The 8 Best Gaming Glasses of 2021 – Top Gaming Glasses Reviewed

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Have you ever gamed straight through the night and spent the next day fighting off a nasty headache and dry eyes? There’s a powerful accessory that not only helps combat that, but makes you look badass too.

I’ve put together a tough list of the best gaming glasses in 2021 that won’t let you down while you’re facing 8+ hours of gaming with no interest in slowing down! These glasses will help cut down on the harmful blue light emitted by your devices and even promote a restful night’s sleep so you can get up bright and early for another day of virtual destruction.

1. Razer FPS by Gunnar


  • Excellent Eye Protection
  • Ultra Lightweight at 26g
  • Comfortable Even with Headset


  • Higher Price

If you’re looking for a pair of good looking glasses that help you stay strain-free, you can’t go wrong with the Razer FPS by Gunnar. What makes them so good looking?

They’re shaped like your everyday glasses with “Razer” etched out on both sides of the arms. This ultra sleek pair has black frames with bright neon green flourishes to keep you looking cool while in the midst of battle.

They’re ultralightweight at only 26gm with a lens width of 57mm, bridge at 18mm and temple at 138mm. And an added bonus, they’re designed to be wearable by both men and women and should be comfortable enough to wear with a headset!

What makes this particular pair so special? Gunnar has created the only blue light blocking computer and gaming glasses with their Patented Lens (#9417460) Tech. What does all of that mean? Well, that means the lenses by Gunnar have been approved by doctors to help those precious eyes of yours stay protected while simultaneously enhancing your vision (no you can’t see through walls, but we can dream can’t we?). For price point, they sit a little high, however.

They’re not just great for gaming, they’re perfect for tablets, smartphones, TV and computers! So while you’ll definitely get the most from them while gaming, you don’t have to take them off while on your phone – just keep them on to ensure your eyes stay healthy.

How are they different from any other blue light blocking lenses? The Razer FPS tells you exactly how much of the peak blue light spectrum they are blocking. The peak being, 450nm. Similar glasses struggle to reach such a strong level of high-energy visible light. This is a huge benefit that’ll save you from some intense, damaging light.

If you’re an avid gamer spending most of your day in front of the screen, you can’t go wrong with these powerful glasses. Your eyes will thank you and your friends’ competitor glasses will cower in fear.

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2. Torpedo Fit by Gunnar

Torpedo Fit by GunnarREASONS TO BUY

  • Excellent Eye Protection
  • Comfortable Even with Headset
  • Quality Build


  • Higher Price

If you really like the design of the Razer FPS glasses by Gunnar, but don’t quite like the style, then I have a slightly flashier version just for you. Take a look at the Torpedo Fit by Gunnar.

Their style is a little more subtle than the Razer FPS and look even more like sunglasses, as the lens frame doesn’t encompass the full lens. This makes them appear a little sleeker and more dynamic.

They also show off just a bit of red on the inside and a subtle red logo on either side of the frames. So if you love Gunnar’s tech but don’t want to be a bright neon green target, then the Torpedo Fit should be your perfect match.

They should also be comfortable enough to wear under your headset so you won’t have to give up yelling at teammates for the sake of your eye health. Size-wise you’ll be looking at a lens width of 73mm, bridge (nose) width 18mm and temple (arm) length 120mm.

Just like the Razer FPS, the Torpedo Fit glasses are built with Gunnar’s Patented Lens (#9417460) Tech. This means you get some top quality protection from some of the highest energy, peak blue light. So don’t put that Switch down just yet, your eyes will be just fine! And they’re doctor recommended as well, and we all love having the thumbs up from a doc.

Price-wise, they’re also a match for the Razer/Onyx glasses at just below $80. So in the end, your choice really comes down to which style you prefer. Where the Razer FPS glasses have more of a neon look, the Torpedo Fit glasses perhaps live up to their “torpedo” name and are more dynamic, sleek – perfect for riding your motorcycle after a round of Fortnite (okay, definitely not, but they do look cool!)

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3. Emissary by Gunnar

Emissary by GunnarREASONS TO BUY

  • Quality and Durable
  • Excellent Eye Protection
  • Black or White Option


  • Higher Price

Maybe you’re a big fan of the Gunnar brand and you just can’t help but stick with them when it comes to finding your new pair of glasses. If you’re in the market for a pair of gaming glasses from Gunnar that are a bit more on the subtle side, then you’ll really like the Emissary by Gunnar.

This is a really sleek and sexy pair of glasses. They look a bit like sunglasses but the frame doesn’t entirely encompass the lens. The frame itself is onyx black in color with a sturdy and durable aluminum / magnesium alloy combination that makes them look cool as well.

Additionally, you get the option of amber or liquet tinted lenses – both offering superior quality defence for those precious eyes of yours! And just like the other Gunnar options, you get doctor recommended protection from digital screens thanks to their Patented Lens #9417460. These lenses are meant to protect you from the worst rays of blue light.

As for the size of the glasses, they’re on the smaller side which could be ideal for you! Measuring with lens width of 55mm, bridge of 18mm, temple of 138mm, and weight of 18gm. They’re ridiculously lightweight and can sit comfortably under your gaming headset for your ideal gameplay.

As for price, they are a bit on the higher side like the other Gunnar options. Wearing this comfortable pair will protect you from dangerous blue light to make your gameplay much more enjoyable while helping you maintain that ever-important circadian rhythm and improving your sleep cycle (that is, if you can stop gaming long enough to sleep!).

While they might be pricey, you get your money’s worth from their sleek design to their patented protective lenses. And what else? Well, you get a little Gunnar baggy – how exciting!

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4. Archgon GL-ES3103R


  • Incredibly Durable
  • Aggressive Gaming Design
  • Super Comfortable
  • Minimal Effect on Color Accuracy


  • Worse Eye Protection Than Others

If you really like the shape of the Torpedo Fit/Onyx glaases by Gunnar, but don’t quite like the style, then I have a slightly flashier version just for you. Take a look at the Archgon GL-ES3103R Gaming Glasses.

Made of ultra durable flexible PC and carbonate, these babies are sure to last you some rough care. Their frames are also red versus black so you’ll have a bit of a more dynamic look. Size-wise you’ll be looking at a lens width of 70mm, lens height 41mm, bridge (nose) width 25mm and temple (arm) length 140mm.

Their soft rubber nose pad also helps to keep these guys sitting comfortably on your face for long periods of time. The last thing you want it to start feeling fatigued by glasses made to help you feel… less fatigued. Price wise, this pair will save you a bit compared to Gunnar, at just below $50.

The Archgon GL-ES3103R Gaming Glasses are built with the capability to block more than 65% of the harmful blue light coming at you from your screen. They’re made with special coated lenses that block that harmful digital blue-light and leave your eyes feeling healthy and strong.

And while these are meant for gaming, they protect you perfectly well whether you’re on your computer, smartphone and even TV. Thanks to the build of their lens, any glare and reflection you might get is greatly reduced.

Best of all, you won’t have to worry about your game’s colors being affected. The Archgon gaming glasses promise to have a totally minimal effect on color accuracy. So you’ll still get to enjoy those lush, rich Breath of the wild colors without having to risk your eyes in the process.

This ergonomic pair looks great on both men and women and leaves you feeling refreshed after hours of gaming or whatever it is you might be doing with that monitor!

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5. ANRRI Gaming Glasses

anri gaming glassesREASONS TO BUY

  • Budget Friendly
  • Excellent Eye Protection
  • Come with a Hard Case


  • Worse Quality Build

If you are in need of gaming glasses but you don’t want your face looking like you’re wearing gaming glasses, then there are great options for you yet! Give the ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses a spin!

This pair is only 1.75 inches high, 5.24 inches wide. They are a comfortable pair with lenses made of non-prescription polycarbonate. What makes them stand out? They don’t look like gaming glasses at all. They’re a simple, black frame with simple-looking lenses that lack that typical yellow-lens style you see on standard gaming glasses.

So don’t be embarrassed, you’ll just look like you have vision problems and not like a geek who games so much your eyes are suffering for it! (If that’s honestly your concern). You will also get a boost for your budget as well. The ANRRI Blue Light glasses will cost you less than $30!

And now for a bit of the tech behind the glasses. This subtle pair can protect you from up to 90% of harmful blue light. So stop trying to blink away the dry eyes in the middle of an important battle!

And yes, if you moonlight as an office worker, this pair of glasses is definitely handy to keep you protected while staring at the spreadsheet – no one will ever know you bought those glasses to play Skyrim.

They come with a nice, hard black case so you can easily travel with this pair from work back home! And to help you test their blue-light blocking power, ANRRI provides you with a little blue light laser pointer. Just don’t point it at your face!

Overall, this is a truly subtle pair of glasses that is delightfully inexpensive, absolutely functional and does not scream “gaming glasses” if you plan to wear them to work as well.

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6. J+S Vision Glasses

J+S Vision GlassesREASONS TO BUY

  • Excellent Eye Protection
  • Low Color Distortion Lenses
  • Quality Build
  • Budget Friendly


  • Not as Comfortable

If you really like the more subtle look that the ANRRI gives you but you’re just not feeling them, I have a second option that could be perfect for you. Take a good long look at the J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading/Gaming Glasses.

These offer a nearly identical style to the ANRRI but with a slightly yellow tint to their lenses. But not so yellow that it’s overly noticeable or too distracting. Size-wise, you’ll get an overall width of 138mm, temple length of 140mm, lens width of 51mm, lens height of 38mm and nose bridge width of 18mm.

You’ll get great protection from harmful light caused by not just computers and tv monitors, but smartphones as well. The J+S glasses are powerful enough to protect you from 90% of the most harmful High Energy Blue Light (400nm – 430nm) while simultaneously allowing in the less harmful rays of the blue light spectrum.

Something special about this particular pair is the fact that they offer low color distortion lenses. What does this mean? Well, unlike competitor glasses, the J+S aren’t quite so heavily tinted. Their low color distortion lens is meant to give you the perfect balance between eye protection and the quality of image.

So yes, you can still fall in love with the spectacular saturation and colors in your favorite game. And of course, because of their subtle build, you can definitely use them in the office without looking like you’re about to join a triathlon.

They comfortably fit both men and women and are impossibly cheap. There’s a lot to love about this pair and you can’t go wrong with choosing J+S as your ideal gaming accessory. Also, you’ll look smarter. (Kidding, of course. You’ll look way smarter).

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7. PROSPEK Professional Glasses


  • Quality and Durable
  • Anti-fog, Anti-glare
  • Offer Optimal Color Quality
  • Excellent Eye Protection (UV also)


  • Not Comfortable with Headset

No matter what your style of eyewear might be, there’s a tough pair of gaming glasses available to keep up with you. Enter, this really subtle, ergonomic pair from PROSPEK.

This pair looks almost identical to your standard reading glasses. You can pick between a simple grey frame or black with a hint of red for the interior. You’ll be able to subtly protect your eyes while gaming late into the night. They’re also the perfect mid-level price.

Size-wise, this pair is 143mm wide with a temple length of 139mm, lens width of 53mm, lens height of 29.8mm and nose bridge width of 19mm. They’re wearable by both male and female gamers and are light enough to keep you headache free from your glasses. What I love about this pair is their lack of yellow tint. So not only can you hide the fact that these are gaming glasses, but you also get optimal color quality!

This is definitely a strong, durable pair of glasses that can put up with a bit of torture as well. The Prospeks’ lenses are scratch resistant and even fingerprint resistant.

You will not have to worry about fogging up your view while wearing these either thanks to their anti-fog capabilities (so feel free to sweat to your heart’s content). And if you happen to go outside while wearing these, your eyes will even be protected from the sun’s UV rays! But who goes outside anymore?

And finally, you’ll be free to play late into the night thanks to the glasses’ anti-glare. I love this pair of glasses because of their really classy style and the price really can’t get any better. Overall, they’re subtle enough to wear to the office and cool enough to accompany you on the toughest virtual adventure.

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8. HyperX Gaming Eyewear

hyperX Gaming EyewearREASONS TO BUY

  • Excellent Eye Protection
  • High Quality and Durability
  • Branding on the Sides
  • Super Comfortable


  • Premium Price

If you’re just not satisfied with the list so far and budget isn’t an issue, I have one final option to wow you and improve your gaming experience. Check out this good looking pair of HyperX Gaming Eyewear.

This versatile pair of hot frames come in black and red hues nicely highlighting the bottom of the frame. Their clear, untinted lenses are made of durable, impact-resistant MR-8 material. I love that not only are the lenses crisp and clear, but there’s no ugly yellow color to the look of your glasses.

The design of these glasses is so cool that HyperX made sure to build it with hand-cut, colored acetate armature so those sleek colors won’t fade anytime soon! They should last longer than your standard polycarbonate frames.

So go ahead, wear these gaming glasses out to a party if you want! Which brings me to the next cool feature – they also protect against UV light so you don’t have to be stuck inside.

Not only are you getting a great looking pair of glasses, but of course, you’ll be able to protect your eyes from harmful blue light as well. The glasses are ultra lightweight and can be paired comfortably with headsets. This is perfect for any gamers out there that either love their audio staying up close and personal, or need to be able to communicate with teammates.

The colors on your monitor also won’t have to be dumbed down while wearing the HyperX thanks to their minimal color distortion and their clever anti-reflective coating helps repel water, oil and dust!

The slight downside to these otherwise stellar glasses is their price point. They’re just under $100 and could be out of your price range. But if you have the funds to splurge, you’ll definitely love this stylish, versatile and durable pair of HyperX Gaming Glasses.

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What Gaming Glasses do?

So why the heck would anyone want to wear glasses while gaming? Besides looking super, mega cool, of course, gaming glasses can help protect your eyes from harmful blue light emitted by computers, smart devices and tv monitors.

Trust me, that’s enough reason to need to run to your nearest store and buy a pair! And it goes without saying, you’ll look 110% more like a gamer while wearing them.

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Why is Blue Light Bad?

What exactly can that blue light do to you? This harmful light is the cause of a lot of that daily fatigue you might be feeling if you play often or even spend your week behind a computer monitor at work.

Long stretches of exposure to blue light can cause dry eyes, eye redness, eye strain, headaches, fatigue and even negatively affect your sleep cycle by disturbing your circadian rhythm. Ever hear that advice about getting off your phone at least 30 minutes before bed? Yup. That’s why.

By wearing a pair of anti-blue light glasses, you should be able to notice your eyes not suffering the same strain as before. Even if you’re more of a casual gamer, these types of glasses are still a great asset because no doubt you spend a lot of time staring at your computer, phone and Netflix screen.

There’s no reason not to grab a pair of gaming glasses for the sake of your eye health and honestly… even your sleep quality!

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Do Gaming Glasses Really Work?

There has definitely been some debate over whether or not gaming glasses actually help your eyes while gaming. Don’t be fooled by the naysayers.

Gaming glasses are absolutely helpful. I can go on and on telling you that the tech behind gaming glasses reduces blue light, but you might just tell me that blue light doesn’t hurt your eyes.

You’ll just have to get a pair for yourself to feel the difference! Wearing gaming glasses while gaming will reduce your eye strain and you should be able to feel a difference during your next long session.

On a side note, most gaming glasses also tend to magnify the screen size ever so slightly which also assists the eyes and helps make your gaming experience that much better.

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