5 Best Browser-Based FPS Games to Play in 2024

Hand-picked for you by a lifelong gamer!


It’s not always easy to boot up your favorite shooter and get a game out, whether it be thanks to travel, class, or work. There are ways around that, though, even without your at-home desktop.

All you need is a compatible internet browser for any of these awesome FPS games.

The best part is that these will run on just about any system, with browser-based servers not putting huge strain on even a basic Chromebook!

So, boot up a couple of these awesome new multiplayer FPS games or even some old classics right in the comfort of your own browser window.

5. Bullet Force

Bullet Force

Best to dip your toes in easily when it comes to Browser FPS games, especially because they can have a pretty broad range. Bullet Force is one of the more accessible spots, with gameplay that feels like classic Counter Strike with a few modern flairs.

Drop in as one of the preset classes, get your weapon customizations set up, then head into ten v ten team battles or twenty-person free-for-all.

The combat and maps are surprisingly diverse for a run-of-the-mill browser game, with deep customization that’s constantly being updated for guns and cosmetics. It’s not going to win any awards for amazing graphics, but it has a lower quality that brings me back to the old SOCOM shooters I played as a kid.

Overall, Bullet Force is a pretty cookie-cutter first-person shooter on the surface but has an expansive world underneath. A web-based FPS that makes full use of the limitations it has, there’s plenty here to keep anyone busy for slow afternoons at the office.

4. Krunker


It’s honestly amazing how easy it is to get into a blocky, Minecraft-esque first-person shooter. At first glance, it seems like something you might see in a cheap Roblox mod, but Krunker is actually one of the best-moving FPS games I’ve played. Yeah, even on consoles.

Krunker has the blocky look, but the movement is smoother than the edge of a circle. You’ll be vaulting all over maps, doing some of the finest parkour in a game on par with Dying Light or Mirror’s Edge. All while using the lowest-poly guns imaginable to blast other players out of existence.

It takes gameplay over looks and has earned a really dedicated player base for it, with devs constantly refining the mechanics of the game. 

Some might be turned away by the more amateurish graphics, but give it a chance, and you’ll find yourself jumping from game to game. There’s always something new to try, and no game will end up the same, thanks to the procedural maps that encourage staying on the move.



It’s freakin’ Doom, what more could anyone want? There’s quite literally a joke of “if it can turn on, it can play Doom” because it’s such an easy game to port anywhere. If you still, somehow, haven’t played the original Doom in this day and age, there’s no better way to do it than the comfort of your own browser.

Controls for Doom do rely on the old-school FPS stylings from before the dual-stick days. That said, once you get the hang of how the game plays, you’ll be strafing back and forth against waves of demons. Rip and tear your way to the center of hell in the original gore-soaked adventure of the Doomslayer, one of the most iconic characters in gaming.

The best part about this Doom is that it’s really not too long of a game to play either, requiring just a couple of hours if you know what you’re doing.

It’s a classic; what else can I say? There’s no time that Doom won’t still hold up, even after the remakes and sequels over the years. If you enjoy playing the original, there are plenty of versions of the other games available, too, though you’ll find some frustration when it comes to Doom 64.

2. Superhot Prototype

Superhot Prototype

Speaking of classics that can be played in a web browser, Superhot is considered a classic now, right? Because if not, someone should really get on that. It’s one of the most inventive First Person Shooters in years, and the mechanics will test your limits and strategic thinking to the max. 

The biggest advantage Superhot has to run in a browser is the minimalist graphics. Environments are totally black and white, with enemies highlighted as red figures. Time only moves when you move, so make every single second count as you become a featureless John Wick slaying everyone in sight.

There are infinite ways to play through levels, and it’s especially fun to run out a clip in whatever gun you’re using before just tossing the empty gun at an enemy’s head.

Superhot Prototype isn’t as long as the main game you can play on consoles, but it’s a great time killer when you need it. There’s enough to get that rush from taking out an entire room of enemies while feeling like you’re in the Matrix, at least.

1. Warmerise


I may or may not have had a competitive Warmerise scene going in my college Biology 1101 class back in 2015. It was one of the easier games for everyone to hop on and play together since the browser doesn’t require huge power from whatever computer it’s played on. It’s also just a stupid, fun sci-fi shooter that brought all of us back to the Halo glory days.

Pick your character and immediately drop into the battlefield with whatever weapons you want. There’s a great progression system that actually gives a sense of growth as you go, too, a lot like more old-school shooters where you get the bigger guns over time.

It’s a lot of fun with friends and owes that to the ridiculous ease that you’re able to just pick up and play it with. Plus, there are a ton of different match types to play through, including planting bombs, deathmatches, and capturing the flag.

If you’re looking for a classic shooter that’s easy to play with friends no matter what, this is the one. Warmerise just has hours of fun, and the sci-fi aesthetic to it is a clean, original look that a lot of other games today just don’t have.

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