Corsair Gaming ST100 Review – A Headset Stand On Steroids

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The Corsair Gaming ST100 Headset Stand is… it’s a stand. For your headphones.

If it were a simple piece of curved metal with a weighted base, there wouldn’t be any need to write a review. However, this deceptively simple product holds many more secrets than the term “headset stand” might initially suggest.

Most normal people have no need for a headphone stand; even if they own a pair of headphones, or many pairs of headphones, they can usually get away with putting their headphones in a drawer, or on top of a table, or stored on the ears of a stuffed animal. Even a hardcore gamer or streamer can do these things instead of using a dedicated stand.

The price is also extremely high. It is far more expensive than most other headphone stands on the market, which normally range from $10-$40.

However, there is one major reason why someone might want to buy this: the aesthetics, which I will get into later. For now though, let’s judge this thing based on its use as a stand.


The stand itself has a weighted aluminum base, and a sleek rod sticks out of the back and bends forward to form a good place to hang your headphones by the headband. It only has room to comfortably accommodate one pair of headphones, but it can accommodate any sized pair of headphones without letting them touch the ground or table.

The stand can also be used to store earphones – just drape the cable over the aluminum rod, maybe loosely tie it up, and you’re good to go. You can store multiple pairs in this way, since earphones are smaller than headphones.

The only problem with the actual stand functionality is that the corners of the overhang might press against the foam material in the headband of your headphones and leave little indents. This is a pretty big problem for a stand as expensive as this, especially since there are $15 stands on Amazon that have built in curves that are meant to mitigate this exact problem.

Lastly, you could hang any other small object of your choosing from this stand. And although the weighted base is the perfect size to keep your coffee cup, I do not recommend storing beverages on this thing, mostly because of the electronics, cables, and the ports on the top and side of the base.

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Now here’s the real selling point of the stand, the aesthetics. This thing comes with a hefty price tag, so it had better serve some non-stand purpose.

Thankfully, it does serve a purpose, by being absolutely beautiful. Many hardcore gamers and other computer enthusiasts love their RGB keyboards and lights and cases and everything, and this stand comes with adjustable RGB LED lights. A ring of lights covered by foggy plastic around the base emits a constant band of milky light and lets out a nice, mellow, moving glow.

The Corsair logo on the stand itself also glows, and the default setting for both of these things is a milky, mellow rainbow. It goes quite well with most other glowing computer parts, and is perfect for anyone who wants to add another sleek, glowing thing to their desk.

The non-glowing parts look great too: everything that isn’t a port or a cable is covered in a lovely, black-painted aluminum, and this alongside the sleek rounded bevels make the whole thing look like a cool Apple product. And even if you dislike RGB lights, the lights are optional, so you can always leave them off, resulting in a milky white stripe and a milky white corsair logo.

The black color also goes well if your deck has lots of black or white products, especially Corsair products; I’ll get into why this goes well with other Corsair products in a minute. For now, let’s talk durability.


Most computer peripherals are extremely fragile; however, this aluminum monstrosity is made almost entirely out of metal, which means that it’ll resist most harm. The headphones on it are likely far, far more fragile than the stand itself, and if you were to slam the stand against certain kinds of tables, the table would probably break before the stand did. And the lights might still work when you’re done!

I have not tried slamming this against my table, so please don’t try this yourself. But if you don’t slam it into any tables, it should last indefinitely.

The most fragile parts of this are the cable, the two USB ports (one on top of the base, one on the site) and the headphone jack on the side of the base. These things are about as durable as any ordinary cable or port, but there are few circumstances where they’ll reasonably come into harm, since you won’t be moving the stand around that much and they’re shielded by the aluminum casing.

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In addition to the charming looks of this device, the stand has several other features that make it useful in some situations. The base is extremely well weighted and is resistant to most tipping, so it’s difficult to knock over on accident.

Additionally, the underside of the base is covered in rubber, which helps prevent sliding, protecting the valuable headphones on top of the stand.

Another wonderful feature is the USB port located on top of the base but below the spot the headphones hang from: if you’re using wireless headphones, you can put the wireless receiver dongle in this port for easy, stylish storage. Additionally, you could opt to plug something into the port on the side, and both ports let you charge your device.

Lastly, the headphone jack and USB port in the side is a good way to charge your wired headphones and store the ends of the cables so that they don’t dangle all over the table.

Surprisingly enough, you can use the stand as a surround sound gaming speaker: the Corsair Gaming ST100 Headset Stand has “Gaming” in the name, so it had better serve some gaming function. The sound quality is average and isn’t all that remarkable, but it’s not bad either. It’s fine. It works.

The last and arguably most important feature of the stand is the built-in corsair RGB color adjustment software. Corsair’s software works with all Corsair products, and lets you adjust both the stand and any other products you have.

So, if you own lots and lots of Corsair products and are a huge Corsair fan, you probably already know about this feature but will still love it nonetheless. Because you can adjust all your products in one interface, and you get a ton of customization options such as color, color change speed, pattern of color change, etc. You can turn your entire Corsair-themed desk from one color to another in the blink of an eye and have it all sync up in a satisfying way.

And if you don’t want your lights to sync up, you can always toggle all the lights separately; maybe you want the stand to pulse blue and purple, and you want your computer case to be rainbow, and so on.

Although it must be extremely expensive to populate your desk with nothing but Corsair products, it can offer unlimited color and light possibilities!

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Final Verdict

Corsair is famous for their aesthetically pleasing, if occasionally overpriced products, and almost everything they sell has RGB lights attached to it, including the Corsair One i145 Compact Gaming PC, the Corsair Hydro X Series XC7 RGB CPU Water Block, the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Gaming Mouse, and the Corsair iCUE QL120 RGB PWM White Triple Fan Kit.

If you replace your entire collection of computer parts and peripherals with Corsair products, you can turn your gaming room into a blinding light show, even though it is unreasonably expensive to do so. But if you have money to spare, and that’s your thing…

If you don’t have money to spare and aren’t some kind of RGB light fanatic, you can purchase lots of far cheaper headphone stands on Amazon. Elevation Lab’s “The Anchor” is a clever headphone stand that can be mounted underneath your desk via a strong adhesive, creating storage space where none previously existed.

And, it’s only USD $12. And even better, it can store two pairs of headphones! If you desperately need a place to store your headphones and have no desk space, this is the headphone storage solution for you.

In conclusion, the Corsair Gaming ST100 Headset Stand is a very unusual product meant for a select group of RGB enthusiasts. Most people should not buy it, but most people are not addicted to RGB lights. If you go to sleep at night and dream about the RGB lights on your RGB car as you drive around with your RGB light covered wife and RGB kids in an RGB town, then troll your kids by going to the RGB McDonald’s and ordering one RGB black coffee for you and your RGB wife and then driving away as your RGB kids complain, then this is the product for you and you should buy it immediately. If not, buy The Anchor.

Final note: The Corsair Gaming ST100 Headset Stand looks like a much thinner version of the K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker and I can’t unsee the resemblance. They’re even about the same price!

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Corsair ST100 RGB













  • High Quality Build
  • Great RGB Lighting
  • 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Well Balanced
  • Plenty of Connectivity


  • Premium Price
  • Only for One Pair of Headphones
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