E-WIN Champion Series Gaming Chair CPG (In-Depth Review)

Ewin Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

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Here we find ourselves with a very comfortable and highly customizable gaming chair provided for review, the E-Win Gaming Chair – Champion Series.  

While I am generally very skeptical about gamer chairs, especially the racing styles, this was a nice breath of fresh air compared to my expectations and exceeded them greatly.


First, I will say that we were in no way paid to write anything specific in this review, however, I did receive the product for free for the duration of the review.

In this article, you can expect to find the most important information about what you would experience in day-to-day usage and how that compares to expectations and other chairs in the market.

I will also give my opinion on the upsides and downsides that make this chair stand out or fall behind.

Box Contents

Before we hop into the review, let’s first take a look at what’s inside the box. Thankfully, the contents in the box are laid out logically and are easy to remove and set up.

You’ll find the usual few bolts, pillows, side covers, and L-tools to assist on your building journey. A nice touch was to include a pair of gloves as well. 

Immediately upon unboxing the pieces, I noticed a significantly higher build quality than expected, from the wheels to the cushions–The wheels were solid, sturdy, durable, and stylish, and the cushions were solid, supportive, and stiff in the right places.

Who is E-Win, and What Is the Champion Series?

Who is E-Win? Founded in 2015, they found their major footing in 2017 after hosting a booth at E3, a popular gaming and technology exhibition, which continued in the years following.

Additional products like a matching gaming desk were also added to the shopping list, and over time, E-WIN became known in the gaming industry as a reliable and committed manufacturer. 

In comparison to many of these recent pop-up cash grabs that sell cheap gaming chairs that don’t perform well, we see a stark contrast here with a time-tested and known brand, even if a bit niche. 

This specific option is the Champion series racing-style gaming chair that backs up its claims of comfort. The shape and style have been trending for a few years now in the gamer space and can be hit or miss depending on the manufacturer, as the market has been saturated with cheap knock-offs and poor-quality cushions advertised as premium.

Again, we see a truly well-made product that’s exceeded my expectations in almost every regard.

First Impressions

Let me lay out some bias first. I have tried multiple gaming chairs, and each one of them had issues that were beyond small annoyances, and I would normally not even consider buying one.

In fact, I have, in recent years, always opted into buying well-known office-style chairs as a safe bet with low risk. 


I quickly realized the quality here was a good measure and higher than what I have seen before in similar products.

Upon building and finally sitting in the chair, I was pleasantly surprised. The build process was very easy, similar to most other chairs, but I found that everything went together like butter with no resistance. 


The look of this chair is also quite nice without any flashiness. Sleek, stylish, and humble, just the way I like it. 

The wheels stuck out to me as well, with a very stylish design that is anti-tangle should you run over a cable or your pajama pants. 

My first hour in the chair was very comfortable. My back really enjoyed the support, and I found all the customizability fascinating, which had just about everything I am looking for in a gaming chair.

Quality & Materials

Before we get into all the details and features, let’s first take a look at the materials and overall build quality. First of all, I want to mention that in the previous gaming chairs I have used, the cushion isn’t nearly as sturdy, thick, and supportive as I experienced here.

Generally, I have found that over time the material caves in and lacks its luster, but the very firm back and butt cushion here signifies that this is different.

Both cushions bounce right back immediately after releasing pressure and are strong enough to support you for a long time to come.

The solid build quality of the chair supports up to 400 pounds, and rightfully so, as the unique build of this chair does hit the mark above the competition in a few unexpected ways. So why not also a higher-than-average support weight? 

For example, the undercarriage is angled to support you better with stability, and with all the moving parts with the customization options, you would think there might be a flimsy feeling in some of them, but no. It’s all sturdy and solid. 

The wheels must be mentioned as well, as the smooth glide is real. This has a far smoother roll than my previous office chair, and the wheels are an improvement over my previous chairs thus far.

Comfort & Customization

Comfort Level

The E-Win Champion Series Gaming Chair provides a high level of comfort through its solid customization options, firm cushions that offer excellent support, and adjustable support cushions.

Additionally, the smooth rolling wheels and flexible backrest that can recline to any angle further enhance the overall comfort. 

Whether for extended gaming sessions or office work, this chair ensures a comfortable seating experience that allows users to focus on their activities without discomfort or body fatigue.


This chair goes above and beyond to offer users an exceptional level of personalization, ensuring a tailored and comfortable seating experience.

The back tilts wherever you need, far enough back to enjoy a nap at any degree you desire. Picture a car seat style adjustment where any angle and position is possible. An adjustable seat tilt is also included. 

Moving on to the arms, this chair provides flexibility in armrest adjustments. You will be able to customize the height, width, length, and even the angle of the armrests. This level of customization ensures optimal support and comfort for various body types and preferred arm positions.

Additionally, the pillows allow for adjustable lumbar support, headrest positioning, and even removing them entirely.

Additional Features

One standout feature of this chair is its angled support, which allows users to lean all the way back without any risk of falling. This feature provides a sense of security and freedom, enabling users to fully recline and relax without concerns about stability.

With this chair, users have access to nearly every customization option available, allowing them to tailor the chair precisely to their preferences and needs.

Personally, when searching for a new chair, that is one of the first things I look at. Can I adjust the height and rotation of the armrests? Do they tilt? Can I adjust the Seat tilt? How many locking positions for the back?

This chair has it all, and it is rare to find a chair at this price to provide such.

What Sets It Apart From The Competition?

Again, one area where this exceeds initial expectations is the level of customization. The E-Win chair offers a huge range of customization options, allowing you to personalize your seating experience to a great extent. 

This level of adjustability sets it apart from many other chairs on the market and ensures that you can find their optimal comfort and support, unlike most of the others I have seen. 

Additionally, the quality of the cushioning in the E-Win Gaming Chair is a major strength. The cushions are all of high quality, providing top-notch comfort and support for marathon gaming sessions.

Unlike some competing brands that have cushions deform over time, the cushions in this chair maintain their shape and quality, partially due to their firmness and contributing to a great experience. 

Overall, this product far exceeded my expectations. Not only did it exceed my expectations but this has renewed my belief that if you find the right one from a reliable brand, gaming chairs have solid and reliable options.

What Could Be Improved?

The potential drawback of the E-Win Gaming Chair is its price, which may be slightly higher compared to office chair lines that offer similar features.

While it delivers a premium and comfortable experience, some users might find it a bit expensive in comparison.

Another aspect to consider is the neck support pillow included with the chair. Although it is functional and provides decent comfort, it may not match the quality of pillows found in chairs of similar price ranges.

However, the pillow is easily adjustable and still offers some durable support.

Mesh vs Cushion

Something else to note is the chair’s cushioning. While the firmness can be appreciated for providing excellent comfort to the back and posterior, it isn’t life-changing, and it is a distinct contrast to the mesh backrest of many office chair lines. 

If you have a preference for the breathable and flexible feel of a mesh chair, the transition to the E-Win Gaming Chair’s cushioned backrest might prove challenging.

It’s important to note that this particular aspect won’t significantly impact the opinion of individuals who already favor mesh over cushioned alternatives.

That being said, I previously had a preference for the mesh back and still very much enjoy the firmness of this chair.

Who Is the E-Win Racing Championship Series Gaming Chair For?

While marketed specifically towards gamers, with its design and features tailored to enhance the gaming experience, it is not limited to gamers alone.

It can also be a solid option for general office work, providing comfort and support during long hours of sitting at a desk.

The ability to personalize the chair to meet individual preferences contributes to a more enjoyable and productive experience, no matter the situation. Although it does fit the gaming aesthetic very nicely.

Is It Worth the Money?

Finally, let’s discuss the value. When considering the E-Win Gaming Chair in terms of its value for the price, different factors come into play depending on your specific needs and preferences, but the biggest one will almost always be the cost.

On E-Win’s official website, you can find this chair listed at $479, which does seem a bit steep for this chair. However, it’s currently 20% off its original price, which puts the price at $369.

And I think that’s a very reasonable sum for the level of quality you’re getting–It’s a high-quality and well-made chair with top-level comfort and customization, and it also looks the part.

In terms of drawbacks, I’ve had the chair for 2 weeks now, and there is nothing that sticks out about it in a bad way.

If you’re specifically looking for a racing-style gaming chair, this is easily one of the best I’ve come across at this price point, and I can only recommend it if it’s within your budget.

Lastly, if this isn’t your cup of tea, E-Win offers a large selection of gaming chairs, including Flash XL Size Series Gaming Chairs for larger gamers, with this chair being their most popular offering.

Feel free to check out their whole selection at www.ewinracing.com!

E-WIN Champion Series Gaming Chair CPG

369.00 USD












  • Supreme comfort
  • High-quality, sturdy build
  • Attractive aesthetics
  • Competitive pricing
  • Highly customizable


  • Not very breathable
  • Poor quality of the neck pillow
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