10 Best Pink PC Cases in 2023 – For Every Budget!

Best Pink PC Cases

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Most major case manufacturers only offer their cases in monochromatic colors, so any case outside of black, white, or silver is going to make a statement. Pink cases especially are going to stand out, no matter how you decorate your gaming room.

On the other hand, flashy colors can hide poor construction and design. You want to be able to get the colors and features you want, while still having a quality PC tower.

To keep you from wasting your money, here’s our list of the best pink PC cases in 2023, with options for every budget!

Best Pink PC Cases in 2023 Round-Up

The table below will give you a quick look at our selections for the 10 best pink PC cases currently available on the market. To read a full review, simply click on ’review>>’ in the respective row.




1. Cooler Master NR200P Flamingo Pink

''Best pink PC case overall''

Top Product


2. InWin A1 Plus Pink

''Best premium pink PC case''


3. Thermaltake AH T200 Pink

''Best pink pc case for enthusiasts''


4. Apevia ENZO-PK Pink

''Best budget pink mid-tower''


5. SilverStone Technology SG13P

''Most compact pink PC case''


6. Apevia Genesis Pro Pink

''Best for showcasing builds''


7. Vetroo M01 Pink

''Editor's pick''


8. Apevia Predator-PK

''Honorable mention''



''Best pink PC case for kids''


10. Apevia Crusader-F-PK

''Honorable mention #2''


1. Cooler Master NR200P Flamingo Pink

Form Factor: Mini-ITX Tower | Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX, Mini-DTX | Drive Bay Support: 3x 2.5”, 2x 3.5” | Radiator Support: Up to 280 mm | Included Fans: 2x 120mm SickleFlow Fan | Dimensions: 376 x 185 x 292 mm | Weight: 5.9 kg / 13.1 lb | I/O Ports: 2x USB 3.0, HD Audio

Cooler Master NR200P Flamingo Pink


  • Fantastic cooling capability
  • Interior space for even the largest GPUs
  • Tons of color options besides pink
  • Compact and portable
  • Excellent-quality build
  • Elegant, clean design
  • Fairly priced


  • Bit heavier for its size

Our Rating:   9.9/10

As the name might suggest, Cooler Master is mostly known for large cases with tons of room for cooling. Every now and then, they try their hand at something quirky and fun, which is what gives us the Cooler Master NR200P.

It’s very much in the vein of the other set-top ITX boxes you’ll see on this list, but this one is extremely well-executed. The price point is a little higher, and the case is a little heavier, but if you intend to travel with your mini PC, this one has some extra sturdiness that makes it a top choice.

As we mentioned, the Cooler Master NR200P is a mini ITX tower. Like most of the cases in that genre, it does its best to be efficient with space, though the NR200P is a little larger than its closest competitors.

It stands 11.5 inches (292mm) tall, 14.8 inches (376mm) deep, and 7.3 inches (185mm) wide. That’s a little smaller than some of the more traditional desktop models but noticeably larger than the truly compact cases.

Further, the NR200P offers fully modular construction, making access and installation incredibly easy, and it’s available with either a steel mesh or tempered glass side panel. The tempered glass can be nice if you have some lights or custom work you want to show off, but in a small case like this, the extra ventilation provided by the mesh could be a lot more important. Plus, the top, bottom, and opposite sides also boast mesh for added cooling.

Here’s where Cooler Master really comes into its own. The NR200P can hold up to seven total fans: two on top, two bottom, two sides, and one on the rear. If you’d prefer, it’s also capable of supporting liquid cooling out of the box, with room for two radiators up to 280mm. There are mid-towers on this list that don’t offer that level of cooling.

That and the slightly larger size will allow you to fit basically as much power as a mini-ITX motherboard will support into this case.

If you opt for the mesh paneling on all sides, you’re not going to get a lot of use out of any RGB elements you may have picked out, and the case doesn’t come with any pre-installed. The tempered glass panel does help with that, but things can still get busy very quickly.

And finally, the Cooler Master NR200P is available in a wide range of colors besides pink. It has the obvious black and white, but also “Caribbean blue”, “sunset orange”, and “nightshade purple.” If you’re starting to change your mind about pink but still want some exciting colors in your life, Cooler Master has you covered.

Overall, The Cooler Master NR200P is a fantastic SFF case. The pink design and build quality are easily the best on this list, and despite the smaller footprint, you’ll still be able to fit basically any build inside while keeping everything nice and cool–large GPUs, water cooling for both CPU and GPU, a couple of hard drives, you name it. If you’re looking for a compact, quality, and high-performing pink pc case, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better.

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2. InWin A1 Plus Pink

Form Factor: Mini ITX Tower | Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX | Drive Bay Support: 2x 2.5” | Radiator Support: N/A | Included Fans: 2x Sirius Loop ASL120 Fans | Dimensions: 357 x 224 x 273 mm | Weight: 7.1 kg / 15.7 lb | I/O Ports: 2x USB 3.0, HD Audio

InWin A1 Plus Pink


  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • High-quality construction
  • Features a wireless Qi charge at the top
  • Can fit large graphics cards lengthwise
  • Comes with two RGB fans and a PSU
  • Built-in lighting in the stand
  • Compact design


  • Higher price
  • So-so ventilation

Our Rating:   9.7/10

Pink is typically seen as a fun and creative color, and Mini ITX PC builds have a similar reputation for fun and creativity.

The InWin A1 Plus Pink combines both of these into one frankly adorable little case. We half expected it to levitate at the desk and chirp hello like the robot companion in a Pixar movie. It’s a memorable and highly functional pink case for compact, and even some budget builds.

As mentioned, the Inwin A1 is a mini-ITX tower, which means that it will only hold the smallest of the widely available motherboard form factors. Somewhat surprising is the fact that it can hold up to a 320mm GPU.

For reference, most 3080s are 285mm, and most of the 3090s come in under 320mm. This tiny case can fit the most powerful GPUs currently on the market, though cooling might be an issue, as can the lower power supply capacity.

Overall, the case is 10.7 inches (272mm) tall, 8.8 inches (223mm) wide, and 14.1 inches (358mm) long. The low height, coupled with the longer depth, will open up a lot of options for placement and can even allow it to function as a streaming box or console replacement in the main room.

Construction-wise, the case is made of steel and has a single tempered glass side window. It is a bit cramped on the inside, and there’s not much you can do as far as removing panels to access the interior, so installation, especially of bigger parts, could be a hassle.

On the brighter side, the A1 Plus comes with a pre-installed power supply, specifically a 650W InWin Gold. This is one of the higher capacity, though you can find a small number of options that will go as high as 850W. In any case, it’s a great addition, especially if you’re building from the ground up and don’t have a PSU at hand.

Like most ITX cases, cooling might be a bit of an issue. ITX cases are often limited on space and so are not always as well-ventilated and will typically not have as much room for fans. With that being said, the InWin A1 Plus does fairly well for a case this size, with room for four fans total: one side, one rear, and two on the bottom.

Two of them (the rear and one of the bottom fans) come preinstalled with addressable RGB lighting. There’s not any ventilation on top or in front, so if you’re trying to fit a more powerful build in this case, you might not be able to create enough cross-ventilation to really keep it at peak performance.

Two of the coolest features of this case are the wireless charger at the top, where you can charge either your wireless mouse or your phone, and the use of addressable RGB lighting throughout. The transparent stand creates a floating halo effect, and the two included ARGB fans add extra lighting on top of whatever else you may want to install.

The InWin A1 Plus Pink is everything you could want out of an ITX case. It’s a high-quality case with some cool features and a beautiful pink design, plus any shortcomings it might have are going to be replicated in just about every other ITX case on the market. The only real drawback is the premium price tag.

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3. Thermaltake AH T200 Pink

Form Factor: Micro Tower | Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX, microATX | Drive Bay Support: 3x 2.5” or 2x 3.5” | Radiator Support: Up to 280 mm | Included Fans: N/A | Dimensions: 444 x 282 x 552 mm | Weight: 10.8 kg / 23.8 lb | I/O Ports: USB 3.1 Type-C, 2x USB 3.0, HD Audio

Thermaltake AH T200 Pink


  • Unique, immediately striking design
  • High-quality build
  • Clean pink paint job
  • Fantastic cooling capacity
  • Supports water cooling
  • Easy access and cleaning
  • Rich I/O with a Type-C port


  • Tricky cable management
  • Will require more frequent cleaning
  • Quite bulky for a micro tower

Our Rating:   9.6/10

The Thermaltake AH T200 is an excellent case by any metric. Its maker, Thermaltake, is one of our favorite case brands because of their constant dedication to construction excellence. The case is easy to work in and has phenomenal cooling. And finally, well, just look at it. It’s designed like a helicopter cockpit. There’s no color it’s not going to look good in, pink or otherwise.

Thermaltake’s AH series is available in both M-ATX (the T200) and EATX (T600) options, though only the T200 is available in pink. Unofficially, since this is an open case, you may be able to fit an ATX motherboard in the MATX model, but an MATX board is going to have a lot of space and compatibility.

Really the only difference you’ll see is the number of SSD and PCI-E slots, which might limit your onboard storage space, and will rule out a second GPU, which most people aren’t going to use or need anyway.

It is perhaps one of the largest micro towers available, owing to its highly stylized construction. It stands 21.7 inches (552mm) inches tall and 17.5 inches (444mm) deep. It’s also 11.1 inches (282mm) wide.

When it comes to construction, the case is made almost entirely of steel and has several tempered glass panels, which are more decorative than anything since you’d still be able to get a decent view inside even without them.

Further, there are some slots for cable management, but the open design is going to make it difficult to keep them hidden and tidy looking, meaning you will have to work a bit harder to keep your build looking clean.

The biggest draw of open-style cases is how much easier cooling is compared to others. They are nothing if well-ventilated, and so you can keep even the most powerful builds cool with just a couple of fans to keep air moving across the heatsinks.

On top of that, the AH T200 really shines as one of the few mini/micro towers that are capable of liquid cooling, which takes your cooling capacity to a whole other level. The case can hold four 120mm or 140mm fans, two in front and two in back, or two 240-280mm radiators in the same configuration.

Now, there aren’t any lights pre-installed, but with the multiple glass panels and open design, any RGB elements you choose to install with be proudly on display. The I/O panel is on the very top, which on a tall case like this might make it hard to access if you’re keeping it on your desk. It has two USB ports, a USB-C port, a mic and headphone jack, and a control button for ARGB elements.

Odds are, if you’re going for a pink case, you want something that’s going to stand out, and few cases on the market stand out more than this one. Plus, it’s a quality, extremely well-ventilated case that will allow you to pack it to the brim with the best components. If you’re a more experienced builder who’s looking for something more extreme, this is the perfect case for you.

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4. Apevia ENZO-PK Pink

Form Factor: Mid Tower | Motherboard Support: ATX, Mini-ITX, microATX | Drive Bay Support: 2x 2.5”, 3x 3.5” | Radiator Support: N/A | Included Fans: 1x 120mm | Dimensions: 405 x 201 x 455 mm | Weight: 6.1 kg / 13.5 lb | I/O Ports: USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, HD Audio


Apevia ENZO-PK Pink



  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • A good amount of ventilation and cooling space
  • Comes with one pre-installed fan
  • Decent build quality for the money
  • Attractive aesthetics
  • Modular side panels


  • Cable management and HD mounting aren’t well executed
  • Difficult to replace pieces after the initial install
  • No RGB lighting

Our Rating:   9.5/10

We’ve got a lot of respect for cases that do exactly what they’re supposed to for not a lot of money.

You’re going to see several options from Apevia on this list because their cases do exactly that. Enzo-PK is one of their more basic options, both in terms of size and features, but it’s a truly excellent case with a nice pink paint job.

The Apevia ENZO-PK is a mid-tower, which means it’s designed for standard ATX motherboards, and will accommodate most home builds, including some pretty powerful gaming rigs, though some of the largest GPUs currently available may not fit.

If you’re going for a budget build, the case can also fit smaller motherboard form factors, like an ITX or MATX. In terms of dimensions, it is 17.1 inches (435mm) tall, 7.9 inches (200mm) wide, and 15.9 inches (405mm) deep, so it will fit nicely in most spaces.

Construction-wise, the case is mostly made of metal, apparently steel, though Apevia is elusive when it comes to confirming this. In addition, there’s a single tempered glass panel, which will allow you to show off any customization or lights that you’ve installed. Plus, the paneling on this case is highly modular, a bonus when it comes to construction, cleaning, and repair.

Like most cases, it has a cable management compartment behind the chassis, but the access slots for the cables are on the narrow side, which can make things difficult if you’re not being careful about the size and number of cables in play. There is a separate compartment for your power supply and hard drive, which is, fortunately, easier to access.

When it comes to airflow, the Enzo has a good amount of cooling space and is well-ventilated, so less powerful builds might be able to get by with just the pre-installed rear fan.

If you need extra cooling, there’s space for up to three 120mm fans in the front and two additional 120mm fans on the top of the case (which also has a dual mesh opening). With the included rear fan, that’s room for a total of six fans, typically more than enough cooling for mid-sized ATX builds.

Unfortunately, the case does not support liquid cooling, which is a downside, but not a major one since it can be hard to fully implement in smaller mid-towers anyway.

Lastly, the I/O panel is conveniently located on the top front of the case and includes three USB ports, a headphone, and a mic jack, giving you essentially everything you need, although the lack of a USB Type-C port could be a downside for some users. Besides that, there is a direct control button for LED lights; however, the case itself does not have any built-in lighting.

The Apevia Enzo is not a perfect case, but it’s easily the best one at the price point. It’s a quality, well-ventilated, good-looking pink pc case with a fair price tag. Whether you’re a gamer girl or you’re purchasing this as a starter PC for a child, two of the more popular reasons we see people shopping for a pink PC case, the lower price combined with the pink color and “grown-up” style make this an all-around solid choice.

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5. SilverStone Technology SG13P

Form Factor: Mini-ITX Tower | Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX, Mini-DTX | Drive Bay Support: 1x 2.5”, 1x 3.5” | Radiator Support: Up to 140 mm | Included Fans: X | Dimensions: 222 x 181 x 285 mm | Weight: 2.5 kg / 5.5 lb | I/O Ports: 2x USB 3.0, HD Audio

SilverStone Technology SG13P


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Extremely space-efficient
  • High-quality construction
  • Great ventilation
  • Room for bigger graphics cards
  • Super lightweight


  • Not a lot of room for cooling
  • Basic design besides the pink color

Our Rating:   9.5/10

At a glance, you could be forgiven for thinking the SilverStone Technology SG13P is a large portable speaker. It’s incredibly compact, and nearly every side of it is covered in some kind of mesh.

This folds in well with what we consider to be the biggest appeal of ITX cases like this: portable, unobtrusive mini builds. The SilverStone Technology SG13P is going to be even better for some people for home theater or gaming rooms than the InWin A1 Plus we covered earlier.

Even for a Mini ITX tower, the SilverStone Technology SG13P is delightfully compact. It’s a mere 7.1 inches (180mm) tall, 8.75 inches (222mm) wide, and 11.2 inches (285mm) deep. That’s obviously going to rule out most of the more powerful GPUs, but it does have room for a full-sized PSU. With that, you’ll be able to hook up lots of peripherals and have the power to spare for some cool lighting effects.

The case itself is made of steel and has vents and meshes on all sides. The front mesh is solid, though it does have a fabric-y subwoofer appearance. In addition, the top of the case is secured with screws and lifts off in a single piece which makes it more stable, but if you plan to open it up frequently for cleaning or swapping out storage drives, it can make life more difficult.

Because of all the ventilation, the SilverStone Technology SG13P has excellent cooling capacity for a Mini ITX tower. Certain models do have a solid front panel rather than the mesh, but we recommend the mesh to assist with cooling since there’s not a lot of room for fans.

In fact, there is only room for one fan, either 120mm or 140mm at the rear, which will need to be purchased separately. If you want to get fancy, there is just enough room for an all-in-one 140mm cooler, which would give you quite a bit more cooling if you plan on running higher-intensity programs.

Furthermore, there’s no built-in lighting, and not really any way to show off lighting if you decide to purchase components with LEDs built-in. Plus, the I/O panel is also pretty basic, with only 2 USB slots and a headphone and mic jack.

The SilverStone Technology SG13P is also available in black and white and in those colors: with or without the mesh front panel. The pink is only available with the mesh front, which is probably for the best.

Overall, the SilverStone Technology SG13P is a fantastic little ‘budget’ pink case that clearly designed with home theater and gaming use in mind. It’s meant to pack the power you need into as small of a space as possible with a very attractive price point. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll not be disappointed!

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6. Apevia Genesis Pro Pink

Form Factor: Mid Tower | Motherboard Support: ATX, Mini-ITX, microATX | Drive Bay Support: 2x 2.5”, 3x 3.5” | Radiator Support: N/A | Included Fans: 4x 120mm RGB Fans, 2x 120mm Fans | Dimensions: 405 x 201 x 435 mm | Weight: 7.3 kg / 16 lb | I/O Ports: USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, HD Audio

Apevia Genesis Pro Pink


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Good value for the money
  • The top has excellent ventilation
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Comes with six 120mm fans
  • Hidden compartments for PSU and HDD


  • Poor front ventilation
  • Flimsy construction
  • No USB Type-C port

Our Rating:   9.4/10

Our second (but far from final) entry from Apevia, the Genesis Pro, is more of a serious gaming option when it comes to pink pc cases. The construction is still on the basic side, but large tempered glass panels and tons of space for fans make this more reminiscent of something you might see from Thermaltake, one of our favorite brands and one that’s a bit more established than Apevia.

Like the Enzo from earlier on our list, the Genesis Pro is also a mid-tower designed for standard ATX motherboards. It’s not so large that a smaller motherboard will look out of place, which is a plus if you’re trying to save money or free up space for some fun customization.

There are really no surprises when it comes to the overall size, with the case coming in at 17.1 inches (435mm) tall, 7.9 inches (200mm) wide, and 15.9 inches (405mm) deep.

Like most of Apevia’s cases, the Genesis Pro is also made of steel. This particular case has two separate tempered glass panels: one on the side and one at the front to show off any lighting or other cool effects you’ve installed with your fans or other components.

One thing to keep in mind is that the tempered glass panel is pretty close to the fans, so in light of the fact that glass is an insulator, not a conductor, you’ll find your fans working a lot harder to force air through a thin vent or across material that’s not doing much to dissipate the heat.

The fact that the top of the case is well-ventilated and has room for two fans (in addition to the three in front and one in back) will make up for this a bit. It’s just unfortunate that some of the moderate cooling capacity isn’t being put to the fullest use. This case is also not compatible with liquid cooling, which makes the so-so ventilation an even bigger point against it.

Now, the I/O panel is well equipped with three USB ports, a headphone, and a mic jack. There isn’t a USB-C port, which gets more frustrating by the minute, and while the case doesn’t have any built-in lights, there is a direct control button for any ARGB components you might choose to install.

All in all, the Apevia Genesis Pro and the Enzo-PK are basically the same cases. They have the same dimensions in and out, the same pink color, and are designed with the same types of build in mind.

This case is slightly more expensive because of the second tempered glass panel in front and six RGB fans that come pre-installed. The panel makes the case more striking overall but is going to require your cooling system to work a bit harder. If you want to show off your build and RGB lighting, you will want to pick this one up. If you want to save more money, go with the Enzo.

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7. Vetroo M01 Pink

Form Factor: Mini-ITX Tower | Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX, microATX | Drive Bay Support: 2x 2.5”, 2x 3.5” | Radiator Support: Up to 280 mm | Included Fans: 1x 200mm Fan | Dimensions: 409 x 229 x 391 mm | Weight: 5.4 kg / 11.9 lb | I/O Ports: USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, HD Audio

Vetroo M01 Pink


  • Powerful pre-installed fan
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Plenty of interior room
  • Support for liquid cooling
  • Hinged side panel for easy access
  • Plenty of USB ports


  • The lighting on the fan can’t be controlled
  • Poor cable management

Our Rating:   9.3/10

The Vetroo M01 is a bit of an acquired taste. There’s no denying that the single central fan on the front is efficient, and the mix of solid and mesh across the front isn’t a combination you see very often. Some people might find it offputting, but if you like it, or even if you can just get used to it, you’ll find yourself with a really solid pink case.

The Vetroo M01 (and by now, you may be sensing a pattern) is another mini tower. It’s designed to accommodate either Mini-ITX or MATX motherboards. ITX boards tend to be a little bit cheaper but may not be able to house as powerful of a build as an MATX board. It’s really a question of power vs. budget.

In terms of size, the Vetroo M01 is a bit wider than a lot of mini-towers, at 9 inches (229 mm), which gives you more space to play with in a case that’s still very compact. Plus, it’s 15.4 inches (391mm) tall and 16.1 inches (409 mm) long, a fairly standard size for a mini-tower.

Construction-wise, the case is made of steel, with metal meshes on the front and top. On top of that, there’s a tempered glass side panel that hinges open rather than needing to be removed for installation and maintenance. The cable management compartment behind the chassis is quite small for how (relatively) large the interior is, and the access ports for it are small and poorly placed.

Now, the Vetroo M01 is one of only a few cases on our list that can support liquid cooling. There’s room for either a 240mm or 280mm radiator on the top and space for another at the front.

If you prefer air cooling, there’s a 200mm RGB case fan pre-installed in the front, which can be replaced by two 120mm or 140mm fans if you prefer. Additionally, there’s space for two more fans of either side on the top, and one more 120mm at the rear, for a total of five fans, which will be sufficient for most builds.

The pre-installed case fan has RGB enabled but cannot be controlled by the RGD address button on the top. If having all your fans synced is a priority for you, you may want to replace the front fan. The I/O panel also has three USB ports and the requisite audio connectors.

All in all, the Vetroo M01 is a really solid entry-level pink case, though it’s not really our cup of tea. That being said, if you do like the design, there is not a single major drawback that should keep you from buying it, especially for such a low price.

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8. Apevia Predator-PK

Form Factor: Mid Tower | Motherboard Support: ATX, Mini-ITX, microATX | Drive Bay Support: 2x 2.5”, 3x 3.5” | Radiator Support: N/A | Included Fans: 4x 120mm RGB Fans | Dimensions: 405 x 201 x 435 mm | Weight: 7 kg / 15.5 lb | I/O Ports: USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, HD Audio

Apevia Predator-PK


  • Plenty of cooling potential
  • Comes pre-installed with 4 RGB fans
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Magnetic front panel
  • Attractive aesthetics


  • Poor cable management
  • Construction isn’t sturdy

Our Rating:   9.2/10

All things considered, it’s a little strange that the Apevia Predator is one of a few cases to combine the pink body with a geometric front mesh and RGB fans. It creates a jewel-toned effect that even the most cynical folks are going to pause and admire. Apevia knows this and doesn’t want you to miss out on the overall effect, so it ships the case with several RGB fans pre-installed.

Like the rest of the offerings from Apevia on this list, the Predator PK is a mid-tower and so will accommodate any motherboards up to an ATX. There are very few builds you can’t create in that space.

In terms of size, the case is 17.1 inches (435mm) tall, 7.9 inches (200mm) wide, and 15.9 inches (405mm) deep. There are obviously wider cases, and the extra space might make cable management or custom liquid cooling easier, but still work well in that space.

Construction-wise, the Predator-PK is made mostly of steel, with tempered glass side panels and some plastic for the mesh at the front and top of the case. There’s not a lot of space for cable management, but there are separate compartments for the PSU and storage racks, giving you at least some help with keeping the case neat.

The high amounts of ventilation will make cooling a lot easier, but the large amount of fan or radiator space will allow you to keep the most demanding builds running at peak efficiency. The case comes with four RGB fans pre-installed (three in front, one in back), and room for two more on the top of the case. If you prefer liquid cooling, there is space for two 240mm radiators, one each at the front and top of the case.

The only default RGB elements are in the fans, which can be controlled directly via the controls on the I/O panel. Speaking of the I/O panel, it also features three USB ports, a microphone jack, and a headphone jack.

The Apevia Predator-PK is a solid pink pc case overall. The construction is not the sturdiest, and the cable management could be tricky, but other than that, there are no major issues with it. It’s got good airflow as well, and for the money, you can’t really ask for much more.

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Form Factor: Mini-ITX Tower | Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX, microATX | Drive Bay Support: 2x 2.5”, 2x 3.5” | Radiator Support: Up to 240 mm | Included Fans: N/A | Dimensions: 455 x 368 x 185 mm | Weight: 4.6 kg / 10.2 lb | I/O Ports: USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, Audio



  • Budget-friendly price
  • Good computer for kids
  • Decent cooling capacity
  • RGB strip at the bottom


  • Poorly ventilated
  • Poor construction in areas
  • Very little cable management space
  • No pre-installed fans

Our Rating:   8.9/10

Look, we’re not going to tell you how to live your life. All kinds of people might want pink cases for all kinds of reasons, but if you’re not looking at pink cases because you’re building a PC for a small child, you might just want to skip this next option.

The Golden Field Q3056-P is painfully cute. Netflix educational cartoon cute. Your kids will love it; you might want to hide it somewhere, especially when you all see the koala logo emblazoned on the front and side.

Size-wise, the Golden Field Q3056-P is technically a mini-tower, but apart from the ThermalTake, it is the largest ITX/MATX tower we’ve seen. It’s 18.3 inches (455mm) tall, 14.5 inches (368mm) wide, and 7.3 inches (185mm wide) which makes it harder to fit in tight spaces.

Part of that height comes from the legs, which prop the case higher than is probably a good idea for a PC that’s clearly designed for children. However, there’s plenty of room on the interior, but very little of it is dedicated to cable management.

The case itself is steel and is coated with powdered paint. There’s been an attempt to round any corners, but this has left some obvious gaps and layering that you wouldn’t find on nicer cases. The paint also easily chips and flakes, which is not ideal for obvious reasons.

Now, the Q3056-P is in a weird space as far as cooling is concerned. On one hand, it supports up to six 120mm fans, three in front, two on top, and one in the rear, which is on the high end for a mini-tower, and a layout you’ll commonly see in higher-tier cases.

On the other, it’s not very well-ventilated, and most of the fans vent into channels that blow air out of a couple of small vents. It’ll still work, especially if you aren’t maxing out on power, but the fans will need to work harder and will probably be noisier as a result.

The case comes with an addressable RGB LED bar pre-installed along the bottom, which gives the case some barely needed extra color. The LED bar can be addressed via the I/O panel, which also includes 3 USB ports and a headphone and microphone jack.

This is a case for kids or people riding extremely high on a mix of nostalgia and irony. What you see is very much what you get with this one. It has a good price point and can house a variety of fun starter builds. If the person this case is for claps their hands when they see it, that’s all you really need to know.

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10. Apevia Crusader-F-PK

Form Factor: Mid Tower | Motherboard Support: ATX, Mini-ITX, microATX | Drive Bay Support: 2x 2.5”, 2x 3.5” | Radiator Support: N/A | Included Fans: 4x 120mm RGB Fans | Dimensions: 457 x 203 x 394 mm | Weight: 5.9 kg / 13 lb | I/O Ports: USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, HD Audio

Apevia Crusader-F-PK


  • Tons of cooling capacity
  • Comes with 4 pre-installed RGB fans
  • Good price point 
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Attractive aesthetics
  • Decent build quality


  • Narrow interior
  • Not a lot of room for cable management
  • Not well optimized for liquid cooling

Our Rating:   8.8/10

Apevia Crusader-F-PK is one of the largest towers offered by Apevia, as well as being one of the largest on this list. It’s also one of a small number of towers that maintain the sleek gamer style while introducing a pink color. In addition to being one of the largest, the Crusader-F-PK is also one of the strongest gaming entries on our list.

Our final entry from Apevia is another mid-tower. You can get a lot of performance out of an ATX motherboard, so this is still an extremely strong option. The case is 18 inches (457mm) tall, 8 inches (203mm) wide, and 15.5 inches (394mm) deep.

We do have to fault the Crusader-F-PK a little for how narrow it is. While that’s technically enough space to house all your core components, a lot of mini-towers are wider than that and much easier to work in as a result.

Construction-wise, the Crusader case is made of tempered glass and brushed steel and uses magnetic filters to cover the vents, which can be accessed and removed for easier cleaning. The paneling is largely modular, which allows for easier access to all sections of your PC, and makes it easier to clean dust out of fans and vents.

Part of what makes the Crusader such a strong gaming option is the amount of cooling available. It comes with four fans pre-installed (three front, one rear) and has room for four more, two on the top and two on the PSU mount, to maximize airflow away from the biggest source of heat in your PC.

It’s not perfectly optimized for liquid cooling, but an up to 360mm radiator can be installed on the front of the case instead of the three fans.

In addition, the pre-installed fans have RGB rings, which are connected to the programming button on the I/O panel and can be easily controlled from there. Plus, there are also three USB ports and the standard audio connectors for headphones and a microphone.

Most of the Apevia cases are interchangeable based on your personal preference. The Crusader actually has a solid edge in terms of gaming performance with some extra interior space and cooling capacity while not being much higher in price. If you’re looking to maximize your gaming experience while still having a pink PC, this Crusader is a great choice.

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Final Words

There you go; these were our picks for the 10 best PC cases in 2023.

Pink PC cases come in a lot of flavors and have a lot of different uses. Which one you choose is really going to come down to what you have in mind for it.

Are you building a starter PC for your kid or younger relative? Do you want something that will get you noticed when you travel with it? Are you trying to match the decor of a home theater?

There are multiple options for all of those on this list; it’s all a matter of what you need and like best.

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