Are Aim Trainers Worth Your Time? (Answered)

Are Aim Trainers Worth It

Is practicing anything worth your time?

Of course, it is!

Imagine playing a game of football, hockey, or even golf without ever practicing on your own. You’re going to have a bad time.

If you’re a gamer, you may find yourself asking if aim trainers are worth your time. Well, we’re here to answer that question.

We’ll also be giving you our expert opinion on how aim trainers improve your performance, how long you should practice using an aim trainer, as well as a brief overview of some of the best aim trainers on the market today.

So, enough beating around the bush, Let’s get started.

Are Aim Trainers Worth Your Time?

Yes, absolutely! Aim trainers are fantastic programs that help you hone your skills in first-person shooter games and are used by professionals and casual players alike. However, the best way to improve your performance in-game is by actually playing the game. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t recommending aim trainers; quite the opposite, in fact. We highly recommend warming up with an aim trainer before every game session as well as in between games to keep your skills sharp.

Why Aim Trainers are Worth Your Time

As with most things in life, the best way to become a better gamer is by practicing your favorite game. But some games are more unforgiving than others.

Take Apex Legends, for instance. Much of the game is running around finding loot and gearing up for battle. But the actual battle may only last a few seconds.

Or, if you’re really unlucky, the fight could be over before you even know what’s going on. This leaves very little room for target practice. That’s where aim trainers come in handy.

With aim trainers, you can practice your sharpshooting skills at your own pace. Many of them have multiple scenarios and practice modes to help you work on specific skill sets, such as tracking, headshots, or flicking, for example.

But they also help improve the basics of mouse control, muscle memory, and consistency.

While using an aim trainer will greatly improve your aim, it will only do so if you have the control settings tuned to as close to the game you’re trying to mimic as possible.

While most have preset options for popular games, not all of them do, meaning that not all games are represented. So depending on your aim trainer, you may need to spend some time adjusting your settings to get them just right.

One thing to keep in mind, many aspects of FPS games revolve around more than just accuracy.

These niche skills, such as positioning, game mechanics, and situational awareness, can only be learned the hard way–in-game.

It won’t matter how many hours you’ve put into an aim trainer or how impressive your high score may be; if you don’t play the game you’ve been practicing for, or you don’t have your training settings configured properly,  then all of it will be for naught.

Practice Makes Perfect, but How Much Practice Do You Need?

Don’t go crazy. Too much practice can lead to burnout, and after a while, it can become mind-numbing.

We recommend at least 15 minutes to up to an hour per day. At this rate, you’ll be seeing improvements in as little as a week.

These short training sessions will be most beneficial immediately before a game as a warm-up. That way, you will still be in ‘learning mode’ and can continue your training in a live fire exercise.

Daily practice is paramount to your results. As the old saying goes: You get out what you put in, meaning that if you put in the effort, you’ll get positive results.

So, practice often and learn from your mistakes. Take advantage of the tools loaded into these trainers and take notes if you have to.

If you’re serious about getting better at aiming, then you’re bound to succeed using one of the many aim trainers available online.

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Which Aim Trainers are the Best?

So, you’re dedicated to improving your in-game performance, but now you may not be sure where to start.

Lucky for you, we have experience with aim trainers, and we’ll share some of that experience with you.

Here, we’ve gathered three of our favorite aim trainers and broken them down into quick reviews. This won’t be a guide on how to use these trainers but rather a quick overview highlighting their pros and cons.

Check out our full guide for the Best FREE Aim Trainers here.


The most popular aim trainer available as of this writing is KovaaK’s.

KovaaK’s aim trainer is one of the best, if not THE best, aim trainer on the market. It’s used by professional gamers all over the world, comes preloaded with over 4,000 scenarios to practice on, and has a ton of customizable options.

With these options, you’ll be able to tweak your settings to mimic any game.

Plus, KovaaK’s has a handy preset option to adjust your settings to match games like Fortnite, Overwatch, or Valorant, to list a few.

But there’s a downside, this aim trainer isn’t free. KovaaK’s will cost you $9.99 on steam. Furthermore, The UI is a little clunky, as it can be a hassle to find the settings you’re looking for.

Still, if you’re serious about getting better in competitive online games and don’t mind paying a bit of money for it, KovaaK’s is our number one recommendation.


Aimlab is another top contender. It is widely considered to be the best free aim trainer to date, and it’s easy to see why.

Aimlab comes with over 12,000 scenarios and tasks, making it one of the most expansive trainers on the market. And if none of those scenarios suit your fancy, you can always download a player-made scenario from the Steam Workshop.

Not only does Aimlab come with a whole bunch of scenarios and modes, but it also has over 80 game presets. This lets you adjust the trainer to the sensitivity and perspective of your favorite game, allowing you to match it up perfectly with your preferred in-game settings.

What sets it apart from the competition (other than it being free with so many scenarios) is that it tracks your progress and performance after each task, scenario, and training session and displays your progress.

It will highlight your strengths and weaknesses and give tips on how you can improve.

While Aimlab is a terrific aim trainer, it lacks the same kind of customization as that of KovaaK’s. Additionally, the targets are weirdly shaped and are mostly comprised of spheres, whereas KovaaK’s uses shapes that are more humanoid in appearance and even have heads in some scenarios.


Aimtastic is another free aim trainer available on Steam. It’s almost like a stripped-down version of Aimlab, though made by a different creator.

One of the biggest appeals of Aimtastic is the low system requirement. This aim trainer could run on a potato, but we don’t recommend trying it.

This aim trainer comes preloaded with only 10 training exercises that can help you practice things such as tracking, reflexes, and reaction time.

Luckily, if you’re not satisfied with the developer-made maps, you can download community-made maps and exercises from the Steam Workshop.

Like other aim trainers, Aimtastic allows you to change your settings to match your favorite games. But due to the lack of options, it can take a while to fine-tune your settings.

One of the biggest downfalls of this aim trainer is that most of its scenarios are standing only and do not require you to move around like you would in a real game. This makes it feel less than appealing and unrealistic as an aim trainer.

In Conclusion

So, are aim trainers worth your time?

Yes, as a practice and warm-up tool used in moderation. But do not solely rely on aim trainers to improve your performance. The best way to get better at a game is by playing that game. 

However, if you’re new to FPS or PC gaming in general, then an aim trainer will help you develop the skills needed to shred the competition. With ample practice, you’ll be no-scoping noobs in no time.

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