Top 6 Games With Realistic Guns in 2024


There’s no shortage of first-person shooters these days, but the hard part is finding one that takes realism seriously.

Sure, anyone can put a pistol or machine gun in, but giving it the proper recoil, weightiness, and firing power is something else.

Meanwhile, some games take it to the next level and keep realistic physics for every different gun part in the game.

Some games just take realism to new heights when it comes to both the gunplay and the guns themselves. These will have you calculating bullet drop, best loadout, and even Frankenstein-ing your own guns from scattered parts with realistic mechanics.

Count your bullets; it’s time to go in.

6. Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov

Look, I get that realism is the point of Escape From Tarkov, but I don’t appreciate the realism of getting annihilated every five seconds. I get it; I won’t survive a war zone, especially with how realistic actual war veterans have praised this game for being. 

You’ll get thrown into the middle of a multiplayer or bot adversary game of war, taking place in a fictional Russian province. It’s rough, too, as you’re just trying to escape the war with cobbled-together guns that are fully customizable from real parts. The ballistics system is even more impressive, working to mimic real physics for bullet drop, ricochet, and penetration.

It’s rough for newbies, though; just a fair warning. This game has a steep learning curve, thanks to the insane amount of realism and immersion. Once you figure it out and start working your way up the ranks, though, you’ll find yourself with a nice little war machine of your own running.

Play On: PC

5. Into the Radius

Into the Radius

While the setting of Into the Radius is a dystopian sci-fi apocalypse, it takes a realistic approach to surviving it. Realistic guns, navigation, and physics make it a one-of-a-kind experience, too, whether you’re there for the guns or in-depth VR gameplay. 

There’s an anomalous zone where things have begun to break down on the earth, and your goal is to escape with your life. You’ll find real guns scattered throughout the open VR world, but that’s not the beginning. Manually reload magazines, strip the gun, clean it, and keep it working so you always have a weapon to survive the Radius with.

The environments in the game can be downright surreally beautiful, really giving a contrast to the incredibly deep gunplay mechanic.

This is a VR title only, of course, so that’s a little limiting. That said, with a good headset Into the Radius will offer dozens of hours just exploring. Grab a reliable gun and a paper map, and try to make it to safety if you can.

Play On: VR

4. Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose

Taking a break from the modern day, Hell Let Loose turns the clocks back to World War II. You’ll be right on the large-scale battlefields of the Western Front, taking part in massive multiplayer battles with realistic recreations of real-life events.

The gunplay in Hell Let Loose is some of the most solid for any historical shooter I’ve ever seen. Ballistics are incredibly accurate, accounting for the engineering of the time with the real guns that were used. You’ll have to make sure nothing jams on the battlefield while staying supplied with ammo and avoiding bombing runs.

Things get stressful, and the game really lives up to the name of Hell Let Loose when it’s all said and done at the end.

When it comes to World War II shooters, they don’t get much better than Hell Let Loose. It perfectly captures the insanity and violence that was present in every one of these battles while also maintaining a fun, competitive player base.

Play On: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4/5

3. Gun Club VR

Gun Club VR

For the enthusiast that just wants a day out at the gun range, but knows how damn expensive it can get. Gun Club VR is just like going to the world’s most extensive range in existence, with hundreds of guns based on the original schematics. Realistic ballistics systems back it all up, ensuring everything fires with perfect accuracy, recoil, and weight.

This game is obviously made by people with a love of guns and attention to deep detail. Each one is made piece by piece in the game engine, and every single gun can be stripped part by part.

Any attachments or add-ons you could want are available, too, with stocks, silencers, scopes, and a whole slew of others to use. You won’t just be putting guns together though, and have the chance to test them out on multiple interactive firing ranges.

From accurate gun models to realistic bullet physics, you’ll spend hours firing off everything you could ever imagine. They’re constantly adding new content too, with Wild West and World War add-ons that expand the arsenal by hundreds.

Play On: VR

2. Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

If we’re going for the most comprehensive of the Call of Duty games when it comes to guns, War Zone is the one to go to. A massive arsenal awaits you from the moment you hit your loadout point, with different guns for every situation. 

Each of the guns in War Zone is meant to fit your specific playstyle and role, whether you choose to go through as a sniper or some John Wick-style shenanigans. Most of the guns are taken from real-life models spanning current and historical, with their true-to-life accuracy stats corresponding in the game.

It’s going to take a good loadout, combined with your own skills, to survive the map until the end. Thankfully, each gun in War Zone is recreated with the deadly realism it’s known for.

Being Call of Duty, though, things get a little ridiculous with the gameplay sometimes. The guns will always stay on the realistic scale, but you may come across the Armored Titan from Attack on Titan or Nicki Minaj in battle. If Godzilla isn’t invading the map, of course.

Play On: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4/5

1. Insurgency: Sandstorm

Insurgency Sandstorm

Call of Duty might have the stranglehold on war FPS games, but Insurgency: Sandstorm holds the crown for realism. This game follows a war in the Middle East requiring squad-based, tactical gun combat in urban warfare environments. It’s a mouthful, but it boils down to keeping your eyes open, or you’re going to die.

The ballistics system of Insurgency: Sandstorm is the shining beacon of the game. It mimics the real-life physics of the guns and bullet types used, accounting for penetrative ability, ricochet, and various other add-ons like silencers or scopes.

Even just the slightest change in equipment can lead to life or death, and you’ll need to rely on your squad to coordinate fire to survive.

The realism of a modern urban warfare situation is brutal, too. You’ll make sure to count bullets, keeping an eye out for any movement that could be an enemy combatant. Multiplayer matches can get intense, making this a game that requires mics for coordinated play. 

Play On: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4/5

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