Best Gaming Keyboards 2020 – Top 10 Keyboards For Any Budget

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If you’re on a hunt for a new gaming keyboard, you’ve come to the right place. We rated, reviewed and compared the best gaming keyboards of 2020 to help you find the one that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Over the years we’ve come across tens, if not hundreds of keyboards and for that reason we are confident to say that we know what makes for a good gaming keyboard.

In today’s market, there is an enormous number of keyboards and it is practically impossible for us to get our hands on all of them. Because of that, we did a long research to narrow down the keyboards for our testing. We spent weeks in our office to come up with keyboards that have great design, high performance and high build quality.

And here they are. In the table below you will find a quick overview of our top choices. As usual, we made sure there is something for everyone. We included classic wired keyboards, but also wireless keyboards, membrane keyboards, low-profile keyboards – you name it. There is also a couple of budget picks, so even if you’re on a tight budget, you will be able to pick a solid keyboard.

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1. Steelseries Apex Pro TKL
“Best Overall“


2. Razer Huntsman Elite
“Ultra Fast, Comfortable & Classy“


3. Corsair K70 MK.2 RGB Low Profile
“Fan Favorite“


4. Roccat Vulcan 122 AIMO
“Performance With Style“


5. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT
“Gamer's Choice“


6. Logitech G915 Lightspeed Wireless
“Premium Product Comes with Premium Price“


7. Ducky One 2 Mini
“Quality at First Place“


8. Logitech G513 Carbon
 “Class & Comfort for Gaming“


9. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro
“Best Value Pick“


10. Logitech G213 Prodigy
“Best Budget Pick“


1. SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL

Interface: USB | Switch: Omnipoint Switches / Steelseries Reds | Switch Lifespan: 100 million clicks | Backlighting: RGB

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  • Adjustable Omnipoint Switches
  • Durable Design
  • Great Looks
  • Easy On-the-fly Customization with OLED Display
  • One of the Best RGB Lighting out there
  • Well Designed Cable Routing on the Back


  • Premium Price
  • No Cushoning on The Wrist Rest

Our Rating:   9.7/10

As number one on our list we have the Steelseries Apex Pro TKL. For those who don’t know what TKL stands for, it means ‘Ten Key Less’, meaning you get a keyboard with all the features as the original one, only without the numpad. TKL keyboards are becoming more and more popular and the Apex Pro is in our eyes one of the best you can currently get.

The two main features that differentiate this keyboard from others are the OLED display with a multimedia wheel next to it and the omnipoint switches, which let you change their actuation point from 0.4mm to 3.6mm. That can be done either by utilizing the media wheel and the OLED display or via steelseries software.

Having the ability to change the actuation point of any given key (from the main 60) will give you a lot of flexibility with your keyboard. For example, if you play League of Legends, you can set your QWER keys to a higher actuation point, so casting spells happens as quick as possible and then your D, F keys to 3.6mm so you never miss click your summoner spells.

Similarly, in FPS games you can set your WASD and Shift key to the highest actuation point, so your movement is as quick as possible. For typing, you can set all the keys to a low actuation point for fewer typos and more comfort.

Like we mentioned before, this all can be done on-the-fly by utilizing the OLED display and the multimedia wheel. When you access the actuation menu, you will see numbers from 1-10, with 1 being the highest actuation point and 10 being the lowest and also a bar that shows a real time pressure that’s being applied on the key.

Just simply press a key you want to customize and assign an actuation point to it and that’s it, you’re done. It probably sounds more complicated than it actually is, but don’t worry. Customizing these keys is super simple.

Keep in mind that the multimedia wheel is not only for customizing the omnipoint keys. Combined with the OLED display, it lets you do almost anything with your keyboard. You will be able to adjust the RGB lighting, pick from all the different lighting effects, set up macros, control music and switch your profiles.

As for the build quality and durability, we have no complaints. The Apex Pro features a sturdy metal frame which looks and feels super durable. The omnipoint switches have been graded for 100 million click so they should last a very long time if that was your concern.

The Apex Pro TKL also features:

  • Magnetic Wrist Rest – Not the best out of bunch, but still offers a decent comfort and easy and quick attachment via a magnet. Besides that, it features nice steelseries logo in the middle
  • USB Pass through Port – With the USB port on your keyboard, you have the option to plug different peripherals like a headset or a mouse directly into your keyboard for more comfort and convenience
  • Three-Way Cable Routing – the three-way cable routing allows you to use the built-in channels to route the cable onto the same size as your case. That results in a cleaner desk and less possible damage for the cable

All in all, the Steelseries Apex Pro is an incredible keyboard. The omnipoint key switches are truly amazing and if you’re someone that looks for this kind of flexibility, this keyboard might be the perfect fit for you. Yes it is expensive, but you’re getting a full package. You will love what this keyboard can do for you.

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2. Razer Huntsman Elite

Interface: Wired | Switch: Razer Opto-Mechanical | Switch Lifespan: 100 million clicks | Backlighting: RGB

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  • Incredibly Responsive Switches
  • Super Comfortable Wrist Rest
  • High Quality Build
  • Attractive Looks
  • Amazing RGB Lighting


  • Poor Quality Media Buttons
  • No USB Pass Throigh Port
  • Lacking Dedicated Macro Keys

Our Rating:   9.5/10

The Huntsman Elite is Razer’s flagship gaming keyboard with an incredible RGB lighting, comfortable wrist-rest and super responsive opto-mechanical switches. Speaking of the switches, they have two major advantages over the classic mechanical switches.

First of all, they actuate by breaking an optical laser beam inside which sends a signal to your PC immediately, meaning the response time is faster than what you get with traditional mechanical switches. And due to the nature of the design, their lifespan is also higher (100 million strokes), meaning this keyboard should be the last one you buy in a long time.

As of now, you can pick from two different types of switches – Clicky optical switches with 1.5mm actuation distance and 45g of actuation force and Linear optical switches with 1mm actuation distance and 40g of actuation force. We prefer the clicky ones, just because of that nice satisfying click but if you are a fan of a quieter keyboard, the linear switches are also a great choice.

In addition, the Huntsman Elite has also dedicated media buttons, which is something that’s been missing on razer’s gaming keyboards for a long time. It’s great that they finally start putting these on their keyboards, but to be fair, they almost feel like Razer slapped them on at the last minute – they feel kind of cheap and also lack backlighting, which for a keyboard of this caliber is simply not good enough.

The other thing that we didn’t really like about the Huntsman is that it lacks dedicated macro keys. This probably isn’t a deal breaker for some people, especially if you’re Razer enthusiasts, but macro keys are something that many gamers are looking for these days.

What we did like a lot though, is the wrist rest. It is made from a memory foam wrapped in a super comfortable leatherette, offering maximum comfort during the longest gaming sessions. Besides that, it also features an RGB lighting. which makes for an amazing visual experience.

It attaches to the keyboard via six pins, which synchronize the RGB lighting of your keyboard with the wrist rest itself.

The Razer Huntsman Elite also features:

  • Aluminum Matte Top Plate – This aluminum plate not only looks super sweet, but also ensures a top-level of stability and durability for your keyboard
  • 4-Side Underglow – A full-4 side underglow offers you the ultimate RGB experience and even more room for customization with 38 zones assigned for that. You will love how this keyboard looks on your desk.
  • Stabilizer Bar – Each key has a stabilizer bar which ensures a smooth key stroke, meaning pressing a corner or a side of a key will feel exactly the same as pressing the center of it
  • Multi-function Digital Dial – If you thought the wheel at the top right corner of the keyboard is only for volume control, you were wrong. This multi-function digital dial can be assigned to almost any function you can think of – volume up/down, zoom in/out, skipping songs, brightness – it is completely up to you how you want to use it

To say the truth, the Huntsman Elite is far from being perfect. The lack of macro keys and poor quality of the media buttons brings it down a few pegs.

However, if you can overlook that, it is a stellar gaming keyboard with one of the best switches on the market, awesome RGB lighting and probably the best and most comfortable wrist rest we’ve ever seen on a keyboard. If you decide on it, you will love what this keyboard can do for you.

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3. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile

Interface: USB | Switch: CherryMX Low Profile Red / CherryMX Low Profile Speed | Switch Lifespan: 50 million clicks | Backlighting: Dynamic Per Key RGB

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  • Durable, High Quality Build
  • Super Responsive and Quality Switches with no Wobble
  • Onboard Memory for Profile Storage
  • Attractive Looks
  • Textured MOBA & FPS Keycaps Included
  • Vibrant RGB Lighting
  • Dedicated Media Controls Buttons and Volume Wheel


  • Only Two Types of Switches to Choose From
  • Poor Wrist Rest

Our Rating:   9.5/10

The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 low profile is (as the name suggests) a low profile version of the successful and popular K70 MK.2 gaming keyboard, but with few changes, or upgrades if you will, that make it a bit better in our opinion.

First of all, the most obvious change we really like are the low profile switches and keycaps. They not only look better on the keyboard but thanks to the design of the actual switches, they feel super solid and there is almost zero key wobble compared to the regular ones.

Another great improvement is on the spacebar. Remember that annoying rattle? It’s gone now. Thank you Corsair.

Altogether, these low profile switches and keycaps feel much better to type and game on compared to the regular ones on the non low profile version. However, you should keep in mind that this keyboard only comes with CherryMX red and speed low profile switches, which is kind of letdown.

For comparison, with the regular K70 you can pick from five types – Blue, Red, Brown, Silent and Speed. Nonetheless, if you’re a fan of either red or speed Cherry switches, you’re in for a treat.

The total height of this keyboard is only 2.9mm, which is more than 25% less compared to the regular version. That allows this keyboard to look like its almost a part of the table, which to be honest, looks fantastic. And combined with the floating key design, this keyboard looks gorgeous on the desk.

That’s about it for the changes that comes with the low profile version. They seem like a minor changes but they do make for a big difference and we really enjoyed them. The only thing that this keyboard doesn’t have compared to the regular K70 is the cable routing on the back of the keyboard, which you were probably not going to use anyways, but at least you know now.

The body of the K70 keyboard is made up of very solid, one-piece aluminum plate, which provides good stability and virtually no flex. The brushed finished also gives the keyboard a premium look and feel, which you’re just going to love.

At the top right of the keyboard you will find the multi media buttons and a volume wheel, which lets you easily control your music and volume on-the-fly so you don’t have to tab out of your game whenever you need to adjust the volume.

Note that the volume wheel feels high quality and has no wobble or rattle, which is something not everybody gets right on their keyboards.

The one thing we didn’t like about the K70 is the wrist rest. It doesn’t offer the comfort level of other wrist rests we’ve tried out. But the good thing is that it’s detachable and you don’t really need to use it. But it would be nice to get a premium cushioned wrist rest which would complement the premium feel this keyboard aůready has.

The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile also features:

  • Additional MOBA & FPS Textured Keycaps – A small detail that goes a long way. We really loved these textured FPS and MOBA keycaps. They feel very nice and the different color and texture lets you easier orientate on your keyboard whenever you lose track of your hand position during gameplay
  • USB Passthough Port – With the USB port on your keyboard, you have the option to plug different peripherals like a headset or a mouse directly into your keyboard for more comfort and convenience
  • 100% Antighosting With Full-Key Rollover – This function ensures a correct reading of every single key you press, even if you press all the keys at once. This can be handy in moba games, where you need to be able to cast your combos as quick as possible, which sometimes leads to pressing a bunch of keys at the same time
  • 8MB Onboard Profile Storage – With the onboard memory, you can save your macros and your custom lighting effects directly on your keyboard, so you don’t need to set them up again whenever you switch to a different PC or Laptop

With all that being said, the K70 MK.2 low profile keyboard is a tremendous gaming keyboard which combines everything that gamers are looking for these days – High quality build, great switches that feel super good while typing or gaming and also a neat design, which you will enjoy every time you look at this keyboard.

If you are looking for a low profile gaming keyboard, the Corsair K70 MK.2 is definitely worth the money.

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4. Roccat Vulcan 122 Aimo

Interface: USB | Switch: Roccat Titan (Brown) | Switch Lifespan: 50 million clicks | Backlighting: RGB

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  • Awesome Aesthethics
  • Switches Feel and Sound Great
  • Nice Low Profile Design
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Swarm Software is Easy to Use
  • Rich and Vibrant RGB Lighting
  • Durable


  • No USB Pass Through Port
  • Volume Wheel Feels a bit Clunky

Our Rating:   9.4/10

The Roccat Vulcan 122 Aimo is definitely one of the best looking and most attractive gaming keyboard we’ve ever had on our desk. It comes in all white with silver aluminum plate, which adds to durability and overall great look. The keys on the Vulcan have shortened keycaps, which allows for a closer look under the hood and for the RGB lighting to stand out even more.

Speaking of the switches, they are Roccat’s own Titan switches, which to be completely honest, feel really precise and responsive. They have actuation point of 1.8mm with 3.6mm travel distance, which might be a nice sweet spot for you if you’re not overly heavy-handed. They also have a nice fingertip shape which feels really comfortable and allows for precise typing and gaming. We found them really good both in-game and while typing.

The switches are tactile meaning they are quiet, while still having that nice tactile feedback that gamers are looking for. Besides that, each switch also features a plastic housing, which protects the mechanical parts from dust, dirt or any airborne particles and lets you clean your keyboard in a matter of seconds.

Overall, the feel, sound, quality and looks of the Titan switches are on point. Kudos to Roccat for making these Titan switches this good. The only drawback with these switches might be for people that like to have the option to change their keycaps or switches, since with the Vulcan you’re stuck with these due to the nature of their design.

As we mentioned before, the RGB lighting on this keyboard is great. I wouldn’t say it is the best out there, but it may be due to the lack of contrast with the white design. Nonetheless, you can go crazy with the Roccat Swarm software. It lets you choose from number of preset effects, make your own custom lighting, adjust the brightness, customize each key individually – the standard stuff.

Another thing worth mentioning is the wrist rest. It is thin, quite soft and it snaps in place magnetically. To be honest, not the best wrist rest we’ve ever seen. Compared to the one on Razer Huntsman, its a piece of crap. But if you really need one, it does its job just fine. But we prefer to game without it.

The Roccat Vulcan 122 Aimo also features:

  • Easy Shift Feature – The easy shift features allows you to assign a secondary function to any key on your keyboard or mouse (only works with roccat mice). You can use this in games where your character has a lot of abilities or spells or for playing a next song with your mouse – you can really put your creativity to a test here
  • Intelligent Organic Illumination – Despite the software offering a ton of ways for customization and various preset themes of lighting, we highly recommend using the intelligent organic illumination. It changes colors slowly and also reacts to your key strokes – an effect that’s beautiful without the need for customization

Overall, the Roccat Vulcan 122 Aimo is a tremendous low profile gaming keyboard, which looks amazing and will definitely stand out on your desk. It is durable, comfortable and super responsive due to amazing Titan tactile switches – it has everything any demanding gamer needs and wants. And the best thing is it comes at a fair price – cheaper than other flagship keyboards.

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5. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT

Interface: USB | Switch: Cherry MX speed | Switch Lifespan: 50 million clicks | Backlighting: RGB |

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  • Quality Switches and Keycaps
  • Great Aesthetics and RGB
  • Incredibly Durable
  • Six Dedicated Macro Keys
  • Integrated Elgato Stream Deck Software
  • Cushioned Wrist Rest


  • Premium Price
  • Really Heavy

Our Rating:   9.3/10

The Corsair K95 Platinum XT is a refresh of the top selling Keyboard from Corsair that has been around since 2017 – The K95 Platinum. Sadly, It doesn’t bring many changes and the keyboard looks basically the same, which is kind of disappointing. Especially, if you think about the fact that its been 3 years since the first release. On the bright side, the original K95 Platinum was overall a great keyboard and the new additions made it even better.

The K95 Platinum XT now features double-shot PBT keycaps, which certainly adds to the overall quality of this keyboard. These premium keycaps have a bit of texture to them and feel really nice both for typing and gaming. Besides that, double-shot PBT keycaps are mainly known for their high quality and therefore should last for a long time.

The XT version also features a new wrist rest, which is now cushioned and far more comfortable compared to the old one. On the down side, it doesn’t feel very premium and if we were to compare it with the Huntsman wrist rest, it would stand no chance. But in general, it does offer a good level of comfort, looks good and it is definitely an upgrade over the previous one.

Finally, the last upgrade that’s on this keyboard is the integration of the Elgato Stream Deck software into your six dedicated macro keys.

To use the Elgato stream deck software on your keyboard, you will need to download both the iCue and Elgato software to your PC and have them both running. You can then assign different actions (mute mic, start streaming, play ads, etc.) to your G-keys via the Elgato software. It is really easy to do and can be super useful for all the streamers out there.

The last thing that’s worth mentioning is the overall quality and durability of this keyboard. One thing we are very confident to say is that this keyboard will last you a very long time. It has very solid brushed aluminum top plate, German quality cherry MX switches (you can pick from Blue, Brown and Speed switches) rated for 50 million strokes and as we mentioned before, the double-shot PBT keycaps. This keyboard literally breathes premium and quality.

The Corsair K95 Platinum XT also features:

  • 8MB Onboard Profile Storage – With the onboard memory, you can save your macros and custom lighting effects directly on your keyboard, so you don’t need to set them up again whenever you switch to a different PC or Laptop
  • Dynamic Per Key RGB Backlighting + LightEdge – This keyboard offers a really vivid Per-Key RGB which combined with the LightEdge (an RGB light strip on top of the keyboard with 19 customizable zones) offers an incredible lighting experience and endless customization
  • FPS and MOBA Keycap Set – A small detail that goes a long way. We really loved these textured FPS and MOBA keycaps. They feel very nice and the different color and texture lets you easier orientate on your keyboard whenever you lose track of your hand position during gameplay

All in all, the K95 Platinum XT is a top quality gaming keyboard with great features and decent upgrades to it. The question that remains to be asked is: Is it worth the premium price? To be honest, that depends.

If you think the Elgato stream dock implementation is something you will use and also don’t mind paying a premium price for your keyboard, then the answer is yes. This keyboard was well-built from top to bottom and it will last a lifetime.

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6. Logitech G915 Lightspeed Wireless

Interface: Wireless / USB | Switch: Low Profile GL Switches | Switch Lifespan: 70 million clicks | Backlighting: RGB

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  • High Quality Build
  • Great Switches and Keycaps
  • Dedicated Audio Buttons
  • You Can Set Macros On The Fly
  • Super Responsive and Accurate
  • Long Battery Life
  • Super Thin Design


  • Premium Price
  • Volume Wheel Could Be Better

Our Rating:   9.2/10

The Logitech G915 Lightspeed is one of the best if not the best full-sized wireless gaming keyboard that’s currently available on the market.

Most noteworthy, it has a nice low-profile design with only 22mm of height, making it almost blend in with your desk. Thanks to its short height and keycaps, it also offers extra comfort when playing games or while typing. Though, If you’re used to thicker keyboards, the G915 also has two levels of angle adjustments, making it easy for you to find your sweetspot.

If you decide to purchase this keyboard, you get to pick from three different types of mechanical switches – GL Linear, GL tactile and GL Clicky, each offering a different sound and overall feel.

Our favorites are the Clicky switches, because of their satisfying audible feedback, which is very close to razer green switches, but a bit softer. The Tactile switches are also decent, especially if you are a fan of that tactile feedback. Lastly, the Linear switches probably offer the least satisfaction, but they are quiet and really, really smooth.

In terms of responsiveness and accuracy we found the GL switches extremely good. All the types have an actuation force of 50g, 1.5mm of actuation distance and total travel time of 2.7mm, offering great comfort as well as high-end performance.

Furthermore, the Lightspeed wireless technology is also super responsive and as you would expect, lag-free. It is the same technology that Logitech uses for their gaming mice and it’s also widely used in eSports where every millisecond can make a difference, so you don’t need to worry about its performance.

If you happen to run out of battery, you can simply plug in the cable via a micro USB port and keep gaming, whíle your keyboard is charging.

Speaking of which, the battery lasts whopping 1100 hours on a full charge, which is just insane. That’s with the RGB lighting off though. On a full charge with RGB on, you will get around 30 hours of use, which is significantly less, but still decent – almost a full week of use, depending on how often you use your computer. Sorry if we got you too hyped up.

Finally, there is a couple of things we did not like as much. First of all, the volume wheel has no tactility and doesn’t offer the best control. Also the M1-M3 keys, which are your profiles, have default yellow color and cannot be synchronized with the rest of the keys.

The Logitech G915 also features:

  • 5 Programmable G-keys – There is five programmable G-keys (G1-G5) on the left side of the keyboard. A great thing is that they can be programmed on the fly using the macro key (MR) which is located on top of the keyboard. You can simply press the MR button, select a G-key you want to program, type in your command and click the MR button again. And that’s it, your macro is set just like that – no software needed
  • LIGHTSYNC RGB With Per Key Lighting – The RGB lighting on this keyboard is truly beautiful. The colors are super accurate and vibrant and the whole keyboard is easily customizable using the Logitech G-HUB. You also can make your own custom lighting or choose from number of presets as well as choose different lighting for each and every button, giving you endless options to fit your current game our mood
  • Logitech G-HUB – The Logitech G-HUB software is very easy to use and navigate in, easy to download and lets you basically do anything with your keyboard. Like we mentioned before, it offers endless lighting customization but you can also further customize your macro keys, disable certain keys and much more
  • Bluetooth – The G915 also features dedicated Bluetooth button located on top of the keyboard, which makes connecting your keyboard with other devices easy and convenient.

All in all, we liked the G915 a lot. It features great design, switches and keycaps, nice a solid build with a metal frame, vibrant RGB lighting, adjustable height, dedicated media buttons, macro buttons – this keyboard has it all.

The only problem is the price. We don’t want to be the ones complaining about the price, since this is a great keyboard and it should be reflected on the price tag, but is it too much? We will let you be the judge here. All we can say is, if you have the money to spend on it, you won’t be disappointed.

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7. Ducky One 2 Mini

Interface: USB | Switch: CherryMX (Red, Blue, Black, Brown, Silent Red, Silver Speed) | Switch Lifespan: 50 million clicks | Backlighting: RGB

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  • Exceptional Keys With No Rattle
  • Compact and Durable Design
  • Fair Price
  • Three Levels of Elevation
  • Decent RGB Backlighting


  • No Dedicated Software
  • Takes Time to Get Used to

Our Rating:   9.1/10

The Ducky One 2 Mini is a 60% mechanical keyboard, which is good at saving space on your desk, has a high quality build and lots of room for customization. Above all, you can choose from almost all types of CherryMX switches including red, silent red, brown, blue, black and silver speed switches, which is obviously a huge plus.

Like we mentioned before, the build quality of this keyboard is really impressive. Mainly, it has integrated metal plate for more durability, double-shot PBT keycaps with laser engravings which last basically forever and of course, the German CherryMX switches, which have been around for quite some time now. Despite the high quality materials used, the Ducky One 2 Mini weights only 590 grams, which makes it a really solid and compact keyboard.

If you flip the keyboard upside down you will notice four rubber strips that do a good job of preventing the keyboard from sliding around and two plastic flip up feet, that offer thee levels of elevation for more comfortable typing, which are pretty good in terms of stability.

Due to the 60% design, you are going to miss some keys at first, but don’t worry, they are all on the keyboard. You will just have to look on the front of the keycaps to find them. Each key has a secondary function which is activated by pressing the ‘fn’ key first. You might find this a bit annoying at first, but after some time you will get used to it.

What’s challenging though, is to figure out how to control all the RGB effects, set up your custom effects and set up your macros. The Ducky One 2 Mini and all the ducky keyboards for that matter have no dedicated software and therefore everything’s done on-the-fly via different shortcuts.

For example, to cycle though different lighting effects you need to press fn + alt + T, to set up a macro key you need to press fn + alt + tab and so on and so forth. We are not going to write them all down, just make sure to keep the manual for this keyboard in a safe place – you will definitely need it.

A cool little thing is that they also include a few extra keycaps in the package that come in a random color. We got orange ones, which we didn’t necessarily like that much but you can get all sorts of color keycaps including grey, green, yellow, white, blue etc. which is kind of cool.

And if that’s something you are interested in, you can check their website for more custom keycaps.

The Ducky One 2 Mini also features:

  • N-key Rollover – This function ensures a correct reading of every single key you press, even if you press all the keys at once. This can be handy in moba games, where you need to be able to cast your combos as quick as possible, which sometimes leads to pressing a bunch of keys at the same time

With all that being said, if you’re looking for a smaller, compact mechanical keyboard, the Ducky One 2 Mini might just be perfect for you. It lets you choose from all kinds of switches to meet your needs, is extremely well-made to serve you for years to come and most importantly, comes with a decent price tag.

The only drawback might be the lack of software and the fact that you will need to read the manual every time you want to make some changes to your keyboard. But besides that, the Ducky One 2 Mini has a lot to offer.

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8. Logitech G513 Carbon

Interface: USB | Switch: GX Blue, Brown. Red | Switch Lifespan: 70 million clicks | Backlighting: RGB

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  • Elegant Design
  • You Can Choose From Linear, Tactile and Clicky Switches
  • GX Switches Are Fairly Good
  • Has USB Passthrough
  • Super Comfortable Wrist Rest
  • Feels Very Solid and Durable


  • No Dedicated Media Buttons
  • Quickly Picks up Dust and Dirt

Our Rating:   9.0/10

The Logitech G513 is a full sized mechanical gaming keyboard which lets you choose from three different types of mechanical switches – GX Blue (Clicky), GX Brown (Tactile) and GX Red (Linear).

Our came with GX Brown tactile switches, which was our first time trying them and we have to admit they sound and feel much better than the older Romer-G switches. Besides that, they offer great responsiveness in games, very satisfying sound and are comfortable for typing and regular use.

These switches have 1.5mm actuation distance, which is a bit higher than a typical mechanical switch, but combined with the nice tactile bump, they feel super quick and accurate while gaming and were surprisingly easy to get used to. But to say to truth, our favorite among logitech switches are still the GL low profile ones.

As for the design of the G513, it comes in two color variations – Carbon and Silver – Both have very simple yet elegant design. We tend to lean more towards the carbon version since the dark aluminum plate with black keys on top looks pretty damn good. Logitech claims that its made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy which should ensure maximum durability. And we agree, the G513 feels really solid and well-made.

On the back of the keyboard you will find six rubber feet that keep the keyboard in place nicely, two flip-up feet for angle adjustment and well-designed cable routing channels. You can use those for routing other peripherals like your gaming headset or mouse and prevent the cables getting in your way while gaming.

One of the biggest highlights of the G513 is the memory foam wrist rest which is wrapped in leatherette and offers maximum comfort during a long gaming or typing session. Surprisingly, it doesn’t attach to the keyboard in any way, but that not a big issue, since it has the same rubber feet as the keyboard itself. That allows you to place the wrist rest on the table in a way that provides the most comfort to you. Pretty good idea in our opinion.

In addition, the RGB backlighting on this keyboard is a bit different. Thanks to the design of the switches and keycaps, the lighting doesn’t spill across the frame unlike some other gaming keyboards, which adds nicely to the simple and elegant design.

Also, Logitech implemented some onboard lighting customization via the F5-F8 keys, so you don’t necessarily need to use the software when you want to quickly adjust the lighting

The only thing missing on this keyboard are dedicated media buttons. It’s not a deal breaker for us, you still have the option to control the media through the function keys at the top, but we think that dedicated media buttons with a chrome scroll wheel at the top right corner would bring this keyboard to another level. Oh well, maybe next time.

The Logitech G513 also features:

  • USB Passthrough Port – With the USB port on your keyboard, you have the option to plug different peripherals like a headset or a mouse directly into your keyboard for more comfort and convenience
  • 12 Gaming Keycaps – You get an extra set of gaming keycaps for 12 keys on your keyboard (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Q, W, E, R, A, S, D). They have a different, angular design and we really enjoyed using these. Great addition
  • Onboard Memory – With the onboard memory, you can save your macros and your custom lighting effects directly on your keyboard, so you don’t need to set them up again whenever you switch to a different PC or Laptop

The G513 is all-around great gaming keyboard that has seen a lot of success thanks to its simple, minimalist yet very classy design. The new GX switches also feel really good – they sound good, perform well and are build to last.

Overall, a very solid keyboard, which we can happily recommend to everyone who’s looking for a well performing, high quality gaming keyboard.

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9. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

Interface: USB | Switch: CherryMX Red (Linear) / Blue (Clicky) | Switch Lifespan: 50 million clicks | Backlighting: Red LED

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  • Compact Design
  • High Quality Build
  • Decent Backlighting
  • Quality Switches
  • Easy to Use
  • Fair Price
  • High Quality USB Cable


  • No RGB
  • No Dedicated Macro Or Multi Media Keys
  • No Wrist Rest
  • No USB Passthrough

Our Rating:   8.8/10

If you’re looking for a compact, easy to use and well performing keyboard that doesn’t cost a fortune, the HyperX Alloy FPS Pro might be the perfect fit for you.

It has a nice solid feel thanks to the sturdy metal plate, compact TKL (ten-key-less) design, which will save a bit of room on your desk and quality CherryMX switches, which you can pick up in two variations – the smooth linear Reds and clicky Blues, which have that satisfying audible feedback many gamers are looking for.

If we look at this keyboard from the gaming side of things, it basically has everything you need. It obviously has the CherryMX switches like we have already mentioned, but also decent, comfortable keycaps, which are easily detachable, so you have the option to put different ones on it.

For example, the HyperX red textured FPS/MOBA keycaps look amazing on this keyboard.

Additionally, this keyboard has 100% anti-ghosting and N-key rollover, meaning no matter how many keys you press at the same time, they all will be registered correctly, which can be handy especially if you play MOBA games, where you are more likely to press multiple keys simultaneously to cast your combo as quick as possible.

You can also active game mode on your keyboard by pressing fn + F12, which disables your windows key, so you don’t accidentally press it during a heated moment in your game.

What we liked about this keyboard a lot was the fact that it doesn’t require any software and you can control everything on-the-fly. For simplicity, all the secondary functions are accessible through the function key. You have your media buttons on F6-F8, mute and volume up/down on F9-F11 and game mode function on F12.

You can also control the red LED lighting of your keyboard through the arrow keys. The up and down keys are for controlling the brightness level or for completely turning it off and the left and right arrow keys let you cycle through the lighting effects. There is total of four preset lighting effect including the breathe, wave, ripple and responsive effect.

On the back of the keyboard there is four rubber feet that prevent the keyboard for slipping on your desk and two flip-up feet for some angle adjustment if you need that.

Now, lets talk about the things this keyboard doesn’t have. The most obvious thing is the backlighting. Yes, there is no RGB and to be honest, we don’t really mind. The red LED lighting and the black design of the keyboard goes well together and most importantly,  keeps the price down.

There is also USB pass through port, which some of you will probably miss. Also, no dedicated macro keys and multi media keys and finally, no wrist rest.

But does that really matter? We don’t think so. If you’re looking for a compact and affordable keyboard, you probably don’t need all these extra features.

From the functionality standpoint, the HyperX Alloy FPS Pro has everything you need. It has quality mechanical switches, decent back lighting, compact and very durable design which will last. You can basically slap it on your desk, plug it in and start gaming. And the best part is that it comes at a low price point.

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10. Logitech G213 Prodigy

Interface: USB | Switch: Logitech G Mech Dome | Switch Lifespan: N/A | Backlighting: 5 Zone RGB Lighting

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  • Well Performing Membrane Keyboard
  • Great Value for the Price
  • Dedicated Media Buttons
  • Spill-Resistant
  • Decent RGB
  • Plenty of Features


  • Mediocre Build Quality
  • Non-Detachable Wrist Rest
  • Takes up a lot of Space

Our Rating:   8.1/10

Traditionally, the last spot on our list goes to the best budget product we found on the market.

In this case, we’ve picked the Logitech G213 Prodigy. Just a heads-up before we get into the review, this is not a mechanical keyboard. It is a membrane keyboard, but a quality one and it brings a ton of value for the money you spend on it.

First of all, we want to talk about the keys. They are Logitech’s Mech Dome keys which have been designed to offer that tactile feedback you’re used to on a mechanical keyboard.

To be honest, they offer a nice feedback and sound fairly well for membrane switches. They also offer fairly good responsiveness for gaming and a comfortable, quiet stroke, which you will appreciate if you also do a lot typing on your keyboard.

Another nice feature is that the keyboard is water resistant. That doesn’t mean its waterproof – you can’t just pour water on it, but it will handle accidental spills with grace and will remain fully functional.

However, the overall build quality is not very high due to the plastic used and the keyboard bends quite a lot if you press down on it. Just be gentle with it, one good smash can send this keyboard to the grave.

For the lighting you get the full 16M RGB, that doesn’t bleed out, which we found suiting for this keyboard. You can customize it through the Logitech G HUB as well as choose from a bunch of presets.

Speaking of the G HUB, you can also set up macros on you’re keyboard or disable certain keys to avoid accidental presses during your gameplay.The only letdown is that you only get 5 zones of RGB as opposed to Per Key RGB, meaning you can’t customize each key individually on this keyboard.

On the back of the keyboard you will find long rubber strip, which does a superb job of keeping the keyboard in place and preventing it from sliding on your desk. There is also two kick stands for angle adjustments, pretty normal stuff.

One thing that we were happy to see Logitech put on this keyboard are the dedicated media control buttons, which to be fair, some of the more expensive keyboards on this list don’t have. You can play and pause your music, skip songs, mute and of course volume up and down, all on-the-fly, in your game.

The thing that has got us worried the most was the attached plastic wrist rest, which doesn’t look and feel particularly good. To be honest, it probably looks worse than it is when you actually use the keyboard. But we are still unhappy with this concept. Why not just make it detachable? There is a lot of people that do not use wrist rest so why force it down their throats.

Besides that, the keyboard doesn’t have USB passthrough port, no onboard memory for saving profiles and like we mentioned before, no per-key RGB.

But you have to keep in mind that the best feature of this keyboard is its price tag. For this price you’re getting really high value and some features that can be found only on high end keyboards with much higher price tag. For that reason the G213 Prodigy is our top recommendation for budget gamers.

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There you go. These are out top picks for the best gaming keyboards for 2020. We also included a short guide on what to look for in a gaming keyboard. Feel free to check it out below.

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What To Look For In a Gaming Keyboard

These days, any keyboard with an RGB lighting is considered a gaming keyboard. If we were to tell what are the most important factors that make for a good gaming keyboard, it would be first and foremost high quality switches and build quality.

But there is much more to it, especially if you’re looking for a keyboard that will not only last a long time, but also a one that is going to sound, look and perform the way you want.

Let’s look at some most important things to look at when shopping for a new gaming keyboard.

Mechanical Switches

Switches are probably the most important part of any gaming keyboard. In general, there are three major types of mechanical switches you can get with your keyboard and typically, most manufacturers let you pick which kind you want on your keyboard.

  • Linear Mechanical Switch – Linear switches offer the smoothest keystroke out of these three types, while also being quiet. The key goes straight down without anything stopping it, which helps gamers who want that quick responsiveness. The most popular linear switches are Cherry MX Reds. If you don’t like noisy keyboards and are a fan of smooth, fast keystrokes with no tactility, look to purchase a keyboard with linear switches
  • Tactile Mechanical Switch – Tactile switches are also quiet but not as smooth as linear switches – for a reason. The difference is in the technology. Tactile switches give you a tactile feedback to let you know the key you pressed was registered. This is also handy for typing, so if you play games and also use your keyboard for typing, tactile switches may be the way to go. The most popular tactile switches are CherryMX Browns
  • Clicky Mechanical Switch – Clicky switches are comparable with tactile switch in terms of the feel you get when you press the key, but there is a bit more of a bump and mainly, an audible feedback. They produce a loud clicky sound when being pressed and its really up to a personal preference whether you like them or not. Some gamers find the sound satisfying, some find it too loud and annoying. Most popular mechanical clicky switches are Razer Greens and Cherry MX Blues

Here is a sound test for the most popular mechanical switches:

Picking the right type of switches shouldn’t be that hard. If you’re not sure which one is the right for you, we recommend going with linear switches for pure gaming, as they offer the best responsivness. But it all comes down to personal prefference.

Just dont stress over it too much, its all about getting used to it.

Once you’ve decided on the type of switches you want on your keyboard, there is a couple more things you should consider:

  • Actuation force – Actuation force indicates how much force is required for the key to be registered when you press it down. It is measured in grams. In general, keys with lower actuation force offer better responsiveness and overall better flow in games. The standard for mechnical keyboards is around 50g and lot of gamers claim to have thweir sweetspot at 45g
  • Actuation distance – Actuation distance is the total distance between the top position of the key and its registration point. It may seem like smaller actuation distance should be better than higher, but we recommend not going too crazy about it. If you choose keys with actuation distance too low, you can accidentally press keys just by gently resting your fingers on them. If you have no idea whether you should go with smaller or higher actuation distance, we recommend going for 1.5mm – 2.0mm
  • Switches lifespan – Lifespan of switches is typically being stated by manufacturers. Obviously, here applies the rule the higher the better. Quality mechanical switches should have around 50 million clicks, but some companies even market their switches to have lifetime of 100 million clicks. We recommend not picking up anything below 50million keystrokes

RGB Lighting

Nowadays, RGB lighting is an inherent part of almost every gaming keyboard. However, some companies are better at it than others. How can you distinguish good RGB lighting from a bad one?

First thing first, you should check out color accuracy, richness and overall quality. Reading a couple of reviews is typically all you need to do to find out if a keyboard has high quality RGB lightingor not. But that’s talking cheaper keyboards, if you’re buying any high-end keyboard, you typically don’t have to worry about the quality of RGB lighting.

Good gaming keyboards also offer the ability to customize each key lighting individually, which is known as per key RGB, as opposed to just having two, three or five zones of lighting. That allows you to spend literally hours on customizing your keyboard with different colors and lighting effects.

Macro Buttons

Macro buttons are one of the most obvious signs of a gaming keyboard. They have no default function and its up to the user how they want to set them up. They are typically configured via a respective software and can be assigned to almost any function you could think of.

For example, they can replace shortcuts in windows, games or in multimedia softwares.


I really hope this has been helpful to you and if you have any question or you want to share your personal experience, feel free to post them in the comment section below and I will be more than happy to help you out.



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  1. I love gaming. I’ve played a few, but the one I’m settled on these days is StarCraft II I,m getting pretty good at least until I hit the Heart of the Swarm Campaign. I was doing everything on brutal. But not now. \

    I got myself a Huntsman keyboard. I like the way it clicks. Using hotkeys is a pain on a laptop even on an HP Omen. Since getting the Huntsman keyboard my skills have improved a lot. so the benefits of using a  special keyboard are immediately obvious. 

    I don’t think you mentioned your preference.

    One thing I liked was the idea of a keyboard without the number section. I could never figure out what it was for.

    My complaint is that now I have a pretty good keyboard I’m not interested in a large volume of different features for different keyboards. Your post to me reads like a terms and conditions agreement you run into everywhere. And you know what people do when they encounter them.   I don’t want a brochure listing features, I would rather hear about what you think on benefits. Benefits and examples of how your performance improved, not features. After a while, the features over and over fade into meaninglessness.

    Slick presentation, but I just wanted to skip to the end. Also, a good keyboard has benefits outside of gaming. I know gaming is getting more popular, but it’s still a narrow field. 

    I like the clicking sound. I don’t want smooth silent keystrokes and I’m weary of all this technical information.

    • Thank you for your feedback, we will keep that in mind

      Happy to hear the huntsman was a good choice for you!


  2. I was very impressed to find your site PC Mecca about that looks highly professional and dedicated to the PC sector.  Are you linked to any manufacturers? My son is in the market for a gaming keyboard now and so I have passed your details to him but as I´m paying for it, that is why I´m doing my own research.  The Steelseries Apex Pro TKL certainly appears to be a good all round choice but the Razer Huntsman Elite seems to be well rated and better value for money. At the other end of the spectrum the Logitech G213 Prodigy at $38 dollars seems amazing value but at the end of the day, you pay for what you get.  Would you buy and use that for gaming?

    I like the way you have laid out the pros and cons of each board.  If I was to ask you, which one is the best value for money, i.e. good price and quality of use, which one would you recommend to me please?

    • Hi there,

      All keyboards on our list are suited for gaming. If youre looking for the best value pick, check out the HyperX alloy fps. It isn’t packed to the brim with features, but it feels premium and performs super well for the money you spend on it.

      Hope this helps.


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