5 Best FREE Hunting Games in 2024: Stalk, Shoot, Seize Victory!


It’s not easy to get out and hunt in nature these days, especially with how busy life can get. Thankfully, there’s a video game for everyone out there, and some are even free!

These hunting games will give you a nice variety for your big game tracking needs, allowing quite a few different experiences in the hunting niche.

We’ve tried to find some of the best hunting games for you to play for free. Whether it be tracking bears in one of the best simulators on PC or taking down a few dinos on your phone, we’ve got plenty of great hunts in store without spending a dime.

If you decide to spend some cash on more intricate hunting games, be sure to check out our selections for the most realistic hunting games in 2024!

5. Wild Hunt: Hunting Simulator

Wild Hunt Hunting Simulator

Kicking things off with a mobile hunting game, Wild Hunt: Hunting Simulator is surprisingly comprehensive. Especially considering it fits in your pocket and can be played on the go, with fairly limited ad interruptions.

The graphics aren’t necessarily anything to write home about, looking about on par with a PS2 or early PS3 game, but it definitely isn’t bad looking for a mobile game. 

The real fun comes from the massive amount of different aspects available to the simulator. Choose a loadout before setting out, with upgradeable guns and bows, and pick a location from countries like South Africa, North America, Central Asia, and others.

The amount of species that can be hunted is really diverse, and while not terribly in-depth, you will have to know a thing or two about tracking. When it comes to replayability the game is pretty good for short bursts, with each hunt probably taking fifteen minutes max.

There’s plenty of variety that keeps it fresh, though, and the developers are still updating with challenges and events throughout the game. Wild Hunt is also available online for free, with a browser version on the game’s official website.

Play on: iOS, Android, Browser

4. Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores

Dino Hunter Deadly Shores

When the thrill of big game hunting isn’t quite enough, go bigger. Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores goes prehistorically big and sets you down on an expedition through a massive island full of dinos.

You’ll get to pick your loadout, customizing weapons with scopes, new ammo, and upgrades to take down everything that comes roaring at you. Of course, this isn’t going for any sort of realism and more of a vibe like the old Jurassic Park arcade shooters.

It’s extremely fun, though, and you’ll be grinding away at it to unlock more of the ridiculous weapons throughout the game. From seriously high-powered sniper rifles to crossbows that fire shuriken and explosives, you won’t know what might unlock next after bagging the big dino prize in each level.

While it’s not a multiplayer game, there are online rankings and clans that you can join. Other than that, the developers are still updating to this day, keeping up the online community with daily challenge hunts and new weapons.

Keep in mind this is free to play, but you can spend real-life money for in-game currency and upgrades. 

Play on: iOS, Android

3. Hog Hunter 2021

Hog Hunter 2021

I’m going to be completely honest and say that you should go into this game as blindly as possible. It’s really not a time sink at all, taking about thirty minutes for a basic playthrough.

That said, it does have four different endings that you’ll want to play a few times to unlock. Hog Hunter 2021 looks at first like a retro hunting game that belonged on the PS1 or early PC back in the late 90s. Hunting hogs is only one component, and you get one rifle without many other options for loadout.

Where Hog Hunter 2021 excels is in the atmosphere it creates. Don’t go into this expecting a typical hunting simulator with retro graphics. The low-polygon hills and forest you hunt through over the two different maps feel like an early morning hunt, and you’ll bag quite a few good-sized hogs in the process.

Again, go in blind if possible because this is a surprisingly quiet and atmospheric little horror narrative. Just keep your head on a swivel, and know that you and the hogs aren’t the only ones in the woods.

Play on: Steam

2. Fruit Hunter

Fruit Hunter

This is a much lighter game for you to play after Hog Hunter 2021. Instead of the dark and gloomy woods, you’re set loose in brightly colored fields and forests made with retro, low-poly graphics.

It’s a little loud at first. The fun of it is in the strange variety and silliness of this game, tasking you to hunt down various fruits with a bow while they flee from you.

The fruits have these little screams while running away like terrified citizens fleeing Godzilla. You’ll hunt them across four different levels, from a forest to a volcano and along the coast.

Make sure your aim is up to the test, though, because these fruits run fast, and they’ll jump pretty high to get away, too. Sniping down oranges with a bow and arrow off the coast isn’t something I ever expected to do in a game.

As far as replayability, there isn’t a whole lot. It’s a twenty to thirty-minute game for most players, but it’s a really fun, short burst of hyperactive gameplay. It’s a great and free-to-play game to turn on when you really want to just turn your brain off and shoot some fruit. 

Play on: Steam

1. theHunter Classic

theHunter Classic

We can criticize theHunter’s use of capital letters and spaces, but what we can’t criticize is their accuracy. theHunter Classic was the first game in the line, and in the years since more games have been released, the devs turned it into a free starter point for the series. This game is the big prize, and it’s been going steady since it first came out in 2009 with various free updates. 

Being free to play, you’re going to have to grind a bit for the best equipment. You’ll have over a hundred guns and bows to choose from, vast amounts of animals to hunt across twelve different locations, and in-depth tracking to do.

theHunter goes for realism, and you’ll be tracking prey through the wilderness and learning the various habits that work in real-life hunting.

When it comes to hunting games, theHunter is one of the premiere series, and this is definitely the best (and cheapest) entry point. The online community is super friendly, too, and there are regular competitions with rankings and in-game rewards for the top players.

It’s a great entry point for new hunters and old alike just looking to scratch the itch. 

Play on: Steam

Considering what a small niche the hunting video game community occupies, good games at a no-cost entry point are few and far between. These are diamonds in the rough, though, and while some are a lot more silly than others, they all have a unique hunting experience that will keep you interested.

Even if you’re not an avid hunter or don’t feel like investing a lot of hours, one of these will give you a nice glimpse into what hunting is about. Whether it be hunting fruit, bears, or even dinosaurs. 

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