Inscryption: 5 Secrets You May Have Missed


You and a lot of the people you know have likely beaten Inscryption at this point. Now that the game has been released on the Switch, you may be tempted to play through it again or get a friend to give it a try.

In order to give you a bit of a head start, we compiled a list of secrets you likely did not discover your first time through the game.

Secret 1: The Cuckoo Ring

The Cuckoo Ring is a handy little item that makes the final boss of act one a bit easier. It allows you to skip a boon challenge and get yourself a free boon. While it isn’t a major advantage, it can make runs on the boss a bit more consistent.

You can get the ring by setting the cuckoo clock on the wall to 11:00. The time is on the bottom side of the table Leshy puts down for the boon challenges before you take him on at the end of act one.

As an extra bonus, you can also use 11:00 during act three to get one of the three sigils needed for another puzzle.

Clock on Table

Secret 2: You can kill the cat

When you see the infinity symbol on the cat card, you may think it actually means the cat can be sacrificed as many times as you’d like. It’s quite easy to get 10-20 sacrifices in a single fight if you’re aiming for it, and the cat converts to an Undead Cat after you sacrifice it the ninth time.

Its final form has three damage and six health.

Undead Cat

Is it worth the setup? Probably not, but it’s a cool reference to how “cats have nine lives.”

Secret 3: Act Two Farming

Act two adds the ability to buy cards in trapper shops. You also gain the ability to design your own deck instead of having to use every card you discover during the challenges. However, this means that you’ll need a lot of act two’s currency, foils.

The best way to gain those foils is to use the training dummy halfway up Magnificus’s Tower. It spawns a specific pattern of enemies that do not attack, so you can end turn repeatedly until you have the cards you need to get as much overkill as possible.

The best way to exploit this literal dummy is to use the Ouroboros. You won’t get it right away in act two, but you can buy it from the trapper at a reasonable price. Once you have it, you can grind it as high as you like by repeatedly summoning it and using the hammer to kill it.

This can allow you to get hundreds of foils in a single training dummy fight. (And for those that brute-forced the totem on the second floor, you can get the code from the training dummy fight with a little finagling.)

Secret 4: The Hidden Boss

This boss takes a bit of preparation and can be easily missed. To start, beat two bosses in act two. This will unlock the house of the Mycologists. It can be found on the right of the world map at the end of the bridge that goes through the middle of the map.

They will ask for four pairs of cards, all of which can be easily bought if you used the act two farming secret. Once you’ve delivered all four, a hidden key will appear. Pick it up. You’ll use it in the next act.

In act three, the boss fight is hidden roughly where the Mycologists’ house was. On the waypoint between the beast and dead areas of the map, once again in the middle of the right side, there’s an arrow on the lower right corner that will take you to the area with the boss fight. Once there, use your key to unlock the door and prepare to face the Mycologists.

This boss is difficult, so definitely be sure to at least get your Ourobot. If you don’t have it, you’ll need a hard-hitting card you can get out early, a lot of luck, or all the side items. (A great combo for the first couple of turns is to use the nano armor item and the item that fills the screen with explode bots.)

It really is recommended you use Ourobot for the first half of the fight, though, as any cards you put down will be merged into it to create an extremely overpowered version of the card after you win. 

Secret 5: The true ending

There are dozens of hidden messages inside Inscryption. Many of them were hidden as part of a complex series of ciphers scattered throughout the game. When they were decoded by the hard-working denizens of the internet, they led to a website that allowed those with the secret to put in their contact information.

Those determined (and lucky, if they read a guide before the website maxed out) souls received floppy disks in the mail that contained a final set of clues.

Long story short, they decoded a Youtube link from the data on the floppy disk, and that link is:

Inside the video, the Stoat is shown successfully uploading Inscryption.exe and winking at the viewer. Whether this means a sequel may come, or it’s just a cheeky ending to the plot of the game, that’s the final secret that almost nobody will ever see.

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