Top 30 Gifts for Gamers Who Have Everything (Hand-Picked!)

Gifts for Gamers Who Have Everything

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for the gamer in your life, but you’re not sure what they might want?

It can be hard buying for a gamer, especially one who seemingly has everything they need. So, to help out the families and friends of gamers, we have rounded up the top 30 gifts for gamers who have everything.

Most of us know at least one gamer who has a ton of gaming gear and a decked-out rig that looks like they got it from an episode of Pimp My Ride- ‘PC Edition.’ So, it can be difficult to find something for them that matches their interests.

But don’t sweat it; we found some awesome gifts that most gamers will appreciate. We know we would if they were gifted to us. And that’s the point! The following items were hand-picked by gamers for gamers.

Just a quick note before we get started. These products are not in any particular order because you can’t really rank which one of these is the best without knowing who they are for; we’ll leave that up to you. So, with that out of the way, let’s check ‘em out!

1. CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD 1500va/900w UPS

As gamers, our PC is very important to us. That is why many of us opt to use an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), like the CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD UPS.

Like a surge protector, a UPS protects anything plugged into it from being fried during a power surge. Additionally, they provide a battery backup for a short time. This is to provide a window of opportunity to properly power down anything plugged into them, such as a very expensive gaming PC.

This UPS from CyberPower is rated for 1500va and 900w, a perfect amount for a high-end gaming PC. It has two Ethernet ports for added surge protection and a total of 12 outlets. Six are only surge protector outlets, and the other six are both for battery backup and connected to a surge protector. Furthermore, it has an LCD screen that displays all relevant information.

It may be a little pricey, but for the peace of mind it provides, it’s well worth it, and your gamer is sure to be impressed.

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2. I Paused My Game to Be Here T-shirt

As you probably already know, many of us are all about game time. And if something interrupts our well-earned time off from reality, we have to pause our game (if we’re playing a single-player game anyways). So, when we saw this shirt, it felt very relatable.

This shirt with the slogan “I paused my game to be here” is sure to get a chuckle out of the recipient. It comes in a small all the way up to a 3XL, so no matter the body type, you’ll be able to get the right size. Plus, it comes in gray, black, or blue, and there’s also a light gray with a baseball hat combo.

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3. Game Over Coffee Mug

Here’s a cool addition to any game room, desk, or collector’s shelf. This coffee mug features large pixelated “GAME OVER” text and two handles designed to look like two sides of a game controller.

Not only is this a functional mug, but it would also make a great pen holder or just a cool conversation piece for a shelf.

Sometimes all a gamer needs to really get in the game is a little boost. And with this mug, they can enjoy a strong cup of coffee or whichever way they drink their caffeine, with a smile on their face and a controller in their hand…kinda.

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4. Gameboy Heat Changing Coffee Mug

We couldn’t decide which mug was cooler, the controller mug or this one. So why not both?

This coffee mug is definitely for the coffee-drinking retro gamers. It’s a freaking Gameboy, for crying out loud! Plus, the ‘screens’ are heat-sensitive, and when you add a hot beverage, the heat brings the Gameboy to life. How cool is that?

The front ‘screen’ will display the Super Mario Land start screen like you’re beginning a new game. On the back, it shows the ending where Mario saves Daisy.

So, if you have a person on your shopping list who loves Mario and drinks coffee, this mug will be a hit.

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5. It’s What Moves Me T-shirt

For those of you who don’t know what this shirt means or why it’s funny, the WASD keys are the controls you use to move around in video games if you’re playing on a computer.

This shirt comes in both men’s and women’s sizes, from small to 3XL in both. Making it easy to buy for most bodies and sizes. It also comes in five different colors–Black, Navy, Asphalt, Dark Heather, and finally, Heather Blue. Depending on the color, this shirt will be made with anywhere from 100% cotton to 50/50 cotton and polyester.

A gift like this is sure to light up any PC gamer’s face. And it will probably become their new favorite shirt.

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6. Super Mario Bros Lamp

Another one for the retro gamers out there is this Super Mario Bros lamp.

Its base is an old-school NES controller with a wire that winds up into the lampshade. Printed on the shade is a classic Mario scene that is instantly recognizable.

If the light itself isn’t cool enough already, the buttons actually work! You can use the direction pad to dim the light and the A and B buttons to turn the lamp on and off. That’s so cool!

This lamp would make the perfect gift for any gamer with desk space or a game room for a neat little Mario lamp that carries the official Nintendo seal.

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7. Livho Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Not only gamers would like these, but anyone who uses a computer for hours at a time would love to get a pair of these blue light-blocking glasses. They help reduce strain on the eyes by applying a blue light filter on the lenses.

Blue light has a shorter wavelength and can cause stress on your eyes. Digital screens emit more blue light than any of the other wavelengths, and the longer you are exposed to it, the more fatigued your eyes can become.

So, wearing these glasses not only reduces the amount of blue light a person is exposed to, it also allows them to enjoy longer screen times with less discomfort.

These glasses come in a two-pack, and you can choose from a variety of color options. They are inexpensive and stylish. But overall, they are a thoughtful gift.

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8. Gamernote RGB Headset Stand

Every gamer should have a good headset stand. And this one is pretty neat. It has a detachable headset rest, three power outlets, three USB ports, an On/Off switch, and a touch-sensitive RGB button for cycling through colors and lighting patterns.

Most stands are either for just holding a headset or supply only one USB port for charging the headset. This stand from Gamernote can do all of that and more.

Your gamer will love this headset stand; it’s super useful and looks really cool.

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9. Everlasting Comfort Under the Desk Footrest

Sometimes it’s nice to sit back, relax, and prop your feet up while you game. But for PC gamers, we’re usually at our desks while gaming, which doesn’t always allow for the utmost comfort. So a gift like the Everlasting Comfort footrest will allow your favorite gamer an extra modicum of comfort.

This footrest is made out of soft memory foam and is covered in a gentle breathable fabric. It comes in black, gray, or navy blue and helps promote proper body alignment while sitting at a desk.

If you’ve never experienced a memory foam footrest, we highly recommend giving this one a try. You might want to keep it for yourself.

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10. ColorCoral Keyboard Cleaning Gel

If you’ve ever owned a keyboard, which we’re pretty sure you have, you’ll know that in between the keys can get a little dusty, if not downright crumby.

This is especially true for gamers because, during long raids or all-night gaming sessions, we sometimes eat while playing with our friends online. This can result in Dorito crumbs and other bits falling in between the keys. This is where a good cleaning tool comes into play.

The cleaning gel from ColorCoral is used to get into all the nooks and crannies by literally smashing and rolling it around on the keyboard, or anything for that matter.

This gel can be used on more than just keyboards. It can be used on laptops, monitors, and to detail cars; basically, anything that accumulates dust or light crumbs can be cleaned with the ColorCoral cleaning gel. So, if your gamer is a stickler for cleanliness, they will appreciate this product a lot.

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11. DAYBETTER RGB Light Strips

For some reason, we gamers are infatuated with RGB lighting (myself included). It adds a special something to our setups and allows us more creativity in our builds. So why not deck out our game room with it as well?

With 100 feet (two 50-foot rolls) of RGB lighting, your gamer’s room will be awash in vibrant lights! These RGB strips are controlled with a smartphone app and even have a built-in microphone, which enables them to beat and change to music.

If their PC has RGB, then that’s a good sign that they will love highlighting their gaming station with more lights.

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12. 80-in-1 Professional Computer Repair Tool Kit

Many gamers have built their own PCs, and having the right tool for the job is always important. Whether doing repairs or building a computer for the first time, any DIY gamer could use a good tool kit.

This kit comes with a gooseneck screwdriver for hard-to-reach areas, an assortment of bits, and multiple tweezers & spatulas of varying types for a multitude of different DIY projects.

With this 80-in-1 tool kit, your gamer will have practically everything they’ll need for their DIY PC hobby. Talk about a handy little gift for a gamer who has everything.

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13. Overwatch Anthology: Expanded Edition Hardcover

This one is for the Overwatch fans. If you have someone you know who loves Overwatch, then they’ll love to delve into the backstories and lore surrounding the overwhelmingly popular first-person team shooter from Blizzard Entertainment.

There is no fan fiction here; this hardcover was written in close collaboration with Blizzard. So, this book is canon to the Overwatch universe.

Your gamer will learn about their favorite characters while exploring a world that’s usually hidden from players due to no in-game explanations of who these heroes are and why they are fighting.

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14. Paladone Nintendo NES Cartridge Retro Drink Coasters

What game room is complete without drink coasters? This 8-pack resembles old-school Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges and features the NES’s most popular games, such as Metroid, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and Duck Hunt.

Retro gamers will love using or showing off their new coasters to family and friends when they visit, especially if they grew up on these games. It’ll be like going back in time and seeing their NES cartridge collection on their table like the good ol’ days.

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15. Star Wars Blanket With Sleeves

Almost everyone likes Star Wars and being comfortable. Well, with this blanket, gamers will be able to stay snug and warm while looking like Darth Vader.

Us nerds come in all varieties, and a lot of our interests coincide with each other. Many of us grew up watching movies and playing video games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. So, this is a great gift for Star Wars fans.

This blanket is designed to look like the outfit worn by the iconic villain from Star Wars, Darth Vader. It’s made out of 100% polyester and even has sleeves. like a Snuggie, so gamers can easily use their computers or hold controllers without ever leaving the comfort of their new favorite blanket.

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16. Can’t Hear You I’m Gaming 3D Illusion Lamp

For a gamer’s room, it can be handy to have a futuristic-looking holographic sign explaining they can’t hear you because, well… they’re gaming.

This sign is powered by either a USB cable or three AAA batteries. Additionally, it has 16 different colors and four lighting modes to choose from. All of which can be controlled using either a button or the included remote control.

A sign like this will accent any game room and add a little more fun to the aesthetics.

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17. Cloud Nine Ergo TKL Keyboard

The Cloud Nine Ergo TKL keyboard is an excellent gift for gamers. It has all kinds of cool features like macro hotkeys and a smart wheel for controlling things like screen brightness, volume, and more!

Additionally, it comes equipped with per-key RGB backlighting to complement any setup. It also utilizes CherryMX switches, which are renowned for their longevity and feel, and are one of the best–if not the best–key switch brands.

And as for the elephant in the room, it splits in half and comes together again using magnets! How cool is that? This feature is an ergonomic design to allow the user to type and game in a more natural position. Adding to the ergonomics, it has plush wrist rests for comfort.

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18. Crannel Gaming Wall Tapestry

Everyone enjoys putting art on the wall, symbolizing what they like. So adding a large tapestry to an otherwise empty space can make a statement.

This extra large wall tapestry will definitely cover some empty space. It’s an 80×60” polyester blend with a serious gamer vibe. It’s loud and would make a great backdrop for a streamer or YouTuber.

But if your gamer isn’t a content creator, then no worries, it’ll look awesome in their room and is sure to accent their setup.

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19. Darth Vader – Controller and Device Holder

This handy little guy is Darth Vader, and all he wants to do is hold your controllers. This figurine is from a line called Cable Guys, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. All Cable Guys are limited-run products meaning they only make so many and move on to the next, so get them while you can!

The Darth Vader holder is just the right size for an Xbox or PlayStation controller, as well as any smartphone. Also included in the box is a 3-in-1 charging cable that’s 2m long.

Cable Guys are an awesome gift for gamers because they are not only fandom figurines; they are functional gaming accessories.

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20. JOTO Cable Management Sleeves

If you’ve ever seen the back of a computer, you’ll know how messy the cables can look. These cable management sleeves from JOTO are just the thing to tidy them up.

Coming in a 4-pack, these sleeves are about 20in long and are made to wrap around cables. Then to secure them, there is a zipper on the side; just zip it up, and voila, no more messy cables.

Many of us DIY PC enthusiasts try hard to manage our cables in a way that hides them. With these sleeves, cables can be hidden in plain sight!

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21. Numskull Gaming Locker

Here’s a cool addition to any game room. This locker from Numskull has a place to hang a headset, four controllers, and a cabinet to store up to ten game cases.

There are multiple different fandoms this gaming locker caters to, such as Halo, Destiny, and Ghostbusters, to name a few. Or you can get just the Numskull branded locker which has a pleasing black & purple aesthetic and a cool skull logo inside the headset stand.

This locker is great for keeping all gaming accessories nice and neat in one place and will make any gamer happy.

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22. MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 4090 Gaming TrioMSI Gaming GeForce RTX 4090 Gaming Trio

What gamer gift list would this be if we didn’t add at least one GPU? Am I right? For this one, you might want to nonchalantly ask what kind of hardware they have in their rig because this one’s a doozy.

The MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 4090 Gaming Trio is every PC gamer’s dream. This graphics card is literally the best on the market for high-end gaming as of this writing. It is able to render buttery smooth 4K resolutions and keep up with the most demanding games.

It’s extremely well made and even has vibrant RGB lights so your gamer can customize it to match their style. What’s the catch, you ask? The RTX 4090 is really pricey and requires at least an 850w power supply.

So, talk to the would-be-recipient and see if they REALLY have everything because this GPU will complete any gamer PC and make it a true powerhouse gaming computer.

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23. Thresh Figure – League of Legends

If you’ve ever heard anyone say they play League of Legends (usually just called League or LoL by players), then they will enjoy having a figurine to display on their shelf or desk.

This statuette of Thresh (Champion players are able to play as) is only 6in tall and has been made with close attention to detail. It is a spitting image of the in-game character and even has articulating joints, so you can pose him however you choose.

With over 140 different characters to choose from, this one likely isn’t your gamer’s favorite character. But Thresh was introduced to the LoL universe in 2013, so they are bound to know who he is.

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24. Warzone Mug

Call of Duty is a massively popular video game franchise that practically everyone–gamer or not–has heard of. Released in 2020, Warzone is Call of Duty’s free-to-play Battle Royale mode. Since its inception, Warzone has become a fan favorite.

This mug claims the holder is a Gulag survivor. And if you haven’t played the game, then you probably don’t know what it means. When a player dies for the first time, they are sent to the Gulag, where they battle other players in a 1v1 match inside a small prison. The winner of the duel gets to re-spawn back in the game for a 2nd chance at victory.

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25. APEX Legends Wingman Pistol

Apex Legends is another overwhelmingly popular first-person shooter Battle Royale game where players play on a team of three using characters with certain special abilities. Throughout Apex Legends, there are tons of weapons scattered around the map for players to find and upgrade, one of which is the Wingman pistol.

This officially licensed pistol is a life-sized 1-1 scale of its in-game counterpart. It even features a reloading action true to its digital doppelganger. If your gamer is a fan of Apex, then the Wingman pistol is an excellent addition to their gaming collection.

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26. Funko Pop! PUBG – The Lone Survivor

Everyone loves Funko Pops, they are fun little figures with oversized heads! What’s not to like?

This one is called The Lone Survivor to symbolize the last man standing. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is another Battle Royale video game where 100 players enter the map, and only one survives to win it all.

Funko Pops! are a cute way to show a person’s fandoms, so if you know your gamer loves PUBG, they will get a kick out of this little guy!

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27. Minecraft Pickaxe and Sword

Almost everyone has played or knows someone who plays Minecraft, it’s one of the most beloved and popular video games in existence! And the most iconic items in the game include a diamond pickaxe and a diamond sword.

Instead of buying one or the other, why not both in one? This pickaxe is a life-size replica of the in-game tool, pixels, and everything. What’s more, it can be transformed into a diamond sword! So really, this is a two-for-one gift that Minecraft players are going to love.

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28. All Shapes 3D Illusion Lamp

Lighting up a room has never been so full of choices as it is these days. With this light, your gamer will be able to light up their game room with a crystal holographic 3D lamp displaying a generic Fortnite player gliding into the game as well as other designs.

Made out of a mixture of glass and crystal, the figure is suspended in air over the top of a seemingly cracked base. This light is bright and can change between seven different colors. Brighten up your friend or family’s room with this awesome-looking gift.

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29. LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

Laptops, despite their name, actually perform less than optimally on your lap. It causes the fan vents to be covered and can cause overheating. That’s why many users opt for setting it on a desk or table. But with this LapGear lap desk, that problem will no longer be an issue.

This laptop accessory comes in multiple color options and has two plush lap rests on the back side for comfort and height, which promotes a more ergonomic typing posture. Gamers who play on a laptop will appreciate a barrier between their legs and a warm laptop.

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30. Large Loot Drop Box

Lastly, here is a great Fortnite-themed storage or gift box. If the gamer you are buying for is a Fortnite fanatic, then they will enjoy opening a loot box from their favorite game.

Although it’s made out of cardboard, it looks just like the in-game loot boxes that drop from the sky. We wouldn’t recommend this as a gift all on its own, but as a box full of other loot, there isn’t a better box for them to open.

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Final Words

There are a ton of gifts out there for gamers, but usually, they are prohibitively expensive. So, we tried to keep the budget reasonable and offer realistically affordable gifts that gamers would enjoy.

We hope you found our article helpful and that you were able to find the perfect gifts for the gamers in your life.

What do you think of our suggestions? Which one will you be getting? Or would you have added something else we didn’t?

Please, leave us a comment and share your thoughts with us; we love hearing from you!

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