5 Best PC Case Brands in 2024

Wondering who makes the best PC cases? Here are the top 5 PC case manufacturers & their best offerings!

Best PC Case Brands

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Your PC case is going to be the first, and often the only impression people are going to get of your PC unless you’re going to let them playtest it or crack it open for themselves. It’s pretty easy to get a case that’s going to fit everything you need, so you want something that looks the part.

Since the exact case that works best for you can vary depending on a lot of factors, including a great deal of personal preference, there’s no such thing as one single “best case.” Instead, the most helpful thing to do is to look at the best brands of PC cases since they’ll often have a consistent quality and typically a unifying design philosophy.

To help you pick that out, we’ve put together what we consider the best PC case brands in 2024. These are the top 5 PC case manufacturers, and you’ll be able to pick confidently from among them.

Does the Brand of a PC Case Matter?

The short answer is yes, the brand of the PC case does matter.

Any manufacturer can make a good case, and just because we’ve excluded a manufacturer from this list doesn’t mean they don’t. The question is consistency. Is there going to be a major difference in quality between their premium cases and their cheaper cases, or is it just a question of size and what comes pre-installed?

The more a manufacturer works with different materials, styles of construction, and cooling methods, the more consistently they’ll be able to produce a quality case with those features.

For instance, a lot of premium cases include a side window. Depending on the brand, it will be made of either tempered glass or some kind of plastic. Tempered glass is obviously sturdier but is typically more expensive.

So, if it’s a brand that doesn’t work with tempered glass as often, they’ll pass those expenses on to you to a greater degree than brands that move through a lot of tempered glass.

Glass is also an insulator of heat, which means they’ll need to have heatsinks and other areas to vent heat. How effective the case will be at that will typically depend on how much experience the manufacturer has with making PC cases with tempered glass panels.

Another example is liquid cooling. A lot of cases have the space to mount radiators for liquid cooling, but if the manufacturer hasn’t made liquid-cooled PCs before or done a lot of research, you can end up with really fine tolerances that can make installing radiators a lot more difficult than they need to be.

The better and more experienced your PC case manufacturer is, the less you’ll have to think about making it do what you need it to.

Does a Good PC Case Make a Difference?

If you’re not familiar with PC building, your instinct may be to say that the PC case is literally just a box that the parts need to go into, and while that may be technically correct, there is a noticeable difference between a good PC case and a bad one.

That said, a good PC case isn’t as essential to performance as your CPU or GPU. If your choice comes down to spending an extra $200 on one of those components or your PC case, you should pretty much always sink more money into core components like that.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t skimp on your case, either. If you’ve got the money to spare, trying to shave off $50-100 just for the sake of saving money can cause a lot of frustration down the line and may require you to spend that money right back on extra cooling or, in extreme cases, on replacement parts.

Besides that, if you need to do maintenance and repairs or are going to swap out pieces to upgrade them, then a good case is going to make that a lot easier.

Just like with brands, the difference between a good case and a bad one is how much time you have to spend thinking about what you need it to do. A good case is going to make for a simpler, worry-free PC ownership experience.

What Makes a PC Case Good?

A lot of what makes a PC case good is subjective. A good case for someone who needs their PC to travel isn’t going to be the same case as a professional streamer who has a dedicated gaming room. For some people, a good case is one that showcases all of their parts, and for others, it’s one that has a lot of accessibility and support for peripherals.

There are still a few objective factors that make a PC case good. The biggest one is cooling capacity, which is actually a combination of several smaller metrics.

The first is going to be how much heat your case is going to allow to dissipate naturally. This is going to be a mix of ventilation and the extent to which parts of the case itself can function as heat sinks. Typically, cases with large mesh panels and/or thin steel or aluminum panels will be best for this.

The next is going to be how many coolers the case can hold. A case with poor cooling will often only be able to hold one or two fans. On the other hand, some of the best cases we’ve looked at have included space for 6, 8, or even 10 fans and multiple radiators.

Good cases will also often include a number of these fans preinstalled. Low-quality cases might not include fans, or worse, will have a number of cheap, noisy fans installed that you’ll need to pay to replace.

Finally, the ease with which everything can be installed or accessed is a big one. You don’t necessarily need a fully modular case, but one that will allow you clear access to your motherboard or other installed components and then be able to be reconstructed quickly and easily will make your life a lot easier.

Best PC Case Brands in 2024

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at the five best PC case brands you can shop from in 2024.

The cases these manufacturers make are consistently high quality in terms of both construction and cooling and have a good variety in both sizes and styles.

1. Thermaltake

Thermaltake has been in business since 1999, and in addition to making cases, they also manufacture fans, radiators, and power supplies. This is a pattern that you’ll notice among the higher-quality case brands.

Case manufacturers that also make these components will have better testing and quality when it comes to how well their cases work with those components (whether you use the same brand or not).

Since cooling capacity is a big part of what makes a case good, a case that’s been designed and heavily tested around those elements is going to have an edge right off the line.

Thermaltake cases tend to be large, with clear tempered glass panels and tons of room for fans and radiators. Many of the largest, highest capacity cases we’ve looked at have been Thermaltake cases, with a few notable examples having the space for a dozen or more fans.

In addition to that, Thermaltake makes PC cases for virtually anyone. They have a large selection of open-frame cases for water cooling or wall-mounting, some extreme super-towers for enthusiasts, cube-shaped cases, and a large number of traditional mid and mini-tower cases.

With a few exceptions (what’s up AH T600), their cases feature simple, modular designs with large glass panels meant to showcase your build.

If you’ve sprung for some high-end components, done a lot of work on liquid cooling or cable management, or just can’t get enough of that RGB shimmer, then a Thermaltake case is probably right for you.

Thermaltake Tower 900

”Best Full-tower Case from Thermaltake”

Thermaltake Tower 900

Thermaltake has a huge selection of excellent full tower cases, but the one we felt was the best example of their build philosophy is the Tower 900. It’s a fully modular vertical tower, which is something a little different but can really step up your cooling and display if deployed correctly.

The Tower 900 features tempered glass panels on 3 sides and is available in both black and white. There’s room for up to a dual-loop liquid cooling system. It’s a case meant to show off customization to the greatest possible effect.

If cable management isn’t your strong suit, the compartment behind the chassis takes up nearly a third of the interior, meaning you’ll hardly have to pay attention to cables. There’s also a spot for a vertical GPU mount along the side of that back section, which is something we don’t see often.

In addition, there’s a ton of room for cooling. The case comes with two 140mm exhaust fans mounted on the top, with space to install an additional 11 fans for a total of 13 fans throughout. If you’re going for liquid-cooled (which is what this case is made for), there’s space for two massive radiators, up to 480mm/560mm, on each side.

Overall, the Thermaltake Tower 900 is one of the largest, most versatile, and high-performing PC cases on the market. If you plan on building a high-performing, water-cooled gaming rig, this is the case for you. It’s not the cheapest out there, but it’s definitely worth the money.

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Thermaltake Core P5

”Best Mid-tower Case from Thermaltake”

Thermaltake Core P5

If you’re feeling adventurous, the Thermaltake P-series has a lot of really interesting options, especially when it comes to open-frame cases. The Core P5 is a bit more conventional but still has plenty of room for customization.

Like a lot of Thermaltake’s offerings, it’s fully modular, allowing you the option to assemble this as an enclosed glass case or as an open design with just the chassis and front glass panel.

The case can support air or water cooling, with either option being augmented by the open design. Since it’s constructed with a more open design in mind, there’s not as much space to mount fans or radiators as some of their other options, but there’s still space for up to a 480mm radiator or four 120mm fans.

This is going to be more than adequate for most builds, especially if you keep the case somewhere open and elevated.

Whether you opt for open or enclosed glass construction, this is another case that’s excellent for showing off your build. It has the option to mount your motherboard vertically or horizontally, which opens up more options as far as how you display. The cable management compartments are surprisingly large, but this case still isn’t what we’d call forgiving if you’re trying to hide errant cables.

All in all, the Thermaltake Core P5 is another excellent case from Thermaltake. It offers excellent ventilation, impeccable build quality, and a lot of customization. If you’re looking for a mid-tower with a unique style, the Core P5 should be at the top of your list.

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Thermaltake S100

”Best Mini-tower Case from Thermaltake”

Thermaltake S100

Mini Tower builds are known for being versatile, compact builds, but you can still put a lot of performance into them on one or two major conditions. You need to be able to put a large enough PSU in, and you need to be able to keep the whole thing cool, which can be a struggle in a case that’s smaller than most microwaves.

That’s what makes the S100 such a standout. It’s got room for up to a 160mm power supply and room for five fans or three radiators if you’d rather have liquid cooling. That, plus the ventilation, makes this an astonishingly well-cooled case despite its smaller form factor and low price tag.

It’s available in black and white and features a large tempered glass door, which swings open for easy access. All in all, the Thermaltake S100 is a case that checks all of the boxes that we’re looking for in a cheap, high-performing tower without making any of the sacrifices you expect from a smaller tower.

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2. Corsair

Corsair probably needs the least introduction of any brand on our list. They’ve been making high-performance gaming gear in the American market since 1994. In that time, they’ve expanded their lineup to just about everything short of processors.

In addition to headsets, mice, keyboards, and other peripherals, they also manufacture the three big things we look for in a quality case manufacturer: cases (obviously) but also both liquid coolers and fans and power supplies.

What sets Corsair above a crowded field of gaming brands is their absolute dedication to putting performance first. Of course, they have the signature presence (and perhaps excess) of RGB lights on their products, but beyond that, most of their design is shockingly simple. A few exceptions exist, of course, but none of these compromise performance in any way.

Corsair cases (and most other parts) tend to be a bit more expensive, and while it’s not hard to justify the price for the level of performance you’re getting, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that you’re paying for the brand. Of course, if you like the brand and want the combination of build and brand to give you some extra gaming cred, then it’s worth it.

Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D

”Best Full-tower Case from Corsair”

Corsair Obsidian 1000D

The Corsair Obsidian series is practically an obelisk. It stands over two feet tall and is made up of smoked tempered glass, steel, and aluminum. As the name might suggest, it’s only available in all black.

It’s one of only a few cases on the market capable of supporting two complete builds, which is useful for competitive streamers and others who might want some secondary function from their PC that won’t distract from the core performance.

The case is designed with high-performance liquid cooling in mind, with multiple retractable cooling racks installed. There’s room for a total of four 480mm radiators and 18 total fans. Most of these mount on telescoping racks, allowing you to absolutely maximize the ventilation of your radiators.

Obviously, with a case this size, there’s going to be no problem with accessing interior components, and the fact that the cooling racks extend and retract makes cleaning, repair, and replacement even easier. Things can get a bit fiddly if you opt to include the second motherboard, but you’ll typically still be able to reach everything.

With that being said, if you’re in the market for the biggest and coolest PC case, look no further than the Obsidian Series 1000D. It’s one of the biggest PC cases on the market, and there is nothing it cannot do or doesn’t have. This is the ultimate PC case from Corsair.

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Corsair iCUE 5000X

”Best Mid-tower Case from Corsair”

Corsair iCUE 5000X

The iCUE 5000X is the sort of tower that can really only impress through performance, and fortunately for Corsair, it does. It is a sturdy, well-constructed case, but if the RGB fans aren’t running, there’s almost nothing that seems to set it apart from other cases.

Fully equipped, though, the RGB fans are employed to maximum effect, and it’s extremely well-ventilated for a case with this many glass panels.

The case is mostly made of steel and tempered glass, which makes it a bit heavier than some cases of a similar size. There are a few plastic elements, but they’re non-structural, so the case is still plenty sturdy.

As we mentioned above, it’s an extremely well-ventilated case, but it also manages to pack in the largest number of fan or radiator mounts you’ll find in a mid-tower. There’s a total of three 360mm radiator mounts or space for up to ten 120mm fans.

This is a case that looks and feels extremely compact but manages to accommodate a staggering amount of power and potential without starting to feel crowded.

Currently, the Corsair iCUE 5000X is by far the best and most popular mid-tower case from Corsair’s lineup. It’s an extremely high-quality, high-performing case with a clean design. It’s a bit pricey; however, if you want a case that’s going to perform well and last for years, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better.

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Corsair Crystal Series 280X

”Best Mini-tower Case from Corsair”

CORSAIR Crystal 280X

The Crystal series 280X is available with or without RGB fans. We recommend with, officially, because that gets you more cooling potential out of the box. Plus, the included fans are situated in a position where you can choose to fill in the other two fan mounts with RGB fans, regular ones, or leave them empty, depending on your preference and power needs.

The interior of the case can feel a bit crowded since it’s split nearly down the middle into two compartments. The rear compartment contains cables and your PSU, which is going to keep the main compartment more organized. That’s going to help with how crowded it feels, but you’re still working with some pretty close tolerances.

The case is closer to a cube than a conventional tower, which makes it feel fun and compact. It’s going to be good for people with limited space but isn’t quite as travel-friendly as some other mini-cases if that’s a priority for you. It’s made of steel and tempered glass, so again, it’s a bit heavy but incredibly sturdy.

Overall, the Crystal Series 280X is a great little case from Corsair. It is about the size and shape of an XBOX while being able to hold enough power to completely blow it out of the water. It’s a great way to flex on your console gamer friends.

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3. Lian Li

First founded in 1983, Lian Li is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of computer cases on the market today. Similar to Thermaltake and others on this list, they make a number of other components, including fans, coolers, and power supplies. This can help with compatibility between parts, but Lian Li doesn’t perform quite as well as Thermaltake on that front.

Their cases tend to be simple and straightforward, mostly made of aluminum and typically with one or occasionally two tempered glass panels.

These are cases that will let your build speak for itself but won’t demand scrutiny of your components the way some display cases do. There’s not a lot of variety in their cases, but everything they offer is extremely well constructed.

Lian Li makes some truly spectacular fans, so it’s a bit depressing that they tend not to include them in their cases, which definitely are not well-ventilated enough without them.

Once you get enough fans installed, there aren’t any issues, but it’s an extra expense to get it to the level that some other manufacturers ship at, to begin with.

Lian Li O11 

”Best Full-tower Case from Lian Li”

Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL

The Lian Li O11 series is available in full, mid, and mini models but makes its greatest impression as a full tower. The case has a full tempered glass panel on the front and a ¾ tempered glass panel on the front, with the rest of the front taken up by the I/O panel. This allows a solid view of the front and side of your build without it feeling too exposed.

The back chamber for cable management is reasonably large and has several well-spaced access points, which is always a plus in a case that is going to show off such a large percentage of your build.

Cooling-wise, there’s room for up to nine fans, three 120mm fans on each of the top, side, and bottom, which will allow a solid amount of cross-ventilation with a particular focus on venting through the top, which makes for excellent cooling. It also supports liquid cooling but clearly hasn’t focused on that quite as intently.

The Lian Li 011 is currently the most popular case from Lian Li’s lineup and for a good reason. It’s an extremely quality case with a lot of cooling and showcasing potential. And compared to premium cases from other manufacturers, it’s very competitively priced.

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Lian Li Lancool II

”Best Mid-tower Case from Lian Li”


Where a lot of towers are designed to look sleek and warlike, we’d go so far as to say that the Lancool II looks a bit friendly, especially with RGB fans installed behind the front mesh. The corners are not quite round, not quite angular. It’s a modern but non-threatening look.

The case is available in black and white, as well as a mesh variant that has a better-ventilated front and back for extra cooling. All variants of the case have the space for six total fans, three in front, one in back, and two on top, as well as radiators of the same dimensions to be mounted in the same places.

Both sides of the case are tempered glass doors, with the top ¾ hinge open to the back while the bottom hinges downward. It’s one of the most accessible cases on our list, period, with direct access to your motherboard, hard drives, power supply, and all other interior components.

With that being said, the Lian Li Lancool II is the absolute best mid-tower from Lian Li’s lineup. It offers fantastic performance across the board, and even better, it comes with a really affordable price tag. This case is perhaps the finest example of Lian Li’s engineering, with an excellent all-around focus on the main factors that make a case good.

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Lian Li TU-150WX

”Best Mini-tower Case from Lian Li”

Lian Li Tu 150

There’s plenty to recommend the TU-150WX, and we’ll get to that, but first, we’d like to draw your attention to one significant detail: it has a handle. A solid, collapsible, centrally located, honest-to-goodness handle.

You might not think this is a big deal, but if you’re looking for something portable, it is incredibly rare to find a case that, first off, has a handle, let alone one that’s any good and doesn’t weigh 40 pounds before you start putting components into it.

Like all of Lian-Li’s cases, this is aluminum and tempered glass with a brushed finish that’s available in black or silver/white. It’s largely modular, with the ability to easily snap side and top panels on and off for easy access to central components.

Cooling is a bit of a mixed bag. As a major plus, your PSU has its own vent at the top right of the interior, which means it’s going to contribute less heat to the interior than some cases, but it’s a bit harder to get good cross-ventilation going, as two of the four fan mounts are on the bottom beneath the GPU mount.

In summary, this is another excellent offering from Lian Li. If you’re looking for a small, quality, and portable mini-tower case, we strongly recommend you look more into the Tu-150X.

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4. Cooler Master

With the similarity in names, there’s going to be some inevitable comparison between Thermaltake and Cooler Master. In point of fact, Cooler Master is the older of the companies, founded in 1992.

In the meantime, they’ve been surpassed, if only narrowly, by rival Thermaltake. The two companies, both based in Taiwan, compete very closely and bring a lot of similar expertise to their design and construction.

As the name might suggest, Cooler Master puts a lot of their design focus into cooling capacity, though many of their cases show a slight preference towards air cooling and the ventilation associated with that.

Their cases are overall solidly built but tend to focus much more heavily on the mid and mini ranges, so you don’t have a lot of options (4, to be exact) if you’re going for a larger build. On the other hand, if you do want a mid or mini-tower, there’s a lot of versatility and functionality available from the brand.

Cooler Master Cosmos C700M

”Best Full-tower Case from Cooler Master”

Cooler Master Cosmos C700M

The Cosmos C700M sort of takes this position by default. It and three other cases are the only full tower options from Cooler Master. This isn’t to say it’s not a worthy offering from the company.

The case has a high capacity, and the construction, a mix of steel and tempered glass, is very sturdy and efficient. The curved window should offer a better view of the interior than it does, but you’re still able to showcase parts or use RGB lights to full effect.

You may notice that even though this case ostensibly has handles, we’re not making as much of a big deal of that. That’s mostly because the case is massive, almost 50 pounds, and so the handles aren’t good for much besides putting it into place.

If you opt for air cooling, the case has room for nine fans total, with three of them installed already. Alternatively, there’s room for up to three radiators, 420mm at the top, 240mm at the bottom, and either 140mm or 120mm at the rear.

The case isn’t modular, so it might be harder to make adjustments or repairs. The curved glass door allows access to the interior but still feels a bit cramped.

Overall, the Cooler Master Cosmos C700M is probably the best premium offering the company has to offer, as the combination of design, quality, and performance is among the best in class. In fact, since its release in 2018, it’s been one of the most popular full-tower cases on the market.

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Cooler Master MasterBox TD500 Mesh

”Best Mid-tower Case from Cooler Master”

Cooler Master MasterBox TD500

The Masterbox series makes up the bulk of Cooler Master’s offerings, with the TD500, specifically the mesh series, being one of the more striking and better-performing options from their lineup.

The case is extraordinarily well-ventilated, with mesh panels on the front and top. There’s room for seven total fans, which, for a case this compact, is really good. Plus, the front mesh panel also obscures the fans the tiniest bit, so you get a more radiant effect from your RGB.

Besides that, the front and top areas also have radiator mounts, with space for two 360mm radiators. It has a lot of the benefits of an open case without nearly as much danger from outside contaminants.

The one downside to this case is that it’s not as sturdy as we’d like. There are some plastic elements, and the mesh panels can bend and tear. None of the construction issues rise to a level that we’d consider to have compromised the structural integrity, but this case requires a bit more delicate handling than the rest of the Masterbox lineup.

In summary, the Cooler Master MasterBox TD500 Mesh is one of the best-performing and most popular mid-towers from the Cooler Master’s lineup. The combination of high cooling capacity and price makes this a solid case for budget-conscious gamers.

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Cooler Master MasterCase H100

”Best Mini-tower Case from Cooler Master”

cooler master h100

The Mastercase H100 is a fantastic example of the advantages of buying from a company that makes both cases and fans. They can go out of their way to create fun things like an extremely compact case with one giant fan in the front.

The whole thing is less than a foot square but can hold a Mini-ITX build and has the space for up to a 210mm GPU and full-sized power supply. The mix of extreme compactness and power makes this a phenomenal portable gaming PC (plus it has a handle, a topic we’ve made our thoughts clear on before). It can also serve as a console alternative, taking up less space than many of the current-gen options.

If you’d like to add liquid cooling, things get a bit tight, but there is still room for up to a 200mm radiator in addition to the single fan. The case is mostly steel and steel mesh, so it still cools well for the amount of power you could reasonably install inside it.

There are a few plastic components, but once again, none that seriously compromise the build. However, the biggest issue you’re going to have is interior access. You’re working in a very small amount of space, so clearance, especially on your CPU and GPU coolers, is going to be a big deal.

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5. Phanteks

Phanteks is the youngest company on our list by almost a decade, having been founded in 2007. In that relatively short time, they’ve shot up the ranking, producing a fantastic variety of PC parts, including fans, liquid coolers, power supplies, and, of course, cases. Many of their cases appear in yearly rankings for the best case of the year.

Like most of the brands on our list, their selection is monolithic but highly functional. Their cases tend to be well-ventilated and made of all metal or a mix of metal and tempered glass, so they’re sturdy and well-cooled.

Phanteks is also the most budget-friendly option on our list, with many of their options, including both mini and mid cases, coming in below $100.

Phanteks Eclipse P600S

”Best Full-Tower Case from Phanteks”

Phanteks Eclipse P600S

The Eclipse P600S is something of an oddity in that it’s the only case we’ve reviewed that includes the option for a solid side panel. Most gaming towers include a tempered glass panel, and with good reason. A lot of high-performing gaming components include RGB elements, and if you’re not showing off liquid cooling, why do you even have it?

The P600S has the option for a tempered glass panel in all three of the available colors, but it also has the option to leave it off. This can make cooling a little more efficient, and if you’ve opted away from RGB or are trying to hide poor cable management or mismatched parts, it can be a plus.

It fits up to an E-ATX board but with a little tighter tolerance than we’d like to see. The case has sound-dampening panels and a sizable compartment for cable management, which makes keeping everything tidy and accessible a lot easier.

We’d like to have seen a bit more cooling capacity from this one. There’s room for up to seven fans, which is not bad, but it’s also less than we’ve seen out of some of the mid-tower options from other brands. It’s a bit better on radiators, with room for two radiators, up to 420mm on top and 360mm in front.

All in all, the P600S is by far the best case from Phanteks’ lineup. It’s not as visually striking, but it’s extremely well constructed, has a clean design, and has a lot of support for storage and liquid cooling. Plus, it’s very competitively priced. If Phanteks is your brand of choice, you cannot go wrong with the P600S. 

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Phanteks Eclipse P360A

”Best Mid-Tower Case from Phanteks”

Phanteks Eclipse P360A

The Eclipse P360A, the mid-tower offering from the same lineup as the P600S above, has no such issues with cooling. Its front and top are covered with a fine metal mesh, which is more secure than some of the plastic mesh from some other brands and also allows for excellent ventilation.

Speaking of ventilation, there’s room for up to 5 fans or three radiators. We’ve seen a bit better from some brands that take cooling extremely seriously, but it’s excellent for a mid-tower case and will be plenty for even the most extreme gaming builds.

Construction-wise, the rest of the case is steel as well, except for the tempered glass side panel. However, there’s not a ton of space for cable management, and the compartment they have set aside for it isn’t as easy to access either.

With the P360A, you’re making some small sacrifices in ease of setup to get excellent cooling. As long as you don’t plan on frequently swapping drives in and out, this is an excellent case.

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Phanteks Evolv Shift II

”Best Mini-tower Case from Phanteks”

Phanteks Evolv Shift II

The Evolv Shift II is another example of the unique builds you can make with a mini-ITX form factor. It’s a tower, available in either glass or mesh front paneling, which is a shape you typically only see in larger form factor cases.

There’s a mix of materials that go into the construction. The chassis is steel, while the modular panels are aluminum. The front panel is either tempered glass or a fabric mesh, depending on whether you pick the base Shift II or the Shift II Air.

Cooling-wise, there’s space for three fans in addition to your GPU being mounted against the rear vent for extra cooling. The bottom and side fans force air up and out, but the top is taken up by the motherboard and GPU slots. It’s a good use of space, but a top exhaust fan might have been nice for more demanding builds.

Overall, the Phanteks Evolv Shift II is one of the best-constructed mini-cases available on the market. It is a delightfully compact tower, but one that might not travel super well if you opt for the fabric-sided model.

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In Conclusion

The brands we’ve listed have many excellent cases besides the ones we’ve listed here, and there are just as many brands that narrowly missed being included in our ranking this year.

Whether you choose a case that’s on our list or not, you’ll want to keep a few basic things in mind. First, pick a case that’s right for your build. Putting an ATX or MATX into an EATX build is going to make your PC seem small and empty.

Second, pick a case that’s going to have a good cooling capacity. Pick something that’s well-ventilated but ideally still has a mesh or other protection for the intake valves. Finally, pick a cause that’s going to be easy to build in.

There are some otherwise excellent cases that are a nightmare to try to fit everything inside or might require intensive disassembly anytime you need to clean it out.

Your case is the part of your PC that you’re going to be seeing the most of, so be sure to pick a good one!

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