10 Best Gaming Desks With Storage in 2024

We hand-picked and reviewed for you the best gaming desks with storage currently available on the market!

Best Gaming Desks With Storage

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In this article, we’ll be looking at the best desks with storage/shelves in 2024 while keeping an eye out for features that might be particularly useful to have while gaming.

After thorough research, we’ve compiled what we believe to be the top 10 desks with some kind of storage–some desks on our list have only a bit of storage, while some offer numerous shelves with massive amounts of storage.

We also made sure to include all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles, so no matter your particular setup or style, you’ll be able to choose the perfect desk for your gaming room.

Best Gaming Desks With Storage in 2024 Round-Up

The table below will give you a quick look at our selections for the 10 best gaming desks with storage currently available on the market. To read a full review, simply click on ‘review>>’ in the respective row.




1. SunyesH L-Shaped Computer Desk

''Best Gaming Desk with Storage Overall''


2. Teraves Modern L-Shaped Desk

''Best Modern L-Shaped Desk with Storage''


3. MOTPK Gaming Desk L-Shaped

''Best Gamer-focused Desk with Storage''


4. Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk

''Best Premium Quality Desk with Lots of Storage''


5. Ecoprsio 55 Inch Computer Desk 

''Best Rectangular Desk with Storage''


6. Homieasy L-Shaped Corner Desk

''Editor's Pick''


7. Techni Mobili Modern Office Desk with Storage 

''High-quality Modern Desk with Private Storage''


8. WOODYNLUX Desk With Storage Shelves

''Best Budget Pick''


9. ODK Small Computer Desk

''For Bargain Hunters with Limited Space''


10. VECELO Corner Computer Desk

''Honorable Mention''


1. SunyesH L-Shaped Computer Desk

”Best Gaming Desk with Storage Overall”

SunyesH L Shaped Computer Desk


  • Removable shelves
  • Sturdy build
  • Modular design
  • Plentiful desk space
  • Good amount of storage
  • Large variety of color options
  • Two storage hooks
  • Adjustable feet
  • Plentiful leg room
  • Cable management holes


  • Difficult assembly

Our Rating:   9.8/10

The first desk we’ll be taking a look at today is what most gamers are going to find to be the best option overall. This is a desk that was definitely built with gamers and frequent PC users in mind but doesn’t hit that aesthetic so hard that it might deter buyers who don’t fit into that category of user.

Let’s first go over the aesthetics and color options. While there are multiple color options available, the one we’ve selected for this review is the Carbon Fiber model. It might be true that the monochrome color palette isn’t particularly striking or interesting.

However, a single, unified, and neutral design makes this desk a bit of a chameleon. It can blend into any environment in a complementary way without drawing too much attention to itself or detracting from a room’s established color theme.

On top of being able to fit into any environment from a visual standpoint, it also has the unique feature of modularity. It’s built to be versatile in just about every way a desk can be. Most buyers will likely be using this desk in one of its two mirrored L configurations.

If working at a corner desk doesn’t suit you though, you can also stretch the desk out as a long rectangle. This is perfect for fitting in two separate workstations if you’re sharing a space with someone else. Even if it’s just you, you can separate your available space per your different use cases. One for gaming and one for working.

As far as storage, this desk comes with four optional platforms for shelves, which can either be installed or left out depending on your particular needs. What’s more, these shelves provide ample room to fit even the largest PC cases.

The only problem we can see with the way the shelves have been implemented is that in either of the desk’s default L configurations, one of the shelving units is going to be tucked away in the back corner. We might recommend putting your PC case back in that corner to prevent you from having to awkwardly reach under the desk to get at frequently used items.

If you’ve ever used a desk that wasn’t optimized for cable management, you probably know how much of a pain it can be to snake wires and cables around to where they need to go. Cables can get pinched from being fed between the desk and the wall, and figuring out which cable goes where can be a nightmare; and once everything is in place, changing it all around later is simply out of the question.

Fortunately for you, this desk comes equipped with 3 pass-through holes for all of your cable management needs.

In addition to everything we’ve mentioned so far, this desk also comes with 2 built-in storage hooks and adjustable feet. Typically, one of these can be used to hang your headphones on while you’re not using them and the other one comes as a bonus for whatever else you might want to keep off of the desk but still easily accessible.

Its adjustable feet allow the desk to sit evenly on uneven surfaces, as well as be fine-tuned to the perfect height.

Overall, this is our top recommendation for gamers looking for a highly versatile, quality, and affordable desk with an ample amount of storage. Beyond that, it covers all your cable management needs and comes with adjustable feet. For such an affordable price, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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2. Teraves Modern L-Shaped Desk

”Best Modern L-Shaped Desk with Storage”

Teraves Modern L-Shaped Desk


  • Plentiful shelf storage
  • Clean, modern aesthetics
  • Removable shelves
  • Quality construction
  • Enough desk space for two setups
  • Minimalist design with appealing s-braced
  • Adjustable feet
  • Lots of legroom


  • Single large corner configuration
  • Assembly instructions lacking clarity
  • The gap in the back corner might lead to dropped items

Our Rating:   9.7/10

Coming up second on our list of awesome gaming desks is another L-shaped configuration. This one has quite a few similarities with our first choice, with the major differences coming in the form of versatility and design.

With this desk, you’ll have just about the same amount of shelving storage with 4 removable shelves situated on either end of the desk. Unlike our top choice, this desk only has 1 configuration. While most gamers will find a corner setup to work great for them, not everyone will have the available corner space to fit a desk this large.

However, once you’ve found a suitable area to fit the desk in, you’ll be all set with more desk space than you could ever need.

On top of all that surface space, you’ll also be able to comfortably stretch out and relax while enjoying the most available leg space out of all of the desks we’re reviewing on this list.

While the desk is definitely very sturdy, its design is also quite minimalist. It’s supported by a sparse metal framework that holds everything together firmly without needing to take up a whole lot of room.

The manufacturers also advertise that the support beam in the back corner can be used as a footrest, but given that it’s also a thin metal beam, it might start to dig into your feet if you aren’t wearing shoes. 

This desk also comes in different colors, but the one we’ll be focusing on is the black oak model. Once again, we’re seeing a desk that’s pleasing enough to look at on its own without being excessive. Black oak on a black frame can integrate well into just about any color scheme it’s being introduced to.

Whether you’re looking for something you can show off a bit or just something that isn’t going to mess with what you’ve already got going on, this desk has you covered.

One thing to look out for if you decide to purchase this desk is the gap in the back corner. If you have the desk pressed into the corner of your room, the surface won’t cover a small triangular area in the back.

The only reason this might conceivably be a problem is if you tend to keep a lot of trinkets or small objects on your desk. The gap makes for a great place to feed your wires, but it could get annoying to have to constantly be picking up pens and chapstick off of the floor.

If you’re alright with trading in a bit of versatility and functionality for a decent bit more surface space, noticeably more legroom, and a more pronounced visual design, then this desk might end up being your top choice. Overall, it is overall quality, roomy desk with plentiful storage options.

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3. MOTPK Gaming Desk L-Shaped

”Best Gamer-focused Desk with Storage”

MOTPK Gaming Desk L-Shaped


  • Quality build with a bit of storage
  • Comes with a monitor stand
  • Can easily fit into many spaces
  • L shape provides more desk space
  • Sleek design
  • 2 outlets and 2 USB ports built-in
  • Decent leg room
  • Easy assembly


  • Minimal shelf storage
  • Minimal adjustability
  • Lengthy assembly

Our Rating:   9.6/10

Our next suggestion is a desk that’s quite clearly meant to appeal to gamers in particular. Some gamer-branded products just scream ‘this person is serious about gaming’ and this desk is certainly one of them. On top of that, it offers versatility, quality materials, and a decent amount of storage.

Its design alone is enough to show you who it’s meant for. Unlike other desks, which usually incorporate some kind of wood-grain texture or aesthetic, this desk is 100% metallic and silver. In fact, you might even say it looks a bit futuristic.

While it doesn’t offer a crazy amount of storage, it does have an area of shelving specifically measured out to fit just about any ATX case in existence. This is just another nod toward its target users being gamers.

Beyond that shelf for a computer case, the only other shelf it has is a relatively small one situated right above it. There isn’t enough height between that shelf and the desktop for you to really be able to store a whole lot of items, but it should be enough to store some basic necessities.

You won’t find any nifty features that would make it easier to snake cables around or through the desk, but you might not even need that. This desk offers an even better solution to some of the problems of cable management.

It includes a built-in socket with 2 outlets and 2 USB ports for easily accessing power without having to worry about where the wall outlet is. These sockets don’t function as a USB passthrough to connect your peripherals to your PC tower, but they do make it super convenient to charge your phone or other devices while you’re gaming.

Another great thing this desk does is offer a nice middle ground between a full L-shaped corner desk and a smaller rectangle desk. It has a sort of ‘mini L’ shape, which offers you a bit more desk surface without taking up a whole room the way a large corner desk would.

If you’re a bit cramped for space but aren’t happy with the amount of space other rectangle desks are offering, then this desk might be your ‘Goldilocks’ choice.

You’re also offered even more usable space with a raised monitor stand. This gives you the room to tuck your keyboard away when you’re not actively using it to make space for working, eating, or even using other peripherals like design tools.

Lastly, with this desk, you have the option to choose from a variety of sizes and color variations. The desk is available in 39”, 47”, and 55” variants. And for colors, you get the standard black and white color options, plus also a pink variant for the girl gamers out there.

All in all, this is a perfect desk for gamers looking for the gamer aesthetic and a bit of storage to go along with it. In addition to the sleek design, you also get plenty of color and size options, quality construction, and some neat features. And most importantly, it comes with a fairly affordable price tag.

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4. Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk

”Best Premium Quality Desk with Lots of Storage”

Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk


  • More storage than any other desk
  • Versatile storage options
  • Sturdy wood, very durable
  • Plentiful desk space
  • Classy, professional design
  • Wire/cable management port
  • USB charging hub


  • Single configuration
  • Difficult/heavy to move
  • Slightly cramped legroom
  • Difficult and lengthy assembly

Our Rating:   9.6/10

Refined, elegant, and classy are all words that come to mind when admiring this desk’s impressive build. This desk is the most expensive one out of the different options we’re reviewing in this article, but the price is definitely justifiable. If you’re working on putting together a premium workstation that’s professional and functional and you need a lot of storage, this desk is an excellent choice.

We’ll start off by talking about the aesthetic this desk conveys. It speaks to classiness, success, and an appreciation for the finer things in life. The harvest cherry finish of this particular model alludes to its impeccable craftsmanship. On top of that, it comes equipped with a variety of storage options, which grant it a bit more sophistication than a standard shelf-only desk.

Its plentiful storage options not only allow you to keep a vast array of things close at hand, but they also allow you to keep things in a variety of different ways. It includes 2 cabinets with fluted glass doors to maintain a bit of privacy for those items that need not be readily visible to anyone you’re showing your space off to.

It also includes two drawers, one of which is optimal for use as a well-organized filing cabinet. Beyond that, it also has 8 shelves of various sizes. Put simply, if you need a desk that can support, store, or display a whole lot of stuff, you’re sure to have the space you need with this one.

Unfortunately, this desk doesn’t have a designated space to keep a PC tower, but because it has such a large surface, you can easily place your computer anywhere on top without ending up feeling too cramped for space.

If you intend to keep your tower underneath the desk instead of placing it on top, you’ll benefit from a convenient port hole to feed all your wires through. Included with that port hole is a USB hub with 4 sockets for charging your various devices.

While having as much built-in storage as this desk does is great, there are two major drawbacks that you’ll have to be willing to deal with for the sake of it.

First off, the cabinets encroach on what could be extra legroom. While the empty corner itself is quite spacious, the inside edges of the cabinets are relatively close together. It’s not enough to make you feel cramped, but you might end up bumping your knees every once in a while swiveling your chair.

Also, including all of that extra and complex storage makes the assembly process quite lengthy. You’ll likely have to put aside a minimum of four hours to put all of the pieces together properly.

This desk is a bit more of an investment than you might be able to find with other options. However, that investment can more than pay itself off in the long run. The desk is spacious, well-designed, and definitely feels sturdy. If you’re in the market for a premium wooden desk with lots of storage, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better.

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5. Ecoprsio 55 Inch Computer Desk 

”Best Rectangular Desk with Storage”

Ecoprsio 55 Inch Computer Desk 


  • Decent shelf storage
  • Quality materials used
  • Affordable
  • Small enough to fit many places
  • Decent desk space
  • Adjustable feet
  • Ample leg room
  • Easy to assemble


  • Non-unified desk surface
  • Slightly wobbly
  • No cable management
  • No hooks for headphones

Our Rating:   9.5/10

As one of the larger rectangular desks on the market, this desk is another middle-ground solution to providing plentiful desk and storage space without taking up a whole room. It also has a unique and interesting design for how the shelving units integrate with the desktop.

We’ll start off by looking at the unique shelving design of this desk. Instead of just having the shelves built into the support structure of the desk, the shelves are built into their own stands. This integration separates the desktop into three distinct sections.

Doing so adds some extra visual appeal, but it also means that the top of the desk isn’t a completely smooth surface. There is a crack on either side where the pieces connect. Even if it’s assembled well enough that the surface feels even, those cracks can accumulate grime, which just adds a little extra hassle to the cleaning process.

Furthermore, the non-unified desk surface reduces the stability by just a bit, making the desk a bit wobbly.

With that being said, having four shelves affords you a bit more storage capacity than the average rectangular desk would. Either side offers a lower shelf that is spacious enough to fit a standard ATX computer case.

Technically speaking, these shelves could also be used as their own stand-alone mini tables. If, later on down the line, you end up upgrading to a larger desk, you can always repurpose the shelves for other uses around your living space.

Usually, adding a second shelving unit would make your leg space feel a bit cramped. Because the desk is relatively wide, you’ll still have more than enough room to move your legs around freely and comfortably. You should also find yourself with more than enough room to keep all of your gaming devices and peripherals on top of the desk.

There aren’t any convenient solutions for cable management built into this desk, so to connect them all to your PC, you’ll have to leave a bit of space between the desk and any walls.

Another great feature of this desk is just how easy and quick the assembly process is. It doesn’t try to do anything too fancy or too excessive. Since it’s so straightforward, you can have this desk built and ready to go in no time.

Not everyone wants a desk that comes packed with a bunch of extra features, bells, and whistles. Sometimes, you just need a surface to put your stuff on and a few shelves to keep just a bit more stuff on. This is a desk that meets those needs quite well. Aside from some minor inconveniences stemming from the uniqueness of its design, this desk is an all-around excellent choice.

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6. Homieasy L-Shaped Corner Desk

”Editor’s Pick”

Homieasy 47 Inch L-Shaped Corner Desk


  • Decent desk space
  • Competitively priced
  • Plenty of color options (including pink)
  • Durable build quality
  • Sleek minimalist design
  • Adjustable feet
  • Included storage bag
  • Decent leg room


  • Minimal shelf storage
  • No cable management system
  • No hooks for headphones
  • Plain design

Our Rating:   9.4/10

The next option we’ll be taking a look at is a fairly modest but highly effective smaller L-shaped desk. You’ll find that this one compares quite closely to the MOTPK gaming desk. In terms of dimensions and basic features, this desk is largely the same. With this choice, we’re just shaving off some of the potentially extraneous features in order to save a bit on its price.

When it comes to the surface area of the top of the desk itself, you’ll find that you have a bit more room to work with than you would with other desks that come at a similar price. Instead of just being a basic rectangle, this desk adopts one of the ‘mini L’ designs to squeeze out just a bit more usable space.

If a full-sized L desk is just a bit too large for the space you’re going to put it in, but traditional rectangle desks tend to be a bit too small, a ‘mini L’ desk like this might be just what you’re looking for.

When it comes to shelf space, it isn’t boasting anything over the top. In fact, we might even say that it doesn’t quite have as much as we’d like it to. While it does come with two shelves, the configuration can’t be adjusted or changed at all.

With both shelves installed, you won’t have enough height above either one to fit an ATX case. If you’re working with the Mini ITX form factor, you’ll be good to go, but anything larger than that isn’t quite going to fit.

You can always opt out of installing the top shelf in order to leave room for more common case sizes, but then you’re left without an extra shelf. This dilemma can also be solved by keeping your case on top of the desk, but of course, then you’re missing out on some of the extra surface space.

Not everyone is going to have a bunch of items they intend to keep around or on their desk. If having an abundance of shelf space isn’t a major concern to you, then this desk doesn’t really come with any other notable pain points.

In terms of visual value, we’d say this desk is pretty pleasing to look at. With the white model, it accomplishes a naturalistic, minimalist, and modern aesthetic which can compliment just about any setting quite nicely.

There is a bit of an issue with smudging on the darker-colored models, but with the white color variant, that isn’t going to be a visibly noticeable issue. Its wood grain imitating white colored finish also contrasts the dark powdered steel support frame in a satisfying way.

All in all, this desk is a perfect fit for anyone with modest criteria. As a bonus, it also even includes a storage bag you can attach to the side. When it comes to gaming and working effectively it has everything you could need, without charging you for things you don’t.

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7. Techni Mobili Modern Office Desk with Storage 

”High-quality Modern Desk with Private Storage”

Techni Mobili Modern Office Desk with Storage 


  • Lots of storage options
  • Closed storage (privacy)
  • Decent desk space
  • Premium feel
  • Modern design
  • Very sturdy build


  • No adjustability
  • No shelves
  • Cramped leg room
  • Lengthy/difficult assembly
  • Pricey

Our Rating:   9.3/10

Up next is another quite unique desk that doesn’t offer a whole lot of space but does offer quite a bit of storage and privacy. This desk will be best suited for those who work and/or game in shared spaces, whether that be with other people or with pets. It also has one of the most unique designs out of any of the desks we’re looking at today.

What sets this desk apart from others more so than anything else is the fact that it has two drawers and a cabinet instead of any shelves.

While there aren’t any dedicated shelf units, the tops of the drawer and cabinet assemblies do have a bit of a gap underneath the top of the desk. You won’t be putting any computer cases there, but you can still easily place your phone or maybe a few books.

If you’re using this desk with a PC tower, you’ll likely find yourself using that gap for small items quite frequently. One of the major failing points of this desk for desktop users is you will indeed need to place all of your hardware on the desk’s top.

Since all of the storage is closed, your case will need to be on the top of the desk. If you’re also using more than 1 monitor, you’ll end up running out of space very quickly.

Further, the desk includes a port hole to feed wires through which will help a bit with cable management. Aside from that, the only major features it has are closed storage and a privacy panel.

The closed storage is a must-have for anyone with pets. Some items that you might want to keep close at hand aren’t necessarily going to be safe for pets. Leaving those items out on the top of the desk or on open shelves where animals might be able to easily get to them could easily end in disastrous consequences.

If you don’t have pets, it could also be nice to simply have a place to hide items or papers away from prying eyes. Not everything needs to always be on display.

In terms of stability, this desk is especially sturdy. Instead of having four discreet legs, it has two metal tracks. This vastly decreases its potential to wobble. On top of that, the framework of the built-in storage, as well as the privacy panel, increases the stability on the other axis.

While stability and spacious storage are two very nice things to have in a desk, like most good things, there are going to be a couple of trade-offs to consider. First of all, the drawers and cabinet take up a lot of what could otherwise be legroom. If you like to move around or stretch your legs a lot while sitting at your desk, you’ll probably end up feeling a bit cramped.

Secondly, while you’ll end up with something that has excellent build quality, you’ll have to build it yourself. Some people find the process of building things to be enjoyable, but if you aren’t one of those people, you’ll have to set apart a reluctant 3-4 hours to put it all together.

All in all, this desk fulfills a much more specific niche than just a ‘desk that can be used for a gaming setup’. While it doesn’t offer any gaming aesthetics and isn’t particularly affordable, it offers a clean, modern design with lots of storage and high-quality construction.

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8. WOODYNLUX Desk With Storage Shelves

”Best Budget Pick”

WOODYNLUX Desk With Storage Shelves


  • Adjustable feet
  • Affordable
  • Great table for the money
  • Small enough to fit most places
  • Decent desk space
  • Minimalist design
  • Raised monitor stand
  • Ample leg room
  • Easy to assemble


  • Less storage compared to some other desks
  • Middling build quality

Our Rating:   9.3/10

Now that we’re starting to get close to the end of our list, we’re going to be looking at some simpler but more budget-friendly desks. This desk isn’t going to strike you as particularly fantastic in any sort of way. Instead, it’s going to appeal to gamers who are just looking for something simple that won’t cost them an arm and a leg.

Speaking of legs, this desk isn’t going to cause you any problems when it comes to leg room. The underside of this desk is very spacious. On top of that, the wooden support beam on the back of the desk can double as an extra shelf or even triple its functionality by providing a place to rest your feet.

Something we love to see in any desk, regardless of its price, is a bit of versatility. This desk is actually designed to support 4 distinct configurations. The shelving unit can be installed on either side, and the monitor stand can also double as a lower shelf. For a desk as inexpensive as this one is, it’s a bit impressive to see how much value some simple design elements can add.

Those forms of modularity aren’t even where this desk’s versatility ends. On top of what we’ve already mentioned, the top shelf can be installed in two different configurations. One configuration leaves room for an ATX tower on the bottom shelf, while the other gives you a bit more storage room.

Overall, the amount of storage you’re getting with this desk isn’t overly generous. It’s just enough for your computer and a few extra small items. The surface area of the desk itself is decent, though. This is especially true if you opt to install the monitor stand.

You should find yourself with more than enough room for a couple of monitors, your mouse, your keyboard, and a handful of other objects. As long as you don’t struggle with having an overly cluttered desk, you won’t find anything lacking in that regard.

Since this is a rectangular desk, it’s also going to be able to fit in most spaces relatively easily. You can set it up in a corner, against a wall, or even in the middle of your room. In any case, it isn’t going to take up too much floor space.

It’s also quite simple to put together once you’ve decided on your desired configuration. Once you’ve received your order, it won’t be long at all before your desk is assembled and ready to go.

Sometimes, a desk is just a desk. In this case, the product is technically 8 different desks in one. While none of the different configurations are going to blow you away in and of themselves, what might just blow you away is how great of a value this purchase can provide. If you’re looking for a desk that’s simple, straightforward, affordable and offers a decent amount of storage, this is a perfect option.

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9. ODK Small Computer Desk

”For Bargain Hunters with Limited Space”

ODK Small Computer Desk


  • Small and compact
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can fit in a variety of spaces
  • Trendy design
  • Incredibly sturdy
  • Easy to assemble


  • The shelf is hard to reach
  • Minimal desk space
  • Cramped leg room

Our Rating:   9.2/10

If you aren’t convinced that you actually need all of the extra features and storage that come with our previous recommendations, we’d like to point you to the least expensive desk that we might suggest for gaming purposes. This is a desk that’s highly affordable without being what you might call “cheap”.

While this desk might not win any prizes for most of the metrics we’d evaluate a desk by, it does deliver the bare minimum in a highly cost-effective way.

There are two major things that set this desk apart from others in this price range. One of these things is the uniquely stable framework. At first glance, it might seem odd that the front legs aren’t standing straight and vertically. To the naked eye, it almost seems like this design would make the desk less stable. On the contrary, this letter K-shaped support frame is actually very effective at distributing the weight of the desktop.

On top of increasing stability, the K design also saves you a bit on the cost of materials. That’s not all. Because there isn’t a straight bar coming down from the front corners of the desk, you’ll also get a bit more legroom. Normally, a desk of this size would restrict your leg movement and potentially cause you to bump your knees. With the gaps situated at about knee level, you can freely move around without rattling your desk or bruising your kneecaps.

The other unique aspect of this desk’s design is the modular desktop. With two different pieces making up the surface of this desk, you can choose what you would prefer out of two potential configurations. You’ll find that the back part of the desk can be raised up to function as either a monitor stand or as a storage shelf.

Unfortunately, this isn’t going to provide you with any additional usable surface area. Since you’re taking away material from what would otherwise be part of the primary desk surface, the only thing this ultimately does is add a bit of flavor and function to a typical desk.

This desk comes with a single dedicated shelf situated underneath, near where your legs would go. It can’t be left out of the build, as it also functions as a critical part of the desk’s structural integrity. If you end up finding that it gets in the way, you’re stuck with it as is. Fortunately, that legroom is made up for with the ‘K’ structure, which is crucial to the desk’s comfortable usability.

While this desk doesn’t come first in most areas, there is one use case in which this desk really shines. Younger professionals, and especially students, will easily be able to incorporate this desk into most living situations. The bottom shelf is perfect for storing textbooks and other reading materials. Furthermore, because it’s so compact, it’s perfect for dorm rooms and small apartments where there’s precious little available living space.

Gamers who are in search of a desk that’s affordable and compact don’t need to settle for something cheap and poorly built. Instead, they can meet all of their needs with something well-designed and budget-friendly, just like this desk from ODK.

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10. VECELO Corner Computer Desk

”Honorable Mention”

VECELO Corner Computer Desk


  • Decent shelf storage
  • Fits nicely into corners
  • Very sturdy
  • Variety of color options
  • Affordable
  • Retractable keyboard stand
  • Easy to assemble


  • Only practical to use in corner spaces
  • No room for a PC tower
  • Cramped leg room

Our Rating:   9.0/10

Our final choice for this article is a desk that fulfills a very specific niche. You might even say this desk has its own corner. When it comes to searching for a desk to use with a primary gaming setup, many gamers might overlook a desk as particular as this one.

While a nice desk is the centerpiece of most office spaces, that doesn’t always have to be the case. Sometimes, it’s better to have something functional that’s tucked away enough to make room for other things.

If the only space you have to put your desk in is a corner, and that corner doesn’t have enough open space for a full-sized L desk, this desk is going to be your perfect solution. Its focus is on being small and compact, but it doesn’t intend to let that prohibit you from having an awesome place to game.

Underneath the desktop is a shelf that isn’t quite enough to fit an ATX or Micro ATX case. If you’re using a laptop or a mini ITX case or are content to set your PC on the floor next to your desk, you’re good to go. Otherwise, it’ll be a bit of a hassle to figure out how to fit it on top along with the other things you might want to have up there.

You might just barely be able to get away with putting your case and a smaller monitor on the desk’s surface, but we wouldn’t recommend trying to cram in anything more than that.

Fortunately, one of the most useful features this desk has is a retractable tray for your keyboard and mouse. The design of this desk presumes that you’re working with limited space, so having something you can tuck away when it isn’t being used can be a major convenience. When fully extended, the tray can get a little bit wobbly. As long as you don’t place anything too heavy on it, your keyboard and mouse should be good to go.

Sometimes ‘easy to assemble’ can also mean ‘wobbly and poorly designed’. That isn’t the case with this desk. Putting it together is very straightforward, especially so because the desk is symmetrical. Once you’ve built it, you’ll have something incredibly sturdy.

Instead of individual legs, this desk stands on two L-shaped brackets. It can be a bit worrying to place all your expensive hardware on something that rattles and shudders every time a footstep vibrates the ground nearby. With a desk as well designed as this one, you can put those worries to rest.

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In Conclusion

Sometimes, you might find yourself feeling a bit cornered by the overwhelming number of choices available to buyers in just about every market these days. The concept of a desk is straightforward and simple. It’s one of the few inventions that could be easily recognizable across all of its iterations. Yet even still, modern designs and ingenuity have produced an unfathomable array of different styles and additional functions.

We appreciate you for checking out the article, and in return, we hope you’ve been able to narrow down your choices a bit. Even better, perhaps you’ve found the best gaming desk with storage somewhere among our suggestions.

If you need any additional help with your search for a desk, if you have any questions, or if you have any comments to contribute, we’d be happy to hear from you in the comments section down below. As always, thank you for reading, and good luck with your new desk!

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