1. I need help in two areas regarding my Musetex 903-D6 PC Gaming Tower. First, where do I connect the “VDG” cable? Second, there are two cables that have switches on the one end, while having on the other ends ResetSW, and PowerSW. Where do they go and what are they for? The manual for the MSI Mag Z490 Tomahawk says a little about a “Chassis Intrusion Connector or Detector” and it seems like it would make sense as it is the type of switch to be activated upon opening the cover, but give absolutely no detail. Please help me.

    • Hey William,
      The cables labeled HDD LED +/-, POWER LED +/-, PowerSW and ResetSW are there to supply power to the front panel of the case (power button, reset button and LEDs). Find a 10 pin header on your motherboard labeled ‘JFP1’ and plug all the cables there. To connect them properly, go to MSI website and check the manual: .You will find the exact instructions on page 5 of the manual. You can also follow this video if you’re not 100% sure:
      Regarding the VDG cable, it’s an adressable RGB connector and this one goes in either ‘JRAINBOW1’ or ‘JRAINBOW2’ header. Again, you can follow the MSI manual, page 41.
      Hope this answered your questions and let me know if you need a hand with anything else.

  2. I just discovered another area I need assistance on regarding my Musetex 903-D6 Gaming PC Tower. There are two more relatively short cables for peripherals that came with the Tower Case. They have LED lights on one end. One Clear {White}, and the other red. they are very tiny with one having Power Led + and Power Led – {Clear Led}. The cable with the red Led has HDD Led +and-. I need help on this as well. Where the heck do they go? Where do they plug in? Musetex has no help on any of this.

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