God of War Ragnarok Spoilers: Who Dies?

God of War Ragnarok

It doesn’t really need to be said, but we’ll warn you here anyway. Big spoilers ahead! The ending will be spoiled, the beginning will be spoiled, and major scenes midway through the game will be spoiled.

God of War deaths tend to occur during boss fights, so boss fights will also be spoiled. You have been warned!

Before we get started, let’s define what constitutes death.

In God of War, people regularly have their physical body destroyed, but their soul gets sent elsewhere and comes back again. This will still count as a death.

A final death is a death of the soul, which nobody comes back from. We’ll also not cover any of the normal enemies, side bosses, or bonus bosses, as they hardly count as a worthy death.


So, what is the first death in God of War: Ragnarok? The dog. Yeah, if you want emotional impact at the start of a movie or game, it’s always the pet or parent that dies. In this case, Fenrir, Atreus’s dog, is sick and dying at the start of the game.

It dies shortly after the opening scenes of the game, but its soul does play a part in the story later. Fenrir has no final death.



Next in line is a famous character in the tale of Ragnarok: Nidhogg. It runs afoul of Kratos and Freya as they attempt to free Freya from the roots of the World Tree.

Snake didn’t know why they were there, but its job was to protect the roots. It’s safe to say it died its final death after Kratos held it down with the Blades of Chaos, and it was decapitated by Freya.

It doesn’t play a major part in the story, so let’s move on.



The next death is our first talking character. Even from the early portions of the game, it’s hinted that he’ll be the one that kills Kratos, which makes this boss fight a little nerve-wracking at the start. You’ve probably guessed it by now, but yes. Heimdall is the next to die a final death, likely.

At the start of the battle, he seems unkillable. He dodges every attack you throw at him… until you make one explode.

The Draupnir Spear can’t directly hit him. If you throw it at him and blow it up while he stands nearby, though, it starts to open him up. Open him up to a cutscene attack a few times, and you’ll get him disturbed enough to hit normally.

This leads to the climactic final scenes where Kratos blows his arm off, you beat him in a second boss fight, and Kratos chokes him to death on the ground. His lights go out, nobody saves his soul, and the prophecy of Kratos’s death is officially over. (Not that anyone REALLY expected him to die, given his returns from hell and how he loves to murder the beings in charge of his fate)



So, not much of a spoiler, but the Dad of War lives to fight another day. Let’s just say that now. Unfortunately, another character who’s been with us since the last God of War is next on the stabbing block.

After the death of Heimdall, when the main characters are all gathered to discuss whether to start Ragnarok, Tyr attempts to convince Atreus to go into Asgard and use the mystical mask MacGuffin Odin was researching.

This seems odd to our next victim, Brok, who then confronts Tyr over how dumb the plan is. As Brok is just hitting his acerbic stride, Tyr stabs him in the chest and… It was I, Odin!

Jojo references aside, Odin murders Brok right in front of everyone and gets away without a scratch on him. Brok is already soulless and doesn’t want to be healed, so his death is the most final of any death so far.

No body parts off screen, no potential for resurrection. Everyone’s favorite smack-talking dwarf is gone and will never return.



Odin likes to stab people. He’ll stab them in the front, the sides, the back, anything that’s open at the time. His next target is his son, Thor.

After you have your rematch and beat him down, Kratos gives him a chance to make a new life with his family. When he takes that offer, Odin decides he’d be better off with a spear through the chest. He even follows that up a bit later by smashing Thor’s daughter Thrud out of sight with Thor’s hammer (she lives).



After that, there’s only one way to go… straight at Odin. You start by beating him in a boss fight, naturally.

After that, he gets the drop on Kratos and Atreus. While he monologues, Freya starts to choke him to death with a magic rope. There’s only been one boss fight so far, so he escapes with his crows and blasts his way through the floor.

After attempting unsuccessfully to convince Atreus to put on the mask and get the answers he desperately seeks, Atreus breaks the mask and throws it through the rift. Time for boss fight number two! This one is enough to finally beat him down, but he doesn’t die… yet.

Atreus takes his soul from his body and puts it in a magic stone. Odin’s body is now dead. After talking about what to do with his soul, Atreus looks at it carefully.

What should they do? It doesn’t matter because Sindri comes out of nowhere, grabs the stone, and shatters it. Odin can’t get deader than that.



This next death is… probably a death and probably final. Surtr, the fire giant at the start of the universe, is the key to Ragnarok, because he becomes Ragnarok.

His final act is to lead the charge into Asgard and finish it with a flaming sword straight to the bottom of the realm. The resulting explosion destroys the realm and him with it… probably.

Given how small areas of the original myths were changed for the games, they may bring him back later.



The final death is guaranteed, though. He was a charismatic leader for most of the game, and he gave his life trying to help his companions escape.

Freyr, you can’t stop a giant sword by standing under it with a toothpick. Still, you did slow it for a while, so all the people that survived thank you.


Final Words

There you go; these were the most notable deaths in God of War: Ragnarok.

Did you already finish the game? How did you like it? Let us know in the comment section below. We love hearing from you!

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