Empowering Parents: Carson Harris Discusses the Benefits of Kids GPS Trackers

Are you a parent to a kid or a teenager? Does their safety bother you a lot? Do you always think of ways you can keep them safe? 

Well, our kids are our most treasured beings, and we are ready to do anything to keep them safe and secure.

But in this fast-paced world of technology, the crime rate is increasing at an alarming rate. Incidents of missing children and child trafficking have become so regular that you feel scared to leave your children alone, even for a few minutes. 

Did you know that according to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) of the FBI, around 359,094 children were reported missing in the year 2022?

That is a huge number, indeed. But that doesn’t mean you have to always keep your kids close, stopping them from going out, having friends, or partying. After all, they are kids, and they ought to enjoy life to the fullest.

So, can you actually keep your kids safe while they have the best time of their lives?

The answer is “Yes.”. A GPS tracking device for kids is all you need.

Now, you may have a lot of questions in your mind about this blessing in the form of technology. 

To get all your questions answered, here is a quick interview with Mr. Carson Harris. He is a renowned GPS technology expert and a skilled writer. With a background in machine learning and electrical engineering, his writings offer invaluable insights on GPS trackers.



Q: As parents, we are always concerned about our kids’ safety. Can GPS trackers really help us keep tabs on them at all times?

A: The short answer is “yes.” Now, let me explain this technology in more detail. This technology uses a network of satellites in space to locate your kid’s exact location.

Q: Are these devices convenient for kids to use?

A: Of course. They are made with kids in mind, so the materials are lighter than those used in other GPS trackers. You can get it in the form of a watch that your kids can wear on their wrists or a small tracker that you can attach to your kids’ bags, shoes, or clothing.

Q: You have already told us how these GPS trackers can provide us with the real-time location of our kids. Do they offer any other benefits?

A: Yes, they do. They come with several other benefits to offer you complete peace of mind, especially when the safety of your child is involved. Of course, not all trackers offer the same benefits.

Let me tell you about some of them.

  • Tamper alerts

If your kids try to adjust their trackers in some way or take them off, you will receive an alarm on your mobile device. This will help you understand if you need to take any corrective measures for future use. Also, you can reach your kids’ locations right then to check on them.

  • Easy communication

Most GPS trackers come with great contact features. All you have to do is program a series of phone numbers into your kids’ GPS tracker watches or other devices. So, whenever they have any concerns or trouble, with just one press of a button, you will get a signal that your kids need something.

  • Review your kids’ history

A good tracker can analyze where your kids go during the day. It creates a helpful and convenient layout. You can look at the history and see how they move from one part of their school building to another or in their school buses.

  • Advance geofencing

Geofencing is something like virtual fencing. It acts like a protective barrier to keep your kids secure. This means you can keep track of your kids’ entries and exits to certain places, such as a busy road or crowded mall. The trackers will send you an alert.

Q: What should we consider while getting a GPS tracker for kids?

A: You need to keep certain things in mind while getting a tracker for your kids. Some of them are:

  • Size

As you are getting this tracking device for your kids, you need to be mindful of its size, which depends mainly on the size of its battery. This means if you get a larger device, it will have a longer battery life, and if you get a smaller device, it will have a shorter battery life. But if charging the device is not an issue for you, smaller devices would be better.

  • Connectivity

You need to keep in mind that a GPS tracking device needs networks to work properly. There should be good WiFi or mobile networks.

  • Features

As the features of GPS trackers vary depending on the brand and the price, you need to be careful while choosing one. Look for features that are important for the safety of your kids, such as an SOS button, two-way calling, geo-fencing, and more.

  • Convenience

The tracker you choose should be convenient for your kids to use. That means it should fit your kids’ pockets or backpacks easily. Maybe they can wear it as a necklace, or you can attach it to their clothing. You don’t want something that can get misplaced or lost easily, right?

  • Security

Any technology can be dangerous if not used with proper care. And the GPS technology is no exception to it. If you can access your kids’ data online, who else can? While you can’t stop data breaches as an individual, make sure to know about the provider’s security practices and policies before getting a tracker.

Q: What, according to you, is the best GPS tracker for kids in the market?

A: Well, there are many GPS-tracking devices available for kids. They come with different features. But, if you ask me, I would say Pthtechus smartwatches are one of my personal favorites.

They offer a mix of premium and budget-friendly GPS watches, allowing you to choose according to your pocket pinch. You can have a look at Pthtechus smartwatch reviews for more details.

Final Thoughts

The GPS tracking technology has become a huge hit – all thanks to its real-time location sharing along with other attractive features. And not to mention the security they provide.

GPS trackers for kids are a must-have, especially if you are constantly worried about their safety. With these devices, you can have peace of mind knowing where they are or where they are headed.

So, are you ready to maximize the safety of your kids with this revolutionary technology?

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