Redragon UCAL K673 PRO Gaming Keyboard Review (In-Depth)

Redragon UCAL K673 PRO Review

When it comes to keyboards, it’s always hard to find the right fit, especially with how many are on the market now.

The UCAL Pro by Redragon might be what you’re after, though, especially if you need a keyboard that can do some of everything. Something is here for everyone, and it’s packed into a surprisingly tight package for the power it holds.

I’ve run the UCAL Pro through the gauntlet these past few days, and the results are in now that everything’s been tested.

Is it worth the buy?

Let’s take a look.


The unboxing experience is as basic as it gets. Redragon packages the keyboard inside a nice padded box inside the sleeve so everything doesn’t get too shaken.

Other than the keyboard, the package includes a good-quality USB-C to USB-C charging cable. The cool thing is that it also has a USB-A adapter attached for easy compatibility. A couple of Redragon stickers were included, along with a tool for switching out key switches. 

Five spare key switches are also sent along with the keyboard, with replacement LEDs on them. I haven’t had to switch any out (knock on wood) but it’s nice to know there are a decent number of extras.

Design & Build Quality

Redragon UCAL K673 PRO Review

It doesn’t look like this thing weighs much in the picture, but it’s surprisingly hefty. The UCAL Pro measures 335mm x 140mm x 37mm and clocks in at a surprising 917 grams.

It’s not a tank by any means, but it could definitely knock out a home intruder if you give it a good swing. The rubber grips and extendable feet on it go really well with the weight to keep it stable on any surface. 

Material-wise, the heavy-duty plastic used for the shell is sleek and shockingly durable. I was expecting it to show the dust or smudges much more than it does, but it’s incredibly shiny after hours of use. The plastic itself is durable as hell, and lends to the hefty construction. 

I’ll touch on the keys more below, but the UCAL Pro uses a gasket foam design. It’s a really interesting experience to use and not quite like any other mechanical keyboard I’ve tried.

Gaming Experience

I went through a couple of games to test it out, and there were varying degrees of success. It feels really nice when playing more casual games, like Stardew Valley or Supermarket Simulator.

When it comes to more fast-paced games that rely on fast reflexes or some more rough button hits feel a little bit off. The response time itself is great, but something about the padded gaskets just doesn’t hit the same. I like my key clicks as loud as my gunshots, though, so it’s more of a personal gripe.

The versatility of the setup is alright, although there’s not a whole lot of room for customization or hotkeys. The volume knob right in the corner can be really useful in the case of games with awful volume balance. When it comes to response time, the mechanical switches are fantastic. I’ve had no issues with any keys sticking or not registering inputs.

Response time is fantastic with all three connection modes, with wired being the fastest. It’s overall a fantastic keyboard for the more casual gamer who’s looking for quality at affordable prices. 

Typing Experience

I’ve put the UCAL Pro through the wringer with typing in the last few days. I’m even using it to write this! The feel of it is fantastic. Each key press is satisfyingly clacky but not loud enough to be too much of an interruption.

I like to turn on the TV while I write, and the gasket design on the UCAL Pro is still quiet enough that I don’t have to pump the volume or use headphones.

Night typing has also been fantastic for working late. The RGB lighting is excellent, with dimmable LED, so it’s not a total eye-killer in the dark. Overall, this is definitely a great work keyboard, maybe more than it is a gaming keyboard.

Features & Customization

Redragon went with a quality-over-quantity build when it comes to features on the UCAL Pro. That isn’t a bad thing, especially when it comes to the price. It’s just a little light on the features side.

Connectivity is available through 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth connection, or the USB-C port. The wireless dongle fights right into the keyboard base magnetically, but it feels a little too loose to me, like it could fall out from too much jostling.

Redragon UCAL K673 PRO Review

RGB lighting is always a focus, but Redragon really delivers on that front. There are over twenty different patterns with a wide range of customizable colors. Personally, I’ve been far too entertained by the ripple effect setting, making a rainbow bloom from whichever key is pressed. Every color is vibrant, and it complements the black/white basic keyboard colors well. 

The battery on the UCAL Pro is INSANE so far. So far, it’s been mostly used for writing, but even with some gaming interspersed, the battery was still holding at around halfway. Of course, that’s with the RGB on a more minimal setting, but it still has a fantastic life. Charging is fast, too, with about an hour to an hour and a half to top it up.

Keys are the most important aspect, though. Redragon’s hot-swappable switches make changing out a total breeze. Although I really enjoy the default gasket designs, it’s nice to know there isn’t a hassle if you want to swap them for more game-oriented switches.

Price & Value

For a keyboard under a hundred dollars in USD, the UCAL Pro is doing a lot of work for the price bracket. It’s versatile and a damn good working keyboard if that’s what you need. The features might be light, but with the hot-swap design on the keys and touch build, it makes up for it in sturdiness.

There aren’t many other keyboards in this price range with the quality and ergonomics this one has. This is especially true of the customizable switches that can hot-swap out, which means you can easily change the whole thing up.

Everything is really high-quality, something you would expect from a keyboard in the USD $100+ range. Finding it for less than $70, especially if it’s on sale, is really an excellent value.

Redragon UCAL K673 PRO Review

Who is The UCAL K673 PRO For?

For anyone who’s a work-from-home type, writer, or just a more casual gamer and PC user, this is one of the best keyboards out there.

Its fantastically sturdy material, sharp response time, and sleek, shiny frame make it appealing with almost any setup too.

If you’re more of a hardcore gamer you might want to go a little higher end into a bit pricier tier, assuming you’re competitive. For those who need a keyboard for a few laid-back sim games or just casual use, though, this is a stupidly good value.

Absolutely go for this if you need a good work-from-home keyboard. That goes double for any of my fellow writers out there because typing comes out smooth and comfortable on the UCAL Pro.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the UCAL K673 Pro by Redragon is certainly one of the better mid-range keyboards I’ve found out there. It’s a working keyboard with the sturdiness to hold a little bit of everything.

I’m curious about doing some customization with different switches thanks to the hot-swap system, and I’ll be trying some more gaming-oriented ones to test those.

With the amount of potential alone that this keyboard has in it, I think it’s going to last quite a while no matter what you need it for.

Redragon UCAL K673 PRO

64.99 USD












  • Quality RGB with ton of presets
  • Keys have a mechanical feel without too much noise
  • Easy-to-swap switches make customization simple
  • Fast response time in both games and typing
  • Battery life and quality are excellent all around


  • Major lack of customization options
  • Switches can be a little sensitive when typing fast
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