chat audio, mic input, and any sound coming through the 3.5mm input separately.

Games sound quite powerful on the A40. Deep sounds like revving engines or large guns get plenty of low resonance to give them a solid punch. The hisses and whizzing of passing bullets produce satisfying mid to high range sound. The 7.1-channel surround sound provides awesome left to right imaging with the stereo drivers of the headset, giving a good sense of the source of different sounds.

All in all, the A40 does a lot of things well without doing anything the best. This makes this an attractive option for anyone looking for a pro quality gaming headset but doesn’t need exceptional performance in any particular area.

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8. Corsair Gaming VOID RGB Elite

Frequency Response: 20 – 30.000Hz | Impedance: 32 Ohms | Battery Life: Up to 16 hours | Driver: 50mm | Connection Type: Wireless, USB | Weight: 399g

Gaming HeadsetREASONS TO BUY

  • Neat Aesthetics
  • Great RGB
  • Handy On-ear Controls
  • Durable Build


  • Average Sound Quality
  • Heavier

Our Rating:   8.8/10

Corsair brings 7.1 surround sound and beautiful RGB design in an affordable, user friendly package. The Void RGB Elite may not blow you away with its specs, but it definitely provides a unique, cost effective alternative to its fierce competitors.

Unlike some of the other units we’ve reviewed, this is a gaming headset to its core. Equipped with RGB lighting that can cycle through a number of colors, an attached boom mic, and an eccentric angular design, this headset is meant to be worn in the confines of gaming circles only.

The Corsair Void RGB Elite headset has a somewhat heavy metal frame, soft fabric cushions on the earcups, and a band that adjusts to fit just about any head size. Everything about its design feels solidly constructed, but it’s somewhat heavy frame may cause some fatigue or discomfort after a long gaming session.

The Void RGB Elite offers on-ear controls, with a mic mute button and volume dial on the left headphone. One of the more unique features is that the mic already mutes itself when flipped up. This gives you an alternative to the on ear mute button, which seems redundant but may come in handy for those who prefer the flip motion over searching for the button.

The headset comes in both a wireless and USB option. The wireless connection is lossless, so the reduction of cords doesn’t necessarily mean a reduction in quality.

Corsair ties a number of the Void RGB Elite’s features to their proprietary software. Using the iCUE app offers the ability to customize and coordinate the colored LEDs of the Void Elite, along with any other Corsair peripherals you use.

iCUE is also tied into the some of the functionality of the headset. In order to use the headset’s surround sound, you’ll have to access the app. Oddly, the only way to verify the charge level of the headset is through app as well. The app is a little slow and the lay out isn’t the best, but it’s an intuitive way to customize your unit.

Corsair confirms that the Void RGB Elite packs an impressive 16 hours of battery life. This makes extended gaming sessions a breeze even if you forget to charge the unit overnight. The RGB tends to make the headset battery die quicker when activated but this is to be expected on any piece of technology with built in lighting.

The Corsair Void RGB Elite won’t blow you away with its sound quality. There’s a noticeable de-emphasis in the bass range below 100Hz, and a little bit of an over emphasis in the mids. Otherwise, it provides a pretty standard frequency response for a gaming headset.

Corsair relies on this unit’s sleek design to set it apart from its competitors, and this unit does that very well. This may be the perfect white gaming headset to help compliment your current setup while delivering quality sound and performance.

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9. Razer Kraken Pro V2

Frequency Response: 12 – 28.000Hz | Impedance: 32 Ohms | Driver: 50mm | Connection Type: Analog 3.5mm | Weight: 322g

Gaming HeadsetREASONS TO BUY

  • Light
  • Comfortable
  • Decent Sound Quality
  • Great Pricing
  • Great Aesthetics


  • No Surround Sound
  • No RGB
  • No Extra Features

Our Rating:   8.7/10

Sometimes simpler is better, and the Razer Kraken pro V2 is simplicity at its finest.

This affordable and streamlined gaming headset ditches all the bells and whistles and replaces them with unassuming design and a buyer friendly price tag. As you can imagine with a gaming headset coming in under $100, you won’t get high end features or performance. But you will get a unit that performs solidly and does everything you need it to.

The Razer Kraken Pro V2 is an incredibly unassuming headset, with the rounded headphones, retractable mic, and foam-covered aluminum band typical of the Kraken line. However, unlike many Razer products, there are no attention-grabbing LEDs on this unit. It’s probably the most subtle headset the company offers, but it doesn’t look cheap or off brand.

The adjustable band is flexible and sturdy. It’s not a suspension band, but the headset is light enough—and the band exerts so little pressure, that it’s plenty comfortable.

The Razer Kraken Pro V2 is about as straightforward as you can get with a gaming headset. There’s no bells, whistles, or gaming-oriented features available on this unit. It’s for the most part a stereo headset, and connects via 3.5mm, so apps like Razer’s Synapse won’t recognize it. Which means there’s no surround sound function, which might not be an issue for some gamers, but in games like Fortnite, not hearing your opponent’s footsteps can leave you at a tactical disadvantage.

The Razer Kraken Pro V2 has serviceable audio quality for a gaming headset. The lows sound good while the mids and highs are solid yet unrefined. The mic is fairly standard as well. Opponents and teammates will be able to hear you just fine, but the mic won’t isolate background noise very well.

If you’re looking for an entry level gaming headset from an established and reputable company like Razer but don’t want to break the bank, then this could very well be the unit for you.

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10. Sennheiser GAME ZERO

Frequency Response: 15 – 28.000Hz | Impedance: 50 Ohms | Connection Type: 3.5mm | Weight: 300g

Gaming HeadsetREASONS TO BUY

  • Top Notch Sound Quality
  • Excellent Quality Build
  • Exceptional Microphone
  • Light-weight
  • Comfortable


  • Overpriced
  • Repetitive Design

Our Rating:   8.6/10

If you’re looking a white gaming headset that emphasizes sound quality above all else, then look no further my friend. Sennheiser is known for its incredibly clear and dynamic sound quality in all of its products, and the Game Zero is no different.

The Game Zero is an unassuming yet good looking peripheral as far as gaming headsets are concerned. It has metallic red highlights, so it’s a bit flashier than your average pair of studio headphones. That’s really the only difference, though—otherwise, the Game Zero looks like a pretty standard pair of headphones you’d wear in public. Black earcups and chassis, with a Sennheiser logo on the ears and the band.

Game Zero’s earcups are as large as they are comfortable. They seal exceptionally well and with minimal squeezing provide all around solid comfort. The soft and comfortable leatherette embraces your skin with a warm and inviting feel. The Game Zero also feels very well-built. The band itself is metal, flexible and lightweight. The ears also swivel flat with a smooth and elegant motion.

On the right ear there’s an embedded volume wheel, a flat disk with small notches on it. It’s big enough to find in a panic but subtle enough to not distract from the rest of the unit. The microphone is a flip-to-mute model that makes a satisfying click when moved to the active position.

The microphone is somewhat oversized and affixed making the Game Zero unwearable I public. On the other hand, the mic is absolutely crystal clear and is one of the best gaming headset mics you can find.

The sound quality is easily the most attractive feature on the Game Zero. From gaming sound to music, it impresses at just about every range. To take its already impressive sound to the next level Sennheiser also offers its GSX1000 amplifier/DAC. Plug your Game Zero into the back of this nifty gadget and it opens up a whole new world of customization. From adjustable reverb, 7.1 surround sound, simpleEQ and more.

Simply put, The Sennheiser Game Zero will never disappoint when it comes to sound. The large and affixed mic is somewhat of a drawback but is small flaw in comparison to the awesome performance you’ll get from the Game Zero.

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11. Sennheiser GSP 301

Frequency Response: 15 – 26.000Hz | Impedance: 19 Ohms | Connection Type: 3.5mm | Weight: 290g

Gaming HeadsetREASONS TO BUY

  • Durable Build
  • Light-weight
  • Flexible and Comfortable
  • Great Sound Isolation
  • Decent Sound Quality
  • Great Out of the Box Performance


  • No RGB
  • Boring Design

Our Rating 8.5/10

Sennheiser’s GSP 301 gets straight to business in a very impressive manner. With no RGB’s, external drivers or soundcards, the GSP 301 is an entry level gaming headset aimed at those who want to plug it in and start playing.

The Sennheiser GSP 301 is made out of smooth and sturdy plastic. It’s quite durable and is ready to take on any fall your game rage can throw at it. The plastic construction has one clear benefit over anything else – it makes the headset incredibly flexible. As we know, flexibility can lead to excellent comfort because the ear cups have the ability to adjust to anyone’s head regardless of size. This is definitely one of those cases; the GSP 301 is fantastically comfortable.

The headband has thick, foam-filled and mesh-covered padding. It softly presses against your head and eliminates any room for discomfort. The ear cushions are covered with a soft memory foam and dressed in pleather.They cover your ears completely and create an excellent seal which ensures both terrific comfort and great sound isolation.

The GSP 301 has quite a wide soundstage for their price range. When you combine that with the detailed midrange and clean, crisp highs, you get a headset that excels sonically.

The microphone is much better than you’d expect from a gaming headset at this price. Your voice sounds clear as long as it’s in normal range and the mic itself is positioned well. That being said, the mic isn’t quite as flexible as some would like, but you shouldn’t find to many reasons to move it closer or further from your mouth.

The GSP 301’s lack of features may detract some gamers, but most will appreciate its ability to perform right out of the box. If you’re looking for an affordable and user-friendly white gaming headset with no bells and whistles, then the GSP 301 is calling your name.

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12. SteelSeries Arctis 3

Frequency Response: 20 – 22.000Hz | Impedance: 32 Ohms | Driver: 40mm | Connection Type: 3.5mm | Weight: 272g

gaming HeadsetREASONS TO BUY

  • Exceptionally Comfortable
  • Light-weight
  • Decent Audio Quality
  • Great Price


  • No RGB
  • Average Mic Quality

Our Rating:   8.3/10

The SteelSeries Arctis 3 is a white gaming headset that packs the same features as many of its more expensive competitors, but at a much lower price. Coming in at a very reasonable, the Arctis 3 isn’t a world beater by any means, but still provides clear, quality audio and fairly impressive comfort.

SteelSeries is known for its incredibly comfortable headsets, and the Arctis line has been no exception. Like the models before it, the Arctis 3 is incredibly easy to wear, thanks to its flexible headband and large, plush ear cups. You don’t have to worry about tiresome notches; just put it on, and the headband will take care of the rest.

For console and mobile gaming, Arctis 3 delivers sound in a predetermined soundscape. Sound effects, voices and music all balance out pretty well for the most part and remain clear through most volume ranges.

On PC, you’ll have many more options, thanks to the SteelSeries Engine 3 software, which allows customization of surround sound and equalization options. Getting just the right audio settings for multiple games can take some time, but it may be well worth it in the end.

The mic is a Discord-certified, clearcast unit that does its job quite nicely. If you’re a youtuber or involved in high level FPS gaming that requires constant communication, then the mic may not be sufficient for your needs. However, for casual gaming or chatting with friends you won’t find any shortcomings.

It’s hard to not give a gaming headset from a reputable company that comes at a suspiciously low some serious consideration. Although, it may not fulfill all your gaming needs, it will give you a solid performance at a very low cost.

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